Fighting Game Complainers

I just read through this thread finally (except for your wall of text @Iago407, sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and I got some things to say.

First off, shoutouts to this line

for restoring my hope in this game’s future again. Yes, I’m serious.

My own personal take on this is that you can go ahead and say your negative opinion if you want. If you don’t want to debate with me, then fine. But being an a**hole is not an alternative to debate. This is a personal thing to me, but if I say something in a chat that you find so strange and disagreeable, how about you not try and make me feel like an idiot for expressing it by using my line as a joke or something? “Being toxic” is a actually being used as a joke (yes, I’m serious) by a few personalities right now because they’re making fun of the people that squeal at them for expressing a negative opinion. Problem is, they are being toxic because they are trying to impose negativity on others who just want to have fun watching the game. There’s a thin line between these behaviors that these streamers can’t seem to see. And I have been driven away from these streams because of it, and since KI streams are getting lesser and lesser, I’m running out of places where I can just appreciate the game as I watch matches or something.

I really want to stream myself, see if I can get a following and maybe give some of my own positivity. Problem is, at this point, I just don’t think I’d be good at doing that. Firstly, my Elgato capture card cannot seem to understand that I can use more bitrate than it’s allowing me to. Second, I tend to have salty reactions to a decent proportion of my matches and that would not help spread positivity. And third… I’m at the point where I’m starting to tire out of the game, only playing a few sets here and there. Could I actually look like I’m having fun anymore?

I just wish these guys would leave already. And I have hopes that Combo Breaker can get me excited again.


LOL, can’t say I blame ya. :grinning:

I’ve also thought about streaming, but I have no idea where to even begin. I don’t even know if using Beam through the XB1 is a good idea or what. I’d also probably run in to your second issue!

I usually only watch streams if the streamer is positive. Otherwise, what’s the point? People like @INDIxion stream KI every now and then and there is so much positivity there. We need more positive streams!


I’ve actually streamed on few occasions, but I wasn’t very engaging considering how new I was to broadcasting. Being positive is good, but so is being entertaining, something I don’t do all that well, haha.


You meant to say fewer and fewer. Call me toxic, I dare you!

Burnout is a very real thing in any game but especially fighting games. There’s nothing wrong with feeling tired with a game and needing a solid few months away. I suspect many of our top players have had that feeling. I dunno how top level SF4/SF5 players do it (although I suspect the answer very clearly starts with “M” and ends with “oney”). I suspect that’s probably why so much of the FGC is looking forward to Marvel Infinite, so they can have a change of pace from the insanely intense focus on SFV.

The difference is, I don’t think our top players realize that they would have had this same feeling of burnout no matter what fighting game they were playing, even if it was their favorite iteration of KI, or their favorite non-KI fighting game. They instead interpreted the burnout as “KI sucks, I’m not having fun anymore” and proceeded to spend months (and in some cases years) planting poison at the very root of the KI tree. Then when KI dies, they’re like “see? I was right, the game sucks.”

But no, they just have to be held accountable for planting poison at the base of the tree. And maybe in a few years they’ll realize what they were doing (or maybe not), but it’ll probably be too late to save the tree at that point.

Again, I want to be very clear; I am less involved in the KI scene today exclusively because of the negative attitudes of many (but not all) of our top players and regular stream viewers. The game has had some missteps here and there, and some rather sad missed opportunities which I have been more than happy to take the KI decision makers to task over, but gameplay-wise it is still the same game I’ve liked since it launched, just with a slightly different (and many would say improved) flavor. When people with the same priorities as me (that is, enjoying following the tournament scene and/or talking about the highest level play) ask me “what happened to KI?” in a year, I know what I will be telling them.


Looks like as a community, we have to help change this. I have optimism for the future!


It’s changeable, yes, and the best part is, it’s actually not even very hard! You don’t even have to suddenly believe KI S3 is the best version of KI, if you don’t believe that in your heart.

People just have to literally stop being shitheads about everything, and smile every once in a while.

You know, I watched a lot of Grimmmz back when he streamed/Youtube’d KI. He would smile over cool interactions and generally look like he was having a blast, and I think that positivity had a huge impact in bringing me into the game. Sure the game was cool and fun and stuff, but it was his awesome energy that helped really drive the point home. Grimmmz has since moved on to be a variety streamer, but mostly focusing on a genre I don’t really care for (the battle royale games). But you know what? I still tune into Grimmmz’s stream decently regularly. He is not even playing a game I have interest in, but he smiles at the camera and doesn’t talk shi.t. It’s amazing how infectious that is, to the point where I will literally watch him do something I am not interested in just to see it.

I’ve also been watching most of Sajam’s streams, largely because he’s a bud but most importantly because he makes everything sound amazing and cool. He could be talking about the world’s most simple SFV interaction, like meatying with a normal, and he’d raise his voice and get out of his chair and give the stream the finger guns over it. Like man, I don’t even care about that but sign me up.

Meanwhile, when some of our top players go to other games (whether it’s now, or 3 months from now, or 3 years from now), even if that game is something I have a lot of interest in and is the greatest game of all time, I don’t think I will be following them. Maybe they will learn this lesson the hard way when their stream numbers lag compared to their peers, or maybe they won’t. But I probably won’t be around to find out.


