Favorite comedians and/or comedy teams

Who are some of your favorite comedians and/or comedy teams or ones that you enjoy the most?

Currently my all-time favorite comedy team is The Three Stooges:

And here’s this pic showcasing ALL Six Stooges:

I have seen MANY episodes of The Three Stooges plenty of times back when I was a kid and I still enjoy watching them down to this VERY day as well as owning a few DVDs of the classic, popular, and famous slapstick comedy team (and knuckleheads too) :grin: :smile: :laughing: :joy:

Honorable mentions:
Monty Python
Key and Peele
The Whitest Kids U’ Know
Beavis and Butt-Head (even though they happened to be fictional animated characters I will still count them as a comedy team) :wink:

As for comedians, just to name some that I enjoy the most they are:
Chris Farley
Chris Rock
Adam Sandler
Jim Carrey
Robin Williams
Rowan Atkinson
Tom Green
Steve Martin
Martin Short


“Get the tools.”
“What tools?”
“The same tools we’ve been using for the last ten years!”
“Oh, those tools.”

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I really like British comedy. Top 3 would probably be

  1. Dara O’ Briain
  2. Jimmy Carr
  3. John Bishop

lolol when the 3 stooges have to do plumbing. that gets me everytime haha


Ooh nice, The Three Stooges. I was wondering though, have you ever seen the Three Stooges 2012 film? If so, what were your thoughts on it?

Going on to the main context, for me, I’m gonna list three…

Rowan Atkinson

  • Most people would call him as: Mr. Bean! Seriously, it is what made him very popular!

The Gaki no Tsukai team

  • They are Matsumoto (red), Hosei (green), Hamada (blue), Tanaka (purple), and Endo (yellow). Known for doing hilarious and crazy segments, notable ones include No Laughing (Batsu) Game, that one game where the punishment was a testicle whacker, and Silent Library (yes, you read that clear, that’s where that game show actually originated from!).

The Umbilical Brothers

  • They are Shane (the bald guy) and David (the guy with hair). I actually discovered this duo because of The Upside Down Show, an educational kids’ show starring themselves!

Jimmy Carr is a boss. And his laugh is… memorable.


OK, i will admit, Gaki no Tsukai is like a closet pleasure of mine. I never thought that i’d be dying laughing from comedy in a language i barely know, but they kill me with almost anything they think up.

My mother kinda got me into Little Rascals, too, but if it’s not Gaki, it’s probably either going to be Robin Williams, George Lopez, or some of the OG’s like Pryor, Carlin, Mooney

Yoooo! My big brother and me love that show! XD

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Mr Bean is so damn funny also, lol. this one had me laughing to tears


I’m not much into comedy =S I used to like “El Chavo del 8” as a kid (mostly the school time) but now I don’t enjoy how violent it was regarding gags (never liked Tom & Jerry for instance).
I watches sticoms just because I was with persons that enjoyed them, however I wouldn’t watch them if I was alone. There were some movies I enoyed from this genre, English mainly.

O yes, I do laugh, I’m just not that “mainstrean” laugher.

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¡Fue sin querer queriendo!

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Se ponía repetitivo, pero si. Las escenas de la escuela eran geniales. Don Ramón me hacía reir, la chilindrina también XD

I was a fan on animated series as the Tiny Toons. Those made me laugh. I loved the movie! “How I spent my Holidays” I can’t recall the precise name in English. I would watch it and laugh every time.

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This is what REALLY happened to President Abraham Lincoln:

:laughing: :joy:

“Happier AND with your mouth wide open!” :laughing: :joy:

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Bill Burr is a great stand-up comedian.

My fav comedy movies are probably the Monty Python Life of Brian / Holy Grail films.

@UltraZeroX7 I used to watch Gaki no Tsukai - mainly the silent library part - that show was so funny.


Holy Grail is still one of my favorite movies. Monty Python is great.


Henry Rollins

His Acid Trip story from “This is Not Happening” was pretty funny.

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I’ve seen a few of Rollins’ Spoken Word shows, great stuff.

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Laurel and Hardy, nuff said!

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george carlin was always one of my favorites lol


Charlie Chaplin!

Something about slapstick comedy is so enjoyable.

Shoutout to Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson) also!