Fighting Game Complainers

I gotta say that post reminded me of the first version of SF2, where it was a novelty (not to mention a glitch) to be able to have a mirror match (Ryu v Ryu, Chun-li vs Chun-li, for example). It was awesome when in SF2 Turbo that became a standard feature.

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I’ve been considering doing this as well, but things get a bit tricky at my house due to kids and the unpredictability that comes with a couple of teenagers and a 4-year old. My current schedule would likely allow for a few late night streams every now and then after they go to bed, but during the day…forget about it. You never know when someone’s going to be screaming bloody murder because their personal space isn’t being respected. And it’s always 10 times worse if my wife or I are in the middle of something that we can’t immediately drop and stop it. :unamused:
I used to make let’s play videos and did small skits to go along with them on youtube (check out Hardcore Family Gaming if you’re interested), but the heavy editing I had to do because of outbursts like that took their toll and it just fell apart, plus I was the only one that was really into doing it.
I would honestly like to get back into doing something like that though. I feel like it might help me be a better player and get me back into playing KI more regularly (been taking a break playing Zelda BOTW and Dragon Quest Builders). The only real issue is I’d have to relearn how to stream to Twitch (or Beam, I suppose), because I haven’t streamed anything since season 1.

sorry for the double-post, using the forums is a bit…trickier… on mobile.

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I’ll keep this short. New fresh characters, more reasons I’ll want to play and practice for many hours. That’s just me.

people complaining about counter breakers are one of the following:

A-Don’t currently know how to take advantage of their opponents bad habits.

B-If they get counter broken, shouldn’t fall for it. Simple.

Good sir, I am with you on that!

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To your point. I think the only reason SFV gets a reputation for being less jump heavy is because it has a more veteran community of fighting game players who have spent more time learning spacing and anti-airing. Similarly since KI is such a new game and the community is so young we have a larger population of newer players to the scene who are not good at spacing and anti-airing. In addition to this our game also allows you to get pretty good damage through the combo system so there isn’t as heavy a priority to learn those aspects of fighting games until you reach high level play.

Honestly I don’t objectively see what makes SF a better grounded game than KI. KI has really good anti-airs and many characters who can recapture which can severely punish jump heavy players.

An interesting read. I haven’t finished the video yet that I believe you are referring to. But I can definitely comment that players should give their likes and dislikes on a game so long as it is constructive. An yes IG Microsoft should and would take the feedback seriously especially if a consensus is gained.

When people say they aren’t having fun with KI that’s absolutely okay. If they give feedback on what they would like to see in the future that’s even better. I personally enjoy the game but I also think the game could be better. I think that there shouldn’t ever be a season 4 an think this current game and engine should perfected over a year an then carry it out into the next installment.

Complaints I’ve heard I agree with to some degree. I’ve personally thought that some characters have an advantage in a combo break situation and recommended a pause for both players before another action could be taken. I’ve seen some characters lose a move or ability only for another to get them. These last few patches haven’t released in the best of circumstances with glaring issues an that can be disconcerting.

The game to me is fun, but I also look at the rewards that are presented for making good reads in neutral for SFV. I don’t like how there are GREAT well thought out characters that lose out because they face against characters that don’t necessarily have to play neutral. I think the game is very popular casually because performing combos are easy. But there is something to be said for players that can better utilize true neutral play and not “KI footsies”. I think target combos are odd as they get three hits into a shadow that isn’t breakable.

Point being there are sometimes inconsistencies while in the grand scheme makes sense, but sometimes doesn’t balance out right. There are problems that pop up in the game lately that take away from the shine and polish I once had. That’s why you see a lot of complaints and people leaving.

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They may want to try exhibition for awhile? That way they can determine the rank of the opponent they face.

Well people just hate.

What exactly are you referring to when you say “the shine and polish it once had”?

listen man. KI is the only game still in development after 3 years. it’s a unique situation that’s a first for any video game.
a small minority have negative opinions about it and that’s ok. some people love it and that’s ok to.

I’m hard on my kids because I care about them. I’m serious about work because I make good money and so to people are constructively critical because they care.

if you want more BS like Mass Effect, the same COD every year or just crap games in general, then please, by all means remain silent and hand your money over.

patches in the past didn’t reveal more problems to the game as blatantly as they have lately.

DH largely didn’t patch (when they did we got jail, nonfunctional matchmaking, and Spinal crashing the game). S2 patches may not have broken the game (often), but plenty of characters released with some absolutely batshit-insane stuff (launch tremor, launch Maya, Riptor infinites, launch Kan-Ra, launch re-balanced Fulgore, etc).

People forget just how incredibly broken KI could be at times. I really don’t think S3 compares all that unfavorably with seasons past on glitchy nonsense.


In part the charm of S1 was how everyone had something insane, but at the same time that wasn’t particularly well done as there was plenty of ridiculousness that made things a bit unfair. S2 seemed really good but the characters came out too good, and I don’t recall things necessarily being buggy. S3 was fine at the start, but toward the end got a bit too crazy.

At the end of the day for me, the game is still fun. There are oddities to the game but I’m playing KI because it’s unique with every character, fun to watch, and still enjoyable for me. I’m here and not SFV because KI brings an excitement and speed for me that no other fighter does.