Ixion is one of the worst players of KI that streams (still a Killer, still good, but compared to the others), yet he’s probably the only KI stream I bother watching even though I don’t really learn anything.
Similarly, Floe during one of the many SFV outages picked up KI for ■■■■■ and giggles and to see how the game was, and he approached it with his usual wide-eyed wonder and enthusiasm. I don’t think he knew what a counter breaker was, but it didn’t matter because he was having fun and so were we. His stream #s were as normal.
One last example, remember when Juicebox picked up KI for a month or two? No complaining, just deconstructing the game as he does and labbing the hell out of Tusk and his matchups. Very entertaining and he kept his audience.


I’ve seen at least 2 top KI players drift to SFV because it’s better balanced. LOL WUT?


What they’re actually saying is “I enjoy SFV’s balance more than KI’s balance”. Which is a perfectly fine, subjective statement that I wouldn’t challenge, even if I may not agree.

SFV probably has about 50% of their roster (11-12 characters out of 24) as viable tournament choices, which I think is more than legacy games, probably slightly less than SF4 had, and less than KI has. Maybe you really like all of these 12 characters though, so the game is fun and fresh to you. That’s cool. Other people might hate all the top tiers and their favorite SF character is languishing in obscurity. That is probably less fun for those people.

But either way you slice it, thinking SFV is more balanced and enjoying that game is a lot different than shitting over other games, especially if you try to say it as objective fact but then can’t back it up with objective evidence. Just play what you subjectively like and don’t apologize for it. Smile while you do it.


~ Infilament, 2017


Yeah, but if you like SFV so much, why would you stream KI and talk ■■■■ about it instead?

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Because that would make them a hypocrite if they did. If Ir ead the message wrong by all means enlighten me on where I missed the bulls-eye?

Personally, There are indeed some problems with KI and while I don’t agree with some of the nerfs or buffs, I’m adaptable. I’ll just keep playing and adapting until there is enough feedback to rundo those.

Though, there is a problem that I’ve had with game sthat contain infinites, atl east KI balances all that out with combo breakers. If you want make an infinate combo you’ll earn ti through counter breakers. Thats basically the issue I especially had with MVC3 and then ther eis the spamming one combo or move with MKX.

I miss being able to stream this game, if anyone can direct me to a cheap stream setup that isn’t obs I would gladly run a fun stream because I love the heck out of this game! I even wanted to start a series where I do Rando Select ranked and see how far I can get. Will play casual matches, even do shadow lords completion.

I would like to get an actual capture card, that way I can respond to chat while playing.

I meant, why would you stream KI and talk ■■■■ about it, instead of streaming SFV

I have admittedly been disappointed throughout most of Season 3 and with the remixed characters we’ve had. And I’ve been rather ranting and negative about it… so much that people even made a meme out of my #nomoreguestcharacters, but I can laugh at that as well.

I still love KI though. I haven’t played it in a long time, but it is still one of my favourite franchises and I would love to see more KI in the future. Both Double Helix and Iron Galaxy have done an awesome job with it… for the most part. The parts I disliked that kinda ruined it for me is just… well, unfortunate! But I am glad that there are still people who love it and are still playing, and again, I hope to see more KI in the future.

I just personally think it would be cool to see a sequel with better graphics, more polished models, more costumes/accessories, more finishers for ALL characters, etc. But IG would need a better budget for that, and it would take time to start on a new game, so I understand why people here are clinging on to the current KI. But what I don’t like is that the “new” content we’re getting are just… lacking, for the lack of a better word. And from what I understand from the info we have about IG’s and KI’s current situation, it is a lack of funds. The budget is running out. And it seems like the next character will be the last piece of content we’ll get.

So… does that mean the end of KI? Or will we see more in the future? Will Microsoft support it? And will it be enough?

To me, it seems like the guest characters were a means to an end… to lure in new people to play KI and buy it, so IG would get more funds. And the remix characters is a result of them running low on them, but still having cool ideas for characters and tries to make it work with what they have. But that’s why I feel it feels lacking, compared to what we have already seen what they CAN do.

IG have been very resilient though, and kudos to them for all the work they’ve done! Even if there are people who think the game has changed more than they like, due to balancing patches, adding new stuff etc, I am happy to see how KI evolved from being a roster of 8 characters with only a few modes and extra content, to become the huge game it is today. I do not agree with all the content added, or the fact that not all characters could get the same treatment (like with some characters not getting Ultimates), and that’s a shame… because KI is otherwise a good game, imo!

When there’s a sequel… IF there will be a sequel… I hope it gets the treatment it deserves. Because if someone can make it great, it’s definitely Iron Galaxy.

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One thing that keeps me from coming back to playing KI is the staggers and flip-outs. It’s easy to say how to fight back or whatever but honestly I had more fun with KI during season 1 and the first half of season 2.

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If you prefer a much more grounded approach, you might like SF, nothing wrong with trying out other games too as a means to break away from the KI norm.

Just get yourself a local X1 that is setup without KI, get a combo breaker pack for early S2, pop it in on an Xbox that isn’t connected to the internet, install and BAM! Unpatched S1 KI. I used this method to snag Fulgore’s ultra record long after S2 launched. Food for thought. Any tourneys would be local competition and practice could be done as well. Just requires the physical copy. Just never let the game update, and that console can’t have automatic updates on or you’ll have to redo the process to get it back to S1.

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