Fighting Game Complainers

Ha ha that is so funny and true.

That sucks that they are just dropping matches in multiplayer. There is a setting they could use, so they wouldn’t fight anyone above their rank.

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No my opinion doesn’t matter because it’s an opinion. What should matter to developers is if the MAJORITY of KI players are having fun by logging in every month and playing. KI just before Season 3’s release had 6 million unique visitors and I believe it was announced that they’d crossed 7 million unique visitors post Season 3 launch. Yet despite the addition of more content like Ultimates and skin packs some competitive KI players and streamers continue to whine about the game in a very destructive manner like not having more costumes or stagger/flipout. Developers should listen to the whole community not just a very vocal minority that keeps wanting the game to revert back to and earlier form. Negative buzz is just as effective as positive buzz and some of these streamer run the risk of burying this franchise.


You make it sound like that the devs are gods who can’t do anything wrong, and everyone who says anything bad about them are “killing the franchise”.

If something doesn’t work well in the game, then sharing said feedback to the devs is not “burying” anything. We’re all wanting the franchise to flurrish and be awesome, but we all have our own idea of what that is. Sometimes the devs hit that, other times they miss.

You cannot shush complainers. You cannot tell people to stop sharing their opinions. And complaining about people complaining makes you no better than them.

Killer Instinct is not perfect, and it is not considered the best fighting game by the majority. Those who like KI ARE THE MINORITY! And those who praise it as the best out there are just a vocal minority.

KI isn’t bad, I love the game, I love the franchise… but it has a way to go to become the best. A few costumes and such things won’t fix anything though, and yes, some of those who complain are indeed forcusing on some of the wrong things and spouting a lot of sh#t. And those who follow their opinion are just stupid sheep who can’t make up an opinion of their own.

The devs aren’t stupid though. They listen to the feedback, and then they go through the mill “Can we use this or not”. And most of the sh#t these complainers spout is useless, but there are SOME feedback that they can use. And IG has been very open about recieving feedback, that’s why there’s this forum, that’s why they are our there talking to people at events where KI is playable, etc… And everyone are allowed to give their feedback, whatever it may be and however they want to.

So you like KI and think it is the best game. GOOD! Enjoy it then! Have fun! Go play the game and have a good time! But don’t tell people who don’t like the game or aspects of the game to shut up! They are entitled to their opinions as much as you are. And you do indeed seem very entitled.

It’s become a trend, I’ve noticed… that those who like the game want to seem more important than those who do not. You aren’t though. You’re just one person and you’re no important than the rest. And it is arrogant to think otherwise.


A better statement to make would be “Be constructive”. Here, it just sounds like you’re trying to stifle any complaints people may have.

Doesn’t mean that those dislikes don’t have some valid ground to be changed. A lot of suggestions have been taken from these forums, and even if they’re not implemented i’m sure the devs take some ideas from here and bounce them around to see if they would work in the game.

And that is how its done on the forums, look at the regulars and you’ll see proper conduct. If you only focus on the lot that come in every once in a while when something is broken, then you won’t see all the good this forum has.
I know you may be trying with the best of intentions, but in talking about complainers, you’ve become one yourself. And to quote you yourself,

Don’t respond to everything you see. Engage with people who have an open mind and are looking to debate and shake hands afterwards.

I say this not knowing which streamer the OP is talking about. This comment goes out to all streamers (and stream viewers) for whom it applies.

The complaining in the KI community is so egregious that I have begun to disengage more and more. I now spend most of my time watching SFV streams (a game I have several substantial problems with and haven’t played since Evo last year), because the players at least want to be there. I spend time watching KoF14 and GGXrd Revelator streams, two games I don’t own and haven’t played (but maybe I will one day), because the fanbase is so excited to play matches that the happiness and positivity just rubs off on me. They are so happy about their game that they can’t wait to get home and stream or talk about it, and I want to be around people like that. Meanwhile, I tune into KI streams very rarely (a game I do like quite a bit).

Let me make it very clear; at this point, I don’t even care if 100% of a person’s complaints about KI are valid. Maybe the new counter breakers are stupid. Maybe the game is the most unbalanced it’s ever been and every character is fuc.king stupid garbage trash. Maybe the game is buggier than other fighting games. I could respectfully discuss why you are overexaggerating, but sure, I’ll just grant you the fact that KI is a superb piece of I seriously don’t care anymore. Either you play because you like the game and are happy playing it, or you should play something else that makes you happy, for the sake of everyone involved.

People say stream numbers are down for KI because the game is worse than it used to be. Let me be clear again; stream numbers are down because I don’t want to spend my free time watching someone hate their life. We are beyond talking about basic fighting game salt here, or occasional frustration over some wonky interaction; we’re talking about a pattern that lasts for months (and now maybe years) at a time. Whether the game is worse or not is, honestly, completely irrelevant anymore. I have better things to do than be around perpetually negative people, and you should too.


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No, my site uses gifs and video from online sources. If you want to talk further about it, you can PM me.

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@anon39655210 That maybe so, but if your going to give bad feedback, you need to do it in a way that is constructive and provide ways to improve the game. Not bash it and then not give ways to fix it.

I think that is what @EarthRavenous16 is getting at.

That’s fair, I agree with that part. ^^

I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with having issues with a game and voicing those issues. My problem comes more from the volume and toxicity surrounding the way in which some of these people voice their issues (as you said).

Can they present their stream in any way they want? Of course. But I do tend to wonder how much of it is ranting as entertainment, which I find to be both uninformative and destructive to the very ecosystem they’re trying pontificate within. It ceases being valued, informative critique and it becomes noise.

If you actually enjoy the game and you want it to succeed, one would hope that you’d take an informed approach with positivity and constructive criticism, maybe even brainstorm solutions, not because you think that you can make a better, more balanced game, but because it helps give a better overall picture of the problem and why the solution makes sense / would improve the game.

Yet we live in such a hot take, knee-jerk culture right now where nuance is less entertaining than taking a few issues, blowing them out of proportion and arriving at a conclusion (ie KI is not fun anymore) that seems hardly congruous with the actual argument presented once all the hyperbole, pontificating, straw-manning, etc are stripped away.

It’d be wonderful if some of these people had the self-awareness to realize that something’s simply not for them anymore and that while complaining might help, it won’t help to such an extent as to make the experience what it once was for them and that it’s okay to move on to something else.

Of course, people have been complaining about this game since season one. It’s not like the old games. It’s too bright. It doesn’t capture the “KI aesthetic.” Whatever the hell that means. Season two’s not nearly as good as season one. It’s too complicated. I hate my character now after the rebalance and so on and so on.

Sometimes, opinions change, I get that. So feedback can obviously be useful to the devs. But when you spend so much of your time, day after day, stream after stream, doing nothing but ripping on the game and the developers? At that point, you have to ask what you’re even doing and why.

I don’t understand people that want to present such negativity to others, and to do it on a consistent basis no less. I almost wonder if it’s a cathartic experience, like a “nothing helps a bad day like sharing it with others” type of deal.

Maybe they just do it for the subs? In that case, I definitely don’t understand the people that would want to continually tune in for that, unless you really hate something too and you want to see someone tear it apart. Even then though… I don’t see how someone could keep tuning in for that.

Who knows, maybe it’s like Yelp reviews. Most people only leave them when they have a really good experience or a really bad experience. So either many of these streamers love the game and want to share it with the world, or they despise what it’s become and they have to eviscerate it and scream at the developers as loudly as their stream follower count / influence will allow.

Either way, I think it’s a rather garbage aspect of our culture right now and it turns me away from a stream, no question. I’d rather watch someone play a game I have no interest in, who loves it and shares that positivity (along with information, compelling gameplay and critique) or even someone that sucks at a game, but who’s having fun learning it, than watch someone rage through a game that I love and trash it nonstop, and for me, that choice isn’t even close.

I dunno, maybe that’s my own issue. I simply can’t relate to people that enjoy hate watching something or want to play a game just to trash it. Life’s short enough as it is. You really want to spend minutes or even hours doing something that makes you angry? What, so you can make others angry too?

I agree that the game has issues and I’d never want to hush people that are voicing those opinions. Would you agree that there’s a bit of a difference though between critiquing while you play and simply ranting for the entertainment of others?

If you love a game and you want to share it with others, would you agree that there’s a difference between frustrated but constructive criticism and destructive criticism that trashes the game, trashes the developers, etc?

I don’t think it’s a matter of saying that these people need to shut up. But I’d personally watch their streams more if they altered their tone to come off more like they want to share and inform, even when their opinion doesn’t align with the developers and less like they hate the game and could develop it better than the idiots making it. But that’s just me.

I do think that there’s a level of toxicity around some of the streamers and I also think that has an effect on others. Now, how many others and how influential any of these people really are is CERTAINLY open for debate.

But while opinions are something everyone’s entitled to, a cluster of constant negativity can, I’d argue, contribute to a culture of increasing toxicity, and that can spread throughout a fanbase, or at least give that fanbase a reputation (COD anyone?).

I’ve read that the KI Facebook group is an utter pit of toxicity. I’ve also seen enough comments sections in MS streams and enough actual streamers themselves bash this game in to oblivion to feel a compulsion toward minimizing those kinds of interactions with the game and the community.

When I have to put on that many blinders to keep myself insulated from so much negativity, I think it’s at least worth asking some questions, like where is it all coming from and why? How much do these places reflect a kind of general sentiment? How much of an effect is this having on both the community as a whole and outsiders perception of the community? Is this a problem that should be fixed? Can it be fixed? If so, how?

I don’t think that calling people crybabies or telling them that their opinion doesn’t matter is a solution (sorry, OP :slight_smile:) But I understand the desire to give it back to some of these people.

For my part, I just wish that we could all enjoy this game while maintaining a critical eye, voicing our concerns/opinions and giving feedback, yet still having a fun and positive environment, not as a group of obedient sheep, but as a community of people that are doing something that they enjoy and sharing that enjoyment.

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I just read through this thread finally (except for your wall of text @Iago407, sorry :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and I got some things to say.

