Fighting Game Nostalgia - thread for non-current FGs

I wanted to talk about a classic fighting game but was not sure where to talk about it. Therefore, I created a general thread for discussions about older fighting games or those that have no new / current release on this console generation.

I remember how a game like CVS2 had multiple character specific intros depending on the opponent. The time and effort put in previous titles was amazing and that was before all current technology was available to devs and designers. Now these features or ideas are probably the first to be cut from a game… I think care of the product goes a long way in terms of loyalty with the current Smash being a prime example…


i had a total blast playing CVS 2, as well as SVC with red arremer. he was so broken in that one lol.

one of the other fighting games ive messed around with a long time ago was battle arena toshinden for PS1. it was the 1st game i ever played on a 32bit system. i had a ton of laughs on that one, especially how the models would react to getting thrown out of the ring when they land on their head at the edge and their legs go all crazy lol.

cant forget playing soul edge either, having only seen 1 arcade of that game up state here in TX, i was extremely hyped to hear that it was going to PS1. that one i played even more religiously with a healthy mix of streetfighter alpha 2 and darkstalkers.

speaking of which…whens darkstalkers 4? cmon capcom, do it

I never personally enjoyed this game all that much, but lots of people did. One of the interesting things about it was that this level of care and detail was very uneven. All of the SNK characters were drawn and animated specifically for this game and got these kind of details. The Capcom characters were simply sprite sets copied from other games and glued in.

For games that I have nostalgia for, by far the biggest is Primal Rage. I never played it all that mich and the game is wonky as hell, but in a lot of arcades they had it set up on a new type of machine. It had a pedestal with the controllers then a big projection screen maybe 3-4 feet back. It just seemed like a Saturday morning matinee brought to life. It’s a shame none of the home versions ever really did it justice.

CVS2 was one of the few games I played during the summer. I was in sixth grade when I played it. I spent some time in the custom colors mode but there it was a fun game too.

Two other fighting games I enjoy did include Primal Rage. I would talk more about it, but it’d be just a bunch of stuff that is already been said. So I won’t go further into it. I do miss it though.

Godzilla Destroy all monsters Melee

But there was also the Godzilla Pipeworks trilogy.
The funny thing is, I’ve heard of a petition folks had going around about trying to bring back this trilogy. Even someone from the company said they gotta really demand for it to bring it back. though I doubt that will happen at this point, I did enjoy it. I remember getting so excited about GDAM coming out for Christmas apart of my mind thought it would be out of reach for me.

Godzilla Save the Earth

This was my favorite installment in the series, even if it didn’t have as many kaiju as the wii version of GU had. I remember playing MK deception. My dad walked in and asked me if I was trying to practice when playing, I said yeah and then he goes “Well try this” and he shows me the game. I quickly ejected MK deception and put this game in and immediately when through the single player mode as Godzilla 90’s (The Heisei Godzilla) and as I was getting close to beating the first level, My twin bro walks in and he thought he was having a dream. So I let him hold one of the controllers to see if that confirmed if it was real. It’d be better than pinching him, but I think I convinced him enough.

Godzilla Unleashed. (The wii version is what I had.)

I’d say this one wasn’t too bad a game, but it definatley was okay. It had an interesting story it includes more monsters in the wii version than the last 2, and it brought in more kaiju from the past games. Many had been requested sense Godzilla save the Earth. Heck I remember when Toho Kingdom listed each of the monsters based on whether they would likely appear or not. Maybe one day, this will get a remaster or we would get a true Godzilla fighting game in the future. I don’t know. Lets hope that Arc Systems announcement was true.

primal rage was awesome as hell back then, i loved playing it all the time at the arcades. it was all over the place, so it was pretty hot back then. every movie theater had one too out here.

for non arcade, weapon lord was amazing too on the SNES. such a deep fighting game for its time, and very challenging


Ah classic fighting games now this is the thread for me.

I loved CVS2 it was really cool to create a system for your fav character (made the game op in some cases too but still fun)