For Honor

I can’t decide whether to be hype for this game. The footage looks gorgeous, but I can’t decide if the gameplay will be fantastic or awful. It certainly looks like another game that will be more fun with reliable friends helping you out.

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I’ts Ubisoft, so I will patienly wait until the game it’s out.

AC unity and watch dogs are terrible precedents.

So far looks good for me.


Lol. I’ve never been a big Ubisoft fan but I actually thought Watchdogs was okay and Unity was way better than its reputation.

This trailer is possibly the most epic, amazing looking CG Ive ever seen. To hell with actors and film locations when you can do this with a computer! But I agree…what the hell does the game look like?

In the Xbox store you can look at still shots of the game…but that isnt enough to make a decision IMO

There’s some in game footage (I’ll see if I can find a link) and it looks ridiculously good. But the gameplay is somewhere between dynasty warriors (when fighting minions) and a strange duel mechanic (when fighting bosses or other people). I just can’t tell if it will be fun. The graphics are stellar.

I hated Watchdogs. They lost a great opportunity with this game, developing a “GTA wannabe”(with a tremendously arrogant publicity campaing) instead what could be a great game

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Definitely the worst thing about Watch Dogs was that it could have been way better. Why is my hacker stealing cars again?

Anyway @FallofSeraphs76 here’s a link to gameplay of for honor:

For Honor was really the only reason I bothered to sit through the Ubisoft conference. It’s the one game apart from The Shattered But Whole that I think has real potential coming out of Ubi in the near future.
My brother and I have been following it since the last E3, and we’re excitedly waiting for it to release. Hopefully it turns out well. The gameplay has a cool Rock Paper Scissors feel to it, and just the marvelously ridiculous spectacle of Samurai vs Knights vs Vikings makes me down to try it.


WOW!!! That looks amazing!!! If it plays like Assassins Creed though… I wont like it much. I cant stand how AC doesnt have a jump button! I cant get used to the " Just run and it does everything for you mechanic"… Its boring! Why not have a jump button??

Anyway this game look so awesome!

I believe its the “Fractured” But Whole. :wink:
Also, For Honor does a mix of games (including FGs) very well. Your one-on-one battles will be the most intense, with footsies-like battle and deciding when to attack and when to counter, also where to counter and attack from. Its a fresh package of stuff to me and I really like it. Can’t wait for official release, perfect date too (February 14th, for those wondering)

It plays more like Dark Souls, in its one-on-one fights. its more hack-n-slash in open fields. Trust me, you’ll love it.

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Did anyone here get the For Honor Beta? i just signed up. I seen a guy that made his character look like Sunlight Warrior from Dark Souls! It looks almost identical… I may not have much time to play it but Id like to give it a shot for fun.

Link for the sign up page?

I haven’t signed up, but I’m super intrigued by this game. I’m worried it will not feel good to play or last long, but the graphics look great and I love the idea.

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Just e page were you track you Uplay points and profile for their games.

For Honor looks awesome, but after The Division, I dont trust ubisoft anymore.

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I bought The Division to play with my brother, and have definitely not gotten my money’s worth. But it seems like the game is pretty much what was advertised. So, with apologies if this derails the thread, what’s the issue with trust? It’s a genuine question.

That’s what I said after played AC: Unity…

Perhaps trust wasn’t the best word to use, but with all of the advertising for the game going on and all the hype about it being “Destiny in the modern era” it got my hopes up. I put many hours into both betas and had so much fun with them. I even bought the Gold Edition. Then after release day when I had made significant story progress, I realized that nothing changed as the game went on. All the enemies were the same with different clothes and difficulty was just how spongy the enemies are. There was no challenge as the game went on, just frustration. And while a cool idea in theory, the Dark Zone gets real tiring real fast.

I gave into the hype and paid the price.

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I have never been a big AC fan, but I bought unity because I thought the multiplayer cooperative looked promising. It wasn’t, it was just four guys running at full speed through scripted levels murdering everything in sight. Sigh. So much wasted potential.

But overall I found the single player to be at least as good as the other AC games and I think the game gets a bad rap.

@darkfoxinvid thanks, that seems fair. I kind of expected as much so I didn’t have any different expectations.


Yup. I’ve enjoyed AC2 - AC4: Black Flag until Unity. Unity is super disappointed… So I won’t buy Assassin’s Creed Syndicate because it’s too boring and dumb in my opinion.

Assassin’s Creed 3 is my favorite AC franchise!