Feedback from a new player

So I owned Killer Instinct on the Xbox One, but didn’t really play it because I found the Xbox One controller uncomfortable for fighting games, this pretty much led to me not playing it at all. Which is completely unfair to the game.

However thanks to the transition to pc and some help from people here ive managed to get the game, buy all the characters and get my arcade stick working and I have to say it feels like a fantastic game.

Close fights feel tense and I have to say at times I felt like my heart was racing a little but in a good way, not in a salty way which is how I get with Street Fighter. But when you win it feels good, combos are simple enough to pick up quickly but complex enough to give it a learning curve.

And when I lost whilst I didnt understand fully why I lost (as in matchup knowledge etc), I knew it was my fault, there wast any lag (I think in 34 games I had 1 that lagged), the game ran smooth at all times too.

Fantastic job on the graphics too, shy of guilty gear xrd (which no one can deny is animated fantastically) this is probably the smoothest looking fighting game i’ve played. Overall, my first day with the PC version was a success, so keep up the good work. I even went from Bronze to Gold with jago as well (beginners luck maybe?)


That’s awesome, man! Glad you gave it another chance and that you’re enjoying it as well. Hope your beginners luck continues!