Fighting EX Layer

There was a demo for this game on April 1st (today) in Akihabara, Tokyo. The game is real.

Yes! My favorite part of April Fool’s is the stuff that actually turns out to be true.


Skullomania are dope cause he’s inspired on the tokusatsu Kamen Rider series.


I haven’t played an EX game in years and now would be a good time for Arika to make EX 4 for real on Consoles & PC.

Oh and Tell Arika that we want this to happen -

Honestly the only “shotoclone” I ever liked…


Look how awesome he looks.


Kairi was always my favorite from the EX series.

I still can’t believe someone thought he was Kazuya knockoff. Just makes my IQ drop.

well isnt he a kazuya rip? lmao

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i think he is, i guess namco influenced crapcom

am I the only one who kind prefers the EX characters over most other street fighter characters?

Woah. He looks amazing.

I must find more information! Lol

I really hope that this is 100% real and that we’re seeing more on this at E3. I needs me some Doctrine Dark!!

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Another one of my favorites.

Can’t get enough of when he says that lol.

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Here’s more Info and its a bit of good and a bit of bad. Arika is lacking funding and a publisher (Yes Capcom is not involved with this game). However they are going to start a crowdfunding campaign within the coming months.

Plus Skullomania, Garuda & Blair all the way for me :slight_smile:

Quick MS get in there and get an actual exclusive for the Xbox. You know like you said you’d have!


nice. like the addition of zangief :smile: