Fighting Game Nostalgia - thread for non-current FGs

I wanted to talk about a classic fighting game but was not sure where to talk about it. Therefore, I created a general thread for discussions about older fighting games or those that have no new / current release on this console generation.

I remember how a game like CVS2 had multiple character specific intros depending on the opponent. The time and effort put in previous titles was amazing and that was before all current technology was available to devs and designers. Now these features or ideas are probably the first to be cut from a game… I think care of the product goes a long way in terms of loyalty with the current Smash being a prime example…


i had a total blast playing CVS 2, as well as SVC with red arremer. he was so broken in that one lol.

one of the other fighting games ive messed around with a long time ago was battle arena toshinden for PS1. it was the 1st game i ever played on a 32bit system. i had a ton of laughs on that one, especially how the models would react to getting thrown out of the ring when they land on their head at the edge and their legs go all crazy lol.

cant forget playing soul edge either, having only seen 1 arcade of that game up state here in TX, i was extremely hyped to hear that it was going to PS1. that one i played even more religiously with a healthy mix of streetfighter alpha 2 and darkstalkers.

speaking of which…whens darkstalkers 4? cmon capcom, do it

I never personally enjoyed this game all that much, but lots of people did. One of the interesting things about it was that this level of care and detail was very uneven. All of the SNK characters were drawn and animated specifically for this game and got these kind of details. The Capcom characters were simply sprite sets copied from other games and glued in.

For games that I have nostalgia for, by far the biggest is Primal Rage. I never played it all that mich and the game is wonky as hell, but in a lot of arcades they had it set up on a new type of machine. It had a pedestal with the controllers then a big projection screen maybe 3-4 feet back. It just seemed like a Saturday morning matinee brought to life. It’s a shame none of the home versions ever really did it justice.

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CVS2 was one of the few games I played during the summer. I was in sixth grade when I played it. I spent some time in the custom colors mode but there it was a fun game too.

Two other fighting games I enjoy did include Primal Rage. I would talk more about it, but it’d be just a bunch of stuff that is already been said. So I won’t go further into it. I do miss it though.

Godzilla Destroy all monsters Melee

But there was also the Godzilla Pipeworks trilogy.
The funny thing is, I’ve heard of a petition folks had going around about trying to bring back this trilogy. Even someone from the company said they gotta really demand for it to bring it back. though I doubt that will happen at this point, I did enjoy it. I remember getting so excited about GDAM coming out for Christmas apart of my mind thought it would be out of reach for me.

Godzilla Save the Earth

This was my favorite installment in the series, even if it didn’t have as many kaiju as the wii version of GU had. I remember playing MK deception. My dad walked in and asked me if I was trying to practice when playing, I said yeah and then he goes “Well try this” and he shows me the game. I quickly ejected MK deception and put this game in and immediately when through the single player mode as Godzilla 90’s (The Heisei Godzilla) and as I was getting close to beating the first level, My twin bro walks in and he thought he was having a dream. So I let him hold one of the controllers to see if that confirmed if it was real. It’d be better than pinching him, but I think I convinced him enough.

Godzilla Unleashed. (The wii version is what I had.)

I’d say this one wasn’t too bad a game, but it definatley was okay. It had an interesting story it includes more monsters in the wii version than the last 2, and it brought in more kaiju from the past games. Many had been requested sense Godzilla save the Earth. Heck I remember when Toho Kingdom listed each of the monsters based on whether they would likely appear or not. Maybe one day, this will get a remaster or we would get a true Godzilla fighting game in the future. I don’t know. Lets hope that Arc Systems announcement was true.
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primal rage was awesome as hell back then, i loved playing it all the time at the arcades. it was all over the place, so it was pretty hot back then. every movie theater had one too out here.

for non arcade, weapon lord was amazing too on the SNES. such a deep fighting game for its time, and very challenging

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Ah classic fighting games now this is the thread for me.

I loved CVS2 it was really cool to create a system for your fav character (made the game op in some cases too but still fun)

Finger-licking good art

I preferred SNK’s artists as a teenager but played mostly capcom games…

Man, there are a BUNCH of defunct fighting game series I’d love to see return. Here are some that I enjoyed back in the day that I still see a lot of potential in:

This one is probably the one I’d like to see return most. Having all of these characters across so many different time periods battling out was awesome to me, and the many moves they could do always surprised me. I say surprised because back then I had no idea how to do any of the actual moves lol. But yeah, the whole concept of the game seemed cool, and a next gen version, with some cooler looks for the characters and what not, could be awesome.

This one felt like “Conan: The Barbarian: The Game” to me. But in addition to a nice amount of depth in the gameplay, it also had the makings of a really cool story as well, which younger me definitely enjoyed. Tons of potential to bring this series back, and I’ve seen some beautiful pictures from someone that updated the look of the game art.

Here’s one of them. I really wish this were a real game!

Okay, so this one was no Soul Calibur, but I still see a ton of potential in it. The story, again, had the makings of something really fun, and the character designs, while rudimentary by today’s standards, had a nice variety to them. Plus there’s something really cool about the idea of playing a 3D fighting game set in the dark ages.

