Favorite natural disaster AND cataclysm/catastrophe movies

What are some of your favorite natural disaster AND cataclysm/castastrophe-type movies?

My two current favorite natural disaster AND cataclysm/catastrophe-type movies are The Day After Tomorrow and Knowing:

In fact, I have both of those movies on DVD which clearly showed how much I enjoyed watching them down to this day :slight_smile: :wink:

P.S. For those of you who saw Knowing, did any of you found the ending to be UNSATISFACTORY? Personally I DID find its ending to be somewhat unsatisfactory but overall I really very much enjoyed watching that movie for me here :grin:


Twister my numer 1 =)

The only time I saw a tornado it didn’t hit land until few kilometers. But I was playing in the beach and suddenly the sky turned dark and greenish. The winds were crazy, I was a little kid. Thuderstorn, hail, it last for some minutes and then left. It was the only time. Tornados are supposed to not be that uncommon to happen here but in fact, they won’t happen.

and also liked Dante’s Peak

It reminds me of a town I used to visit while in Patagonia. We only have one Volcano close to there and it behaves pretty well. But Chile has lot of volcanos and whenever they make eruptions it’s very bad for us because of the winds, they carry all the ashes here and make disasters =(

Dante’s Peak was close to their town as another town I visited in 1994 (In Chile). It’s called Pucón, and the Volcano (Villarica) is still active. The moment I saw a “glow” on it’s crater during the night I totally freaked out, until they told me it was more of a lava Volcano.

Volcan Villarica, in Chile. (550 kms from where I used to lived)


I’d say The Day After Tomorrow, San Andreas, Posiedon, Hard Rain and Children of Men would be my top five, in no particular order.


@MaruMDQ You’ve got good taste in cataclysm films! Those are the two films I was going to mention!

Yeah, Twister and Dante’s Peak have stuck with me.

One thing about Dante’s Peak has always bothered me though. The scene where Grandma wades through the last few meters of acidic, boiling lake water to the shore… she walks all the way to shore, but when she gets there, her legs are gone from the knee down… so how did she wade that last stretch without just collapsing into the water? It makes no sense, except for dramatic effect. I understand and can appreciate that, but it’s still bothered me ever since I was a kid. Grandma never made it to shore.

@Iago407 I’ve always just sort of lumped Children of Men into dystopian sci-fi, but the Omega was certainly a cataclysm event. Good call. Great book. If you haven’t read it, I’d check it out.


How can nobody say Armageddon?


Working in a repair shop and hearing that Aerosmith song several times a day has made me rue the existence of that film. It’s not the films fault, I acknowledge, but still…

I’m not a huge fan of Aerosmith myself, but the movie is definitely the only one I like that qualifies for this “genre”. I’d have to dig into Alien-based movies to talk about an apocalypse movie that I like, and I feel like that’s cheating the category OP’s asking for.

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Fair enough. :smiley:

I don’t dislike Aerosmith’s entirety, but I do wish Steven & Co. had closed their eyes, fallen asleep, and dreamed, yeah, cuz I just wanna skip that song.

Thanks =)

And yes, that scene made me cry, it was terrible!. I remember pausing the video to check. I wasn’t sure if she kept her legs or not O.o

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When I say I’m not a huge fan of Aerosmith, I’m basically saying I wouldn’t pay to go see them at any point in their career. Other than that I like a few of their songs. I definitely get that feeling, mainly with Trapt’s “Headstrong”. It’s so grossly overplayed I can’t listen to it anymore.

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It’s unmanly to admit it, but same here. I even had to double-check last time I watched it (maybe 4 or 5 years ago) because I thought my memory was deceiving me, but that just made it more distressing…

@Ziarist I hear ya, pretty much same here. I like some of their stuff, but I wouldn’t pay for it. If they show up on the radio (aside from the Armageddon song) I probably won’t change the station, but I won’t go out of my way to listen to them either.

That’s a big part of why I avoid the radio as devoutly as I do - even if something I like gets airplay, it’ll likely get so much airplay that the song gets stale. I actively chose to avoid the radio after I heard Flobots ‘No Handlebars’ for the first time, knowing that would be it’s fate. From what I understand, I was right, but I love that song and it’s never gotten stale for me, because I don’t listen to it enough to let it. :smiley:

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Because I can’t stand Michael Bay and his cheap stuff (specially the pseudo emotional one). Even though I saw most of his movies at first, I wasn’t sure who he was then. I used to watch Steven Spielberg more, I liked the way he managed drama. Michael bay destroyed my beloved sagas like Transformers and TMNT. Music in TFs was great because it’s the same composer of the Gears of War first saga.

But well, I get too nostalgic at times. Nostalgia can blind you, but I can tell you this is not the case.

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I understand why most people don’t like his Transformers movies, but I really enjoy them. It’s a nice “don’t think too hard” series for me and always has been.

Hell. I grew up with Beast Wars being my first Transformers experience.

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Here are a few more natural disaster AND cataclysm/apocalypse-type movies that I also really enjoyed watching:
Deep Impact
San Andreas (Saw it twice in cinema)
The Core
Dante’s Peak

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I like some aspects of the movies. The rest is what it doesn’t convince me. It’s like watching Fast and Furious movies, I like what they do with the cars, I just don’t like the rest. I did enjoy the special effect, however the explosions get kid of repetitive XD

And this is the part I’m cruel: Transformers is a science ficition/fantasy movie because that girl would never be interested in that guy.

Somehow. The fact how there’s a lot of eerie and mindscrew parts makes the conclusion quite a bit unsatisfactory…

But you know what’s weird? I first watched this film in a Math class at 1st Year High School in relation to the topic of probability… 0_0

Well anyways, if I were to pick one natural disaster movie I’ve watched and liked, it’s this:

Based on a true story, it focuses on a family who struggled in the horrific tsunami in Thailand during December 2004, hence, THE IMPOSSIBLE indeed. Highly recommended. :slight_smile:

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Batman v Superman, because let’s face it, that movie was a disaster… oh you don’t mean that…

Twister - I live in Oklahoma, this movie happens every spring.

Deep Impact


I mean, yeah. There is a suspension of disbelief you have to make, but it’s not horrendous compared to other series. Yeah that girl probably would never be with that guy, but personality and convenience (also the fact that it’s a movie catering to nerds) is a huge factor in some relationships.

I’m not too far from what would be that character, but I’ve had a couple of girlfriends who I thought were completely out of my league because of likes and dislikes, as well as personality traits. I’m not saying those two worked together, I’m just making an anecdote to compare to.

I understand your stance though. It’s OK to have differing opinions.

Made that a bit longer than I intended.

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It’s ok as long it’s not a problem =)

I like the first TFs though.

also the fact that it’s a movie catering to nerds :joy: I’m no nerd, I’m a videogamer XD lol

Twister is still to this day the BEST tornado movie. The special effects are amazing being a movie made in the 90s

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