First bad match up ive found

RASH! that herpes infected toad is plus block on almost everything, I kant fight him as mage be a berserker for as long as u kan while playing him you`ll need the rushdown traits to escape his wrecking ball

Let me edit your post. Rash. That Battletoad is minus on block on almost all of his moves. I can’t fight him as mage. Maybe as warrior. You need an anti air or reversal or something to beat Rash which I am don’t feel like researching even though the teleport is invincible. How was the edit?


ok I guess, I still like the herpes part :stuck_out_tongue:


Block the Wrecking Ball and anti-air. Rash is just as bad as any other character.

I just found Eyedol’s new badmatchup. It’s Eyedol (mirror matches) and Spinal.


I find myself struggling against the all-arounder characters like Jago, Shago, Spinal, and Fulgore. They have the easiest time adapting to the switch in Eyedol’s tactics when he switches stances.

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So far I think Aganos is a pretty bad matchup for him.

How? Explain me please. I didn’t fight him with my Eyedol.

Well I’m currently in a lobby with an Aganos player and his armor is so far a big enough issue for Warrior that it’s very difficult to open him up without also stepping into Aganos’ range.
Mage can multi hit the armor with lightning, sure, but anyone who’s standing far away will just crouch the floor lightning and stand block the meteors.

Once in a while you can surprise them with teleport but otherwise it’s difficult to get in on Aganos without him making a mistake, at least in my experience fighting this guy.

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I found Eyedol’s bad matchups. Basically everyone. Jago, Hisako, Rash, Spinal, Eyedol, Fulgore… The list goes on and on and on… :frowning:

Shago. What is berserker going to do to fireballs?

Use his super fast jump to get in range for his half screen normals or projectile invincible shadow?

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so far Eyedol’s worse MU is himself and Aria in my opinion.


I actually totally agree with Eyedol having serious trouble in the mirror. Mage has a lot of trouble trying to deal with Berserker. Almost always, the player that stays in Mage the longest will lose. Spinal is probably Eyedol’s “real” worst matchup, with Mage being completely ineffectual at keeping Spinal out, and having no way to defend himself on wakeup, it’s completely about being in Berserker as long as possible. I haven’t fought an Aganos yet, unfortunately, but it’s very believable that it would give Mage form trouble. Berserker has some trouble dealing with Shadow Jago projectile spam, and to a lesser degree, Kan-ra shenanigans. I think those might be the only MUs I really want to be in Mage a lot of the time, so they’re worth noting.

Seriously Eyedol has imo no weakness - just saying

He has top notch juggles - you have to guess break on his dp most of the time

He has the best air to air and the best jumping normal - without dp he can not be anti aired

He has the best overhead that recaps half screen…

He has crazy mixup (with pips too crazy)

He has the best anti air dp and a extrem good reversal/wakeup (qcb motion…)

One of the best (if not the best instinct) instinct

Very good normals

Both stances are very very viable

The only small downside is the random stance switch but no real weakness.

Im looking forward to watch the next tournament

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Umm… Yeah, he have weakness…

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“One of the best (if not the best instinct) instinct”

I can’t even imagine who’s instinct could compete with eyedol for best Instinct.

Well warrior stance is really easy to shadow counter. And mage stance doesn’t have anything that isn’t a projectile so projectile invincible moves can blow through everything he does.

How to shadow counter a raw overhead or jump\run cancels they can be stocked by a unreactable teleport or jumping hard punch / jumping hard punch loops into throw mixups where you cant anti air, cant jump, cant shadow counter

His kick normals are pretty good which are no projectiles.

I could totally be wrong but to me he feels way to complete

Warrior is so freaking strong - mage is freaking strong - instinct is godlike

We will see the next major how he turns out - if he turns out to be not one of the best characters than i will be the first that admit i was wrong

If he has charges for run, that means he’s been in Mage stance. Mage stance struggles to deal with pressure and has absolutely no wakeup game. Change your approach a bit, look to really defeat Mage Eyedol and just wait out Berserker. Try to bait DP so he builds switch potential. You should be able to react to raw overhead if you just practice and think consciously about it. You don’t have to break the DP juggle, just wait to see his recapture move, because the overhead can be reacted to and so can the second hit of Heavy DP. He is a strong character, and I especially don’t think that Berserker has real serious exploitable weaknesses, but he’s beatable with good footsies and especially from patient play.