This one probably makes Mace look good by comparison lol. Still, a fighting game set in the D&D universe, which I’ll admit I’m not overly familiar with, still sounds like it has potential and I still enjoyed it back in the day when I would play literally any fighting game I could get my hands on. Some fun character designs, and again, lots of potential.

Stop laughing. No really, stop. C’mon… Stop lol. Okay, so this game is not great. It’s not even good. But c’mon, a fighting game with Star Wars characters? How does that not sound awesome? This game had you fighting in cool places, using familiar characters, and the music was top notch. Give us a game with more characters, more moves, a much better (way more balanced) gameplay system and this idea has a ton of potential. I’ll take this over Battlefield 3 tbh.

This game was so strange and innovative for its time. The fact that you could run from arena to arena, cut down bamboo trees, and kill people with a single blow made this one pretty unique. It felt tense, and while the gameplay itself was rather stiff and limited, I think this series could absolutely stand to return.

Again, another one that wasn’t “great.” But still, it had some nice ideas in it. Two rival gangs battling it out in this neo-Chinatown. Some ideas were admittedly not great (why is Wulong Goth dressed like a dorky preying mantis?). But still, I think there’s a ton of potential for story, characters, and the setting was pretty cool as well. I honestly enjoyed it when it came out, even if I knew I wasn’t playing the best the genre had to offer.

Yet another so-so fighting game that came out on the original Xbox. The story was okay, but I always enjoyed the characters and thought it was cool that you could have 4 players at once and that you unlocked a whole new fighting style for each character. The graphics were also pretty cool for their time. I know the name has some… Issues, due to the chanting on Asad’s stage, but maybe a rebranding and some modernization to the fighting engine could help? Either way, I dug it.

Okay, HOW has this game not received a sequel since Power Stone 2 came out on the Dreamcast? These games were an absolute blast to play and while they might not be the most traditional of fighting games, they still have a ton of fun, unique stuff going on. This might be a bold take, but I’d take a 3rd iteration of PS over a new Smash Bros any day of the week. This game was that fun.

It feels so weird even putting this series on the list. To me, it’s like putting Street Fighter on the list. This series was THAT much a part of my fighting game experience growing up. Even though it never had much in the way of a story, sadly, these games were still fantastic to me. The graphics always amazed (well, starting with VF2, VF1 was a bit rough), and the gameplay is so varied and so deep. Got hours upon hours of fun out of this series, from playing friends, to working my way up the ladder in VF4.

I’ve mentioned this game before, but it deserves to be repeated. This game is gorgeous, and the animations are silky smooth. The gameplay is fun, the character’s styles are incredibly varied, and if you ever get the chance to play it in an arcade, definitely give it a shot. I’d LOVE to see this one get a sequel on consoles or even a release of the original for that matter.

Capcom why… This is honestly my favorite series from them. The character designs, the animations, the art style… Everything about this game, even the wonky inputs… Just give us a new game in this series. Sure, it might not end up well, but I’m willing to take the risk.

Alright, I could keep going, but I’ll stop here. More Toshinden, Last Blade, Fighting Vipers, Last Bronx, Primal Rage, TMNT Tournament Fighters, Bloody Roar, Clay Fighter… There are so many great series or even okay series with the potential to be great that have been left in the dust over the years. So many that I’d like to see return. Hopefully we’ll get some of them someday…


A few of these I’m not familiar with, or knew about but have never played. Mace: the Dark Age was one that always belonged in the “so close to greatness… but not.” Category. Incongruously, there’s a Mace arcade machine in the miniature hobby shop near me.

A couple I don’t see on your list are BioFreaks and Marvel: Rise of the Imperfects. Both were early 3D fighters from the time when 3D fighters were still mostly living in a space between Tekken and Powerstone. Neither has graphics that aged well (although they were good at the time) and neither ever had gameplay that anyone thought was “good.” But both introduced or expanded ideas in fighting games (for better or worse) and are a part of the history of the genre. I think both could be updated to good games if someone gave them the KI treatment.

Likewise WarGods was Midway/NRS prequel to the first 3D mortal Kombat. And Dark Rift was a generic but decent 3D fighter that was an N64 answer to games like Toshinden or Tekken.

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Absolutely. At the time, the arcade graphics were pretty good. The N64 version looked pretty bad in comparison. Either way, it was still relatively early in the life of 3D fighters, so it definitely hasn’t aged well. On the whole, it was close to being something, but didn’t quite get there.

But I do think that this has the bones of something great. Back then, it was kind of a 6.5 to 7.5 caliber game for a variety of reasons, but with the right team and the right upgrading in most places, I think this could be a good series.

I’m not entirely sure who owns the IP. I know Atari developed it, but I believe it was in conjunction with Midway, or Midway published it, perhaps? Either way, it’s possible, albeit unlikely that WB might own the IP now. If that were the case, I’d love to see NRS take a crack at it and add a modern 3D fighter to their group of Mortal Kombat and Injustice.

