Forerunner Pack in Shadow Lords Now Available! + Hotfix Changes

In addition to the Forerunner Pack being added to Shadow Lords, the following changes have been Hotfixed:

Guardian Packs

Now includes additional Astral Energy to fully feed the Guardian per Tier

Astral Energy Improvements

Astral Energy cost for Common and Rare Guardians have decreased
Transmuting a Guardian also has been increased substantially

Multiplayer Gauntlet

Increased Daily Rewards for playing Multiplayer!

Play a Multiplayer Match = 250 Astral Gems
Win a Multiplayer Match = 600 Astral Energy
Play 3 Multiplayer Matches = 500 Astral Gems
Play 5 Multiplayer Matches = 1200 Astral Energy

We’re listening and closely monitoring how Astral Energy works. These changes should encourage using Guardians a lot more now, especially online!

Fight On!



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I just noticed the Forerunner pack myself. Looks cool. Maybe now I can get a Killer one…maybe…


Aww man, I was gonna ask if you guys had slyly changed it without mentioning anything. I bought the forerunner pack too, got my favorite Vampire Bat (a Killer version btw, @WrathOfFulgore) out of it :grin: Its not really much of a problem keeping them fed if you have enough of them.


Awesome :smiley: So happy to see this! Thanks for the tag @xOGTxBONESx

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Awesome! Glad to see these changes, especially the additional astral energy and the energy cost for common and rare guardians decreasing. Good stuff.

I swear the only time I get a FW is when it is the forerunner pack. I bought 2 during the Early Access, and 4 just now. Thanks to people for pointing out that the pack was there.

Now I also feel that the Astral energy needed to make healing items needs to be lowered.

when addressing the missions where you have to beat two or more opponents, it would help speed up the match without too many menus or other news that slow down the action.
for example there are missions where you have to beat many Fulgore, then it would be nice if the next Fulgore enters the Stage after beating the first.

Much better! It feels so damn nice to be able to use my guardians again. For a while I was worrying if it was worth it using guardians on even high level non Omen fights, which was a bit much. Now I can make much more liberal use of my dudes!
Granted, the Astral Drought did teach me a valuable lesson: You learn to appreciate what you have when it’s gone.

I like that in matches where you fight three characters,you only use one guardian pip. Could have been worse with all the exiting and entering the next fight. So I usually use the guardians for those matches aswell.

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