Forerunner Pack Sale: 25% Off! (10/21 - 10/23)

Each and every weekend, Kan-Ra has a Special Offer in the Shadow Lords Emporium. This week, he’s bringing back the extremely popular Forerunner Pack! Not only that, it’s on sale for 25% off!

This Special Offer is now available and lasts until the end of the Weekend!

Fractured Ward

The Fractured Ward is easily the go-to Guardian. The regenerating Armor allows you to really brute force your way through most attacks, which is always helpful when the odds are stacked against you. Use the Fractured Ward against Shadow Lord Gargos and his Minions and you’ll have a much easier time taking him down since your attacks won’t be interrupted!



NOYCE. Gonna git me a few of these this weekend. Thankfully the Bears won’t be on this Sunday so I don’t have to worry about wasting time watching them toilet bowl shuffle up and down the field and I can concentrate on opening some packs instead! :slight_smile:

Can you find Killer FWs in this pack?

Yep! Your chance to get a Killer is higher in this pack than in the other packs.


Another one? Halo sell out much? Kappa

Alright then. I’m in there like swimwear. lol! :grin:

The Forerunner Pack helped me a lot the last time (I couldn’t get a Killer version of the Fractured Ward but any help for me is welcome), don’t underestimate a lower level Guardian just because it “less” efective, you never know if that little power/defense boost may be a diference between success or “death”.

Still priced at 5500 for me, even with the sale tag showing on it.

Isn’t there a killer pack with better guardians for 17000?

Anyone else notice the “sale” end on Saturday night?

I spent a lot of Saturday grinding for gems in SLs, and bought like 6 packs (never found my Killer btw), but then on Sunday when I went to play…the pack was gone.

What happened? I thought this was a deal that was going to go on all weekend.

hmm, based on what I’m seeing it should have been up on Sunday too. I did notice that I had to reboot the game twice in order to see the Pack. It’s totally possible that maybe you needed to just refresh the DLC Check at some point to see it pop up in the Emporium.

If you do encounter an issue like that again, feel free to chime in when you notice it. There could be some unforeseen stuff going on.

Sounds plausible. I routinely just leave the app running, and only restart it when prompted. And I’ve seen some issues where it seemingly has “lost connection to xbl,” and thus I’ve had to restart it.

Will do next time.