The story could be greatly expanded upon, the characters could have more intricate designs and movesets… I dunno. There was always something with this game for me. I knew it wasn’t particularly good, but I also knew it was, as you said… So close to greatness… but not. When I see a game like that, it just makes me want a sequel even more, and to see it fall in to the hands of capable game developers that see that potential and know how to harness it in the best possible ways.

I mean, how many games have we seen start with promise, only to blossom in its second installment? Twisted Metal 2? Suikoden 2? Street Fighter 2? I could see this game becoming something really fun with that kind of leap over the original. This sort of gory mashup of Soul Calibur and Mortal Kombat, set in the dark ages… I dunno. That just sounds awesome to me.

I never played Marvel: Rise of the Imperfects, or if I did, I don’t recall it for some reason. I did play Bio
Freaks though, and the second I saw that name, my mind immediately went to War Gods, which I see yours did too. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind seeing a team take a run at either of those as well. I wasn’t as in to the character designs of Bio Freaks, but War Gods definitely scratched that “Mortal Kombat in 3D” itch before MK:DA came out. Can’t recall if it came out before or after MK4, but War Gods definitely seemed like a step up from that game, at least in terms of movement and graphics and what not. Also dug the concept.

Yeah this is another one that I can’t seem to recall. I mean, I can actually picture the N64 cartridge in my mind. I feel like it was one of the first games that we got when the video store I worked at finally started carrying N64 games. I recall certain titles like Mario 64 always being rented out, but Dark Rift, not so much. Kinda sad I missed out playing it though. I’ll have to check some video on it later, same goes with Rise of the Imperfects.

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A few months ago I met a few of the older JP FG community with connections to Sega devs and others who used to work on this title in the past, and unfortunately they are not working on anything VF at the moment. I know the producer talked about VF just a while ago and he was hopeful about “something”
happening. Perhaps something has changed since I talked to VF community members…I have little hope though. Tecmo should save it again with some DOA guest characters :sob:

I always thought this was an arena brawler. Smash falls in that category in my opinion (not a FG :wink: ). One of my favorite games of all time. I long for its return badly. Only with Sunset Overdrive did I had so much fun since.

Probably not… it has Tekken style tap combos and much like Mace, a lot of the game is blocking long strings and then taking your turn. But it’s not going to hold up well and it wasn’t that good even at the time.

War Gods came out a year or two before MK4. You can tell the graphics are a lot blockier, although a few of the war gods fatalities are arguably much better than MK4 and they did more sophisticated things with the camera etc.

I missed out on the PS1 era. I was a hardcore Sega guy at the time and I gambled on “better” hardware at the time. Never owned a ps1. Probably wasn’t until ps2 and even PS3 era that I got more into Sony and became more familiar with their library of games. Therefore, I missed quite a few fighting games that only appeared on Sony’s systems.

I recognize many covers @Iago407 posted but couldn’t tell if these games were good or bad :sweat_smile:

One of the best fighting games I’ve played AND on a handheld system: Samurai Shodown 2 for NeoGeo pocket color. Both controls in general and the stick on the neogeo pocket weren’t bad, very playable. But the gameplay itself was so good.


This was one fighting game I never got the chance to play, however this game deserves a reboot and make the game as like a blood sports show theme to go with it.

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omg, i loved to play this game on N64 lol. i always used Lord Deimos, the big red knight with the 2h sword. i would change him to black and gold armor. it was a fun game, just sluggish as hell and the A.I. towards the end got so cheap it was comical. you would fight that viking dude on his stage, which was way cool because it was on a hillside, but that idiot would just spam his roll/uppercut moves non stop. now a quote from Lord Deimos “im so evil i dont rewind my VCR tapes!” hahaha! i did like that when you got gameover, it would give you a story too. that was awesome

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I recalled playing that game in the Arcade. I got through 3 or 4 before I lost. But it was time to go before I could continue. Thatw as at a Cici’s Pizza.


I wish there was more recognition for Tatsunoko v Capcom, TvC (I believe the same game with a slightly updated roster was released on WiiU as TvC2). The licensing made it difficult to release outside of JP if reports are correct.
This was my favorite FG on the Wii.
Not sure if there will ever be a Switch version or PS4/5…I am definitely up for another title. Or a re-release…

With mentioning TvC, I cannot ignore Rival Schools (1 or 2)

The character select music is still fresh in my mind lol

I kinda wish War Gods got a bit of love. Maybe not in a “make a modern remake” kinda way, but maybe bring a few of the characters into the MK universe. They kinda tapped Ahau Kin when they made Kotal Khan, but I think adding a few of them to a MK game would be a good nod to the fact that the game existed.


Back in the '90’s, and to this day, my main fighting franchise has been Mortal Kombat. I began playing when it first hit the arcades in '92, played Mortal Kombat II even more, both in arcades and on my Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and also far too much Mortal Kombat 3.

I played Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 a lot in arcades, but never bothered with home versions as by 1996, I had started getting into PC gaming and first person shooters and left the fighting genre behind for long while.

In that period from 1992 to 1996 though, I also played some Street Fighter II and the various incarnations of it, Primal Rage was silly fun, and there was also a PC fighting game called One Must Fall. Not sure if anyone played that one.

I regret, while I toyed with it very briefly, I missed out on Killer Instinct.