First off, shoutouts to this line

for restoring my hope in this game’s future again. Yes, I’m serious.

My own personal take on this is that you can go ahead and say your negative opinion if you want. If you don’t want to debate with me, then fine. But being an a**hole is not an alternative to debate. This is a personal thing to me, but if I say something in a chat that you find so strange and disagreeable, how about you not try and make me feel like an idiot for expressing it by using my line as a joke or something? “Being toxic” is a actually being used as a joke (yes, I’m serious) by a few personalities right now because they’re making fun of the people that squeal at them for expressing a negative opinion. Problem is, they are being toxic because they are trying to impose negativity on others who just want to have fun watching the game. There’s a thin line between these behaviors that these streamers can’t seem to see. And I have been driven away from these streams because of it, and since KI streams are getting lesser and lesser, I’m running out of places where I can just appreciate the game as I watch matches or something.

I really want to stream myself, see if I can get a following and maybe give some of my own positivity. Problem is, at this point, I just don’t think I’d be good at doing that. Firstly, my Elgato capture card cannot seem to understand that I can use more bitrate than it’s allowing me to. Second, I tend to have salty reactions to a decent proportion of my matches and that would not help spread positivity. And third… I’m at the point where I’m starting to tire out of the game, only playing a few sets here and there. Could I actually look like I’m having fun anymore?

I just wish these guys would leave already. And I have hopes that Combo Breaker can get me excited again.


LOL, can’t say I blame ya. :grinning:

I’ve also thought about streaming, but I have no idea where to even begin. I don’t even know if using Beam through the XB1 is a good idea or what. I’d also probably run in to your second issue!

I usually only watch streams if the streamer is positive. Otherwise, what’s the point? People like @INDIxion stream KI every now and then and there is so much positivity there. We need more positive streams!


I’ve actually streamed on few occasions, but I wasn’t very engaging considering how new I was to broadcasting. Being positive is good, but so is being entertaining, something I don’t do all that well, haha.


You meant to say fewer and fewer. Call me toxic, I dare you!

Burnout is a very real thing in any game but especially fighting games. There’s nothing wrong with feeling tired with a game and needing a solid few months away. I suspect many of our top players have had that feeling. I dunno how top level SF4/SF5 players do it (although I suspect the answer very clearly starts with “M” and ends with “oney”). I suspect that’s probably why so much of the FGC is looking forward to Marvel Infinite, so they can have a change of pace from the insanely intense focus on SFV.

The difference is, I don’t think our top players realize that they would have had this same feeling of burnout no matter what fighting game they were playing, even if it was their favorite iteration of KI, or their favorite non-KI fighting game. They instead interpreted the burnout as “KI sucks, I’m not having fun anymore” and proceeded to spend months (and in some cases years) planting poison at the very root of the KI tree. Then when KI dies, they’re like “see? I was right, the game sucks.”

But no, they just have to be held accountable for planting poison at the base of the tree. And maybe in a few years they’ll realize what they were doing (or maybe not), but it’ll probably be too late to save the tree at that point.

Again, I want to be very clear; I am less involved in the KI scene today exclusively because of the negative attitudes of many (but not all) of our top players and regular stream viewers. The game has had some missteps here and there, and some rather sad missed opportunities which I have been more than happy to take the KI decision makers to task over, but gameplay-wise it is still the same game I’ve liked since it launched, just with a slightly different (and many would say improved) flavor. When people with the same priorities as me (that is, enjoying following the tournament scene and/or talking about the highest level play) ask me “what happened to KI?” in a year, I know what I will be telling them.


Looks like as a community, we have to help change this. I have optimism for the future!


It’s changeable, yes, and the best part is, it’s actually not even very hard! You don’t even have to suddenly believe KI S3 is the best version of KI, if you don’t believe that in your heart.

People just have to literally stop being shitheads about everything, and smile every once in a while.

You know, I watched a lot of Grimmmz back when he streamed/Youtube’d KI. He would smile over cool interactions and generally look like he was having a blast, and I think that positivity had a huge impact in bringing me into the game. Sure the game was cool and fun and stuff, but it was his awesome energy that helped really drive the point home. Grimmmz has since moved on to be a variety streamer, but mostly focusing on a genre I don’t really care for (the battle royale games). But you know what? I still tune into Grimmmz’s stream decently regularly. He is not even playing a game I have interest in, but he smiles at the camera and doesn’t talk shi.t. It’s amazing how infectious that is, to the point where I will literally watch him do something I am not interested in just to see it.

I’ve also been watching most of Sajam’s streams, largely because he’s a bud but most importantly because he makes everything sound amazing and cool. He could be talking about the world’s most simple SFV interaction, like meatying with a normal, and he’d raise his voice and get out of his chair and give the stream the finger guns over it. Like man, I don’t even care about that but sign me up.

Meanwhile, when some of our top players go to other games (whether it’s now, or 3 months from now, or 3 years from now), even if that game is something I have a lot of interest in and is the greatest game of all time, I don’t think I will be following them. Maybe they will learn this lesson the hard way when their stream numbers lag compared to their peers, or maybe they won’t. But I probably won’t be around to find out.