[Fixed] Underperformance on AMD GPU

Hi all, I’m new around here and it’s a bummer that my first post is like this u.u So after all this waiting I finally put my hands on KI but it didn’t went as I expected. My computer exceeds the recomended requirements and yet it can’t pass the performance test, using ridiculously low graphic settings doesn’t make a difference :confused: Check it:

My PC: CPU i7 4790s, GPU R9 380 2Gb, RAM 12Gb - All above the recommended specs.

Test on 1080p and high settings: 900 or so*

And on 576p and low settings (note that it doesn’t make any difference): http://imgur.com/9MPgAh8

What is going on? The drivers of the GPU (R9 380 2Gb) are updated. I’d apreciate any help, I can’t wait to enjoy KI.

Weird… I have the 7970 (performs just under yours), and I get a score of ~1550 with everything on max at 1080p…

Funny enough I have a friend who had a similar problem in battlefield 4… no matter if he ran 1080 or 480, his fps would hit around 14…
It was an onboard Intel card in a laptop, so you can’t really compare them… but apparently something weird can happen so you’re just stuck on the same no matter what…

Would like to know what causes this :-\

Edit: hmm… could it actually be your Intel graphics taking over and doing weird stuff?
I’m pretty sure I’ve seen someone mention in here that it wouldn’t run on their main card, but forced it to the CPU one…
Also think they wrote a workaround, but can’t remember… don’t have the problem, so didn’t pay super much attention to it.

Hope you find a solution :slight_smile:

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Thx a lot :slight_smile: The integrated graphics card taking over for this specific game? I’ll try to check it, that would make total sense! I hope it’s only that.

Other thing that I’ve been commented is that the 300 series of AMD are kinda janky and need older drivers, that would be a pain in the ■■■ to figure it out.

Edit: Oh nope, wait, the test specifies that the AMD GPU is being used T_T

Here’s a really dumb question, but when was the last time you fully powered down your PC?

I’ve run into strange framerate or other lag issues (completely different, old games) on rare occasions which were caused by the fact that I leave my PC on or in sleep mode for extended periods of time, several weeks sometimes. Fully shutting down the PC and rebooting it typically fixes these issues since the cache and memory are all cleared.

It couldn’t hurt to try, and it might help with the issue that you’re seeing.

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I’ve already fixed it, I’ll edit the original post with the solution for whoever runs into the same issue.

I turn it off completely every day, in fact, it’s turned on less than half of the day, but yea I can see how that could be an issue. Thx for your interest.

Older driver sounds weird… I know some older drivers run better for some things, but not to that extend…
Plus, your card uses the same chip as mine, so you shouldn’t have more driver issues than me, and I run the latest driver myself (came out two days ago)

Anyways… good you got it fixed…
Was the Reset to default all you needed?

Yup, it’s all I did, reset to default and passed the performance test at 1080p with no problems.

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Not sure if I should be posting here or starting a new thread but I have a very similar issue. My system specs are i7-4790k r9-290 4gig and 16 gig sytem memory. I get 994-998 no matter what settings I try, have turned everything off or low with no difference really. Even tried another monitor with 60htz refresh cause I read that may make a difference.

It’s a good idea to use an app like MSI afterburner to monitor your GPU while playing, see if it’s hitting the limits how it should or if it’s underworking for some reason.

One thing that was happening with my gtx 760 is that it was reaching the temperature limit before it could activate its boost mode, meaning I was getting sudden drops in performance. Opened and cleaned my case and made sure all fans where working and now I can play the game fine.

yeah my temps are fine and my system is cleaned frequently. As for aftyerburner I did try running that oc figuring it was worth ashot but made no difference, not sure how to use it for monitoring.

for what it’s worth I have an Asus maximus vii formule motherboard with rog connect so the entire system is monitored during games.

My afterburner has a side panel with GPU temperature, voltage, GPU and memory usage and such.

Basically you want to watch, besides temperature, the GPU clock, memory clock and power use. See if the GPU is reaching specs, an underclocked GPU or memory module could be the cause.

If that’s the case it doesn’t necessarily means the GPU is faulty, might be also a driver bug that’s causing the GPU to register as idle or in low use, making it not reach top GPU and memory clock.

that all looks pretty good as far as I can tell other than possibly my core clock only reaching 918.