The things you specifically mention have been in the game since S1, though. I don’t see how it’s especially new to the game, except people have played it for 1 or 2 more years and are better at executing the strategies that were always there. We tend to remember past games differently than they actually were, or would have been if we continued to play them. I think that is very true of KI S1 and S2, both of which would have ended up frustrating the same players that are mad at S3 now.

Things like “well thought out characters that lose to characters that can avoid their neutral game strategy” are common in every fighting game, and I’d say it’s actually handled surprisingly well in KI considering that their roster is basically 28 completely unique characters thrown into a pot and served with extra salt. Characters having an advantage after combo breaking was true in S1 and S2, it was just a different subset of characters than it is now, and the advantage a character gets after a S3 breaker is not a ridiculous 5-way mixup like it was in S1 so whatever advantage they have is dulled quite a bit. I can understand being upset at the bugs (I’m sure no one is more upset than IG), but again… not new to this particular season. We’ve had game crashing bugs in every season. Ideally we’d have no (or fewer) bugs and I’d love that too, but given the budget, maybe it’s just something we have to accept out of the game at this point.

People can leave at any point for any reason; they don’t have to be rationalized into playing a game they no longer love. But they need to a) be respectful and b) not pretend that the current state is objectively the worst it’s ever been, and then not provide anything aside from personal, anecdotal evidence (or worse, provably false evidence, as some have done).


As an aside, I have a theory: the frequent patching of KI, despite trending towards a better game, has actually hurt it in a way you might not expect. Specifically, as we get closer and closer to a game with fewer problems, the problems that remain get amplified in our heads (“why haven’t they fixed this yet?”) and some people will actually scream louder and louder about them.

I was talking to a high-level player who I won’t name, asking them specifically in private what about the game they were so irritated by. The answer surprised me; he said he feels KI is actually really close to a “perfect” game and that only a few small things irritated him. Really, he pointed to a small number of characters who had 1 or 2 slightly strong tactics, and a small number of characters that could use 1 or 2 small buffs, and then he’d be perfectly happy. Considering that the list was much longer at the start of S3 and end of S2 for this player, it means KI is trending in the right direction! And since no player will ever be perfectly happy with a game’s balance, the fact that his list was so short on both ends, and the changes for each character also so short, means that KI is actually in a pretty good spot.

But it doesn’t really feel that way when you talk to people… the sky always feels like it’s falling. And always about a new technique that isn’t what they were complaining about in the previous patch (before it got fixed/adjusted, most likely, by the attentive devs).

I also think that negativity begets negativity. For example, let’s say there’s a top player who actually still likes playing, but does have a few small issues with the game. That’s cool, no game is perfect. Every fighting game I’ve invested serious time into (most of them MUCH longer than KI), I’ve had a few pretty big complaints about, but not enough to stop playing or enjoying what I liked about them. So, no surprise here. But then this player talks to other top players who are currently really mad at the game and have nothing positive to say. Eventually, over a period of time, he is reminded over and over again of these small niggles, and maybe they aren’t really as small as he thinks. They get larger and larger over time because he is essentially getting peer pressured into making them the focus of his attention. And then when someone new comes into the group and says something new that they hate about the game, suddenly they think “yeah that’s really fuc.king stupid” because their mindset has slowly deteriorated. Without even really knowing it, they start to sour other people on the game as well until the game can do nothing right.

The game itself hasn’t changed at all, and the source of the problems are actually usually just small tiny things in the grand scheme of things, but it’s the fact that negativity and complaining slowly spreads to everyone who is in contact with it and people just slowly accrue hate for things that used to not bother them at all. And what’s worse, when someone challenges a person on their opinion, they tend to double down extra hard on it, because hate forms cliques and it’s easy to look at this person as an outsider who is trying to pretend your opinion isn’t valid.

Now, that’s not to say that the game doesn’t have problems that don’t deserve some fair, constructive criticism. But what I’ve seen from the KI community in the last 2 years (and especially in the last 3-6 months) goes so far beyond fair, constructive criticism that you almost feel bad and guilty when you like the game. And the saddest part to me is that many of the people who are on the other side are there only because the hatred has spread and poisoned them on things that they used to actually think weren’t a big deal. And we all lose because of it.

This is a theory I have on why games that have objectively more problems than KI (but are patched less frequently or not at all) tend to get more love and support; you quickly are forced to come to grips with the game’s myriads of problems, and only the people who are willing to have fun despite those things will stick around. Soon, they form a community of support, rather than a community constantly looking to the past with fond remembrance or the future with sarcastic hope, rather than the present with excitement and fun.


This is the entire reason why I started this thread back in December - List of KI streamers who are generally positive!

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thats fair, very fair. I fondly remember season 2 over season 1, but also fondly remember season 1, season 3 i enjoy, the game as a whole I still enjoy! My complaints are things that are fixed easily by getting better and learning how to work with the game’s systems. Other complaints I’ve seen come from players that have had their character’s nerfed in some way. I don’t necessarily agree with everything within the complaints, if they’re constructive I certainly hear them out. But you’re right, people who are just outwardly bashing the game I personally take those complaints with a grain of salt.

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