Favorite Movie fights of all times

here is some of my favorite fight in movies of all time … … if you can share yours will be great













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I personally like the fight between Multple Agent Smiths and Neo in The Matrix: Reloaded. (As I felt that was one of the only good parts in the movie. The rest was all talking… :unamused: )


Okay, how could you not include the longest fight scene In all of cinema history from the film “They Live?” (awesome film BTW - check it out if you haven’t seen it)!? This fight between Roddy Piper and Keith David, from what I’m told, was not choreographed or staged - it’s a real fight; they are actually hitting and injuring each other. :dizzy_face:

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I actually saw this recently, but I didn’t think they were actually hitting each other. It was a fun movie to watch anyways! :grinning:

Anyone knows/ remembers Ongbak?
Almost every scene is my favorite.

Then also, Bolo vs Jean Claude van Damme.

Godzilla vs Space Godzilla
Goku vs Frieza (DBZ frieza resurrection F)
Rexy and Blue vs. Indominous (Jurassic World)
Godzilla vs Muto (Godzilla 2014)
Reptile vs Liu Kang (Mortal Kombat the movie)
Godzilla and King Ceaser vs Mechagodzilla (Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla)
Arbiter vs Covenant (Halo Legends)
Godzilla vs Destroyah
Godzilla vs Space Godzilla (final battle)

Game of Death 2 (aka Tower of Death) fight scene between Hwang Jang Lee and Kim Tai Chung clock in at 8 minutes.

Young Master end fight is around 18 minutes

Can’t find clips of them (bloody region copyright nonsense) and I thought you knew your films :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, but are those foreign films? 'Cause they don’t count. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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One of my favorites. Not the one I stated first, but…


Star Wars Episode 3: Obi Wan vs Grievous

Aliens vs. Predator

Predators: Yakuza VS Predator



That is 1 of my favorite scenes in ALL of the Ip man movies - thanks for posting it!


You chose Grievous, so I’ll show you an even better Grievous:

It’s only in the end that you find out why Grievous is so weak and has a cough in the film in comparison. :wink:

As for the Alien and the Predator, I would argue that the Predator vs. Dutch scene in the original Predator film and the Alien Queen vs. Ripley scene in the film Aliens were better than any of what that garbage AVP film had to offer.


Kung Lao’s Command Move/Grab in MKX must have been inspired from this one particular scene in that film :wink:

Of course it was! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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They Live!! one of my favorite movies of all time! R.I.P Roddy Piper, you are missed

Keanu Reeves as John Wick! this guy still rocks, he even did his own stunts! to me this movie was a surprise in the theater. its got action and comedy, very basic story line as well yet the movie has a subtle depth to it with its world building.i didnt think it was gonna be as good as it was, i was expecting an overall “meh” movie with few notable highlights. boy was i wrong

The insanity that are The Raid movies cannot be missed. these movies pushed martial arts action over the edge big time. if there are any movies that embarass hollywood “action flicks”, its definitely these from indonesia. watch em, and make sure they’re subtitled for that authenticity

Tony Jaa is also no slacker, this guy has alot of energy and i enjoy his movies. The Protector is quite notable for this scene. i also loved his Ong Bak 2 movie the most. tribal era thailand with martial arts? sign me up!

Finally, we got Michael Jai White with Rufio himself acting as his fight manager. this movie i enjoyed greatly, i highly recommend just like the others ive posted on here. its funny and entertaining, a nice surprise to find on netflix when it was on there. this guy is also Jax in the MK web series as well as continuing the part as voice actor for MKX.


Tony Jaa is the man!

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A chance to see Brucey babys Wing Chun Gung Fu:

Also check out the kick at 1:58, it’s real and Bob recalled rather painful


Some of mine:

I think I have thing for bad movies with good fight scenes

A long-standing staple of good fight scenes, I find, has a lot to do with how many cuts the scene actually has (where you see a “skip” in the scene as the camera transitions from 1 point to another, for example). Generally speaking, the fewer cuts, the better. This is because with 1 fluid cut, it shows the moves in all of their glory, reduces the need for multiple special effects shots, AND also makes it less likely that stunt-doubles will be used in the actual actors’ stead/place.

It’s not q movie, but in an episode of Daredevil, a fight scene was done in 1 single, continuous shot with excellent camera work. IMO, it’s this kind of thing that make for the best kind of fight-scenes (although, arguably, it’s not always necessarily true).