Fitness requrments to be buff as Tusk and Thunder

What kind of fitness regiment must a real person take in order to be as buff as Tusk and Thunder?


Multiple options.
1.Be a video game character.
2.Force yoursef and die as it isn’t humanly possible to be like Thunder.
3.Be a robot and have a very good designer.
4.Wonder why you are asking this question.


Eat cod as four of your seven balanced meals per day, never skip any day at the gym.

This helps if you live in a gym.

First, you need to become a digital character made of polygons…

Ok so allow me to share my Killer Fitness routine Aka how to get those Rico Sauvé guns! So I alternate days, one day being push ups the next being pull ups. I go into ranks and inbetween each match while I wait for the next match to load I do either 20 push ups or 20 pull ups. Usually been maxing out with 400 push ups in a good day and around 280-300 pull ups. I encourage y’all to try it. Work your mind with the rank meta and your body inbetween each match.



Well first you need genetics. Then, you need a supplement drug, now commonly known as aneabolic steroids. Then you go to the gym. Then you pray to gargos and hope thate he blesses you with Ultra Gains. TRUST ME, IT WORKS

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  • Three meals daily, with a banana replacing breakfast
  • No air conditioning (Summer, Spring, Fall, Winter)
  • 100 push-ups daily
  • 100 sit-ups daily
  • 100 squats daily
  • Run 10 km daily

1.Join the Gym ( and by join I mean to actually go and not just sit at home while they collect your money like most people do).
2.Buy supplements that you actually need, don’t go crazy buy everything in store.
3. Find a diet ( By diet I mean the amount of calories per body weight you need) that works for you.
5.lots (a tremendous amount) of patients.

It takes years of hard work to have a body (somewhat) like that, but it take less to loose it.

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This 1 here is absolutely key. Some people, physicially speaking, don’t even have the appropriate body-type to become that big or have those kinds of muscles.

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I’ve studied fitness for years and I can tell you with 100% certainty that the only way to achieve Thunder and Tusks physique is through performance enhancing drugs. The amount of muscle mass they have combined with their low BF% is almost impossible unless you’re the .1% with elite genetics.


…and you will lose your hair :sweat_smile:


Has already been accomplished.

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I don’t think he was talking about aganos (the rock).


But… you’re skipping leg day! You never skip leg day!

Push ups, sit ups, and plenty of juice.

Oats and squats.

And a shitton of steroids.

Lol I’m a trail runner so after I’m warmed up from doin all that I usually hit the trails for 7 to 10 miles. Great way to justify sitting around gaming for hours before or after.


Push ups and pull ups do not make big thighs and and abs for the gods.

This is why we see so many foghorn leghorn big body chicken leg wannabes

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