Favorite AND Best KI Season 3 Themes

  • Rash
  • Arbiter
  • Kim Wu
  • Tusk
  • Mira
  • General Raam
  • Gargos
  • Eyedol

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Which is your favorite AND best KI Season 3 theme?

Personally I enjoy listening to all of the Season 3 themes with the EXCEPTION of General Raam’s theme. I now find his theme to be pretty forgettable and a little too slow as well as a bit dull even :stuck_out_tongue:

Arbiter because Halo.


General Raam because gears.

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Kim because of Kim.

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Gargos because its addicting to headbang towards.


RAAM is a close second for me with Arbiter taking the mantle.

Gargos’s S3 theme is the best theme in all of KI history. Could’ve just as easily been written by Slayer during their prime.

For the life of me I have a hard time thinking of another Metal soundtrack in all of AAA gaming. I guess Rash’s theme counts, but it belongs to that Van Halen era before extreme metal came about. There are plenty of soundtracks that want to evoke a metal aesthetic out there, but the composition and techniques are just never there. But Gargos’s theme is textbook thrash, pretty much all the way.

Maybe my definition of metal is different than yours, but the Devil May Cry franchise usually has some songs that are on the harder scale.

And I’m still upset that Atlas Plug and Celldweller never made a making of video for Gargos’s theme.

I mean…um… Tusk gets my vote. Gargos a close second.

Also, for metal music in video games, you could try Doom on for size. Almost every song from the original game was either heavily influenced or straight up ripped from metal songs, and the new one has some of Mick Gordon’s sick djent.

Also, if we’re going for AAA level, this is actually one of those times where we can point to Call of Duty and say “Huh… Good job.” Kevin Sherwood & Elena Siegman’s soundtrack for the N.azi Zombies mode in WaW and Blops1 was pretty freakin phenomenal.

(Odd, I wouldn’t think that N.azi would be censored, at least when used in the context of WWII shooters.)

Speaking of djent, this song is super sick:

Rash and Arbiter are my runners up, but the epic choir of Tusk’s theme is the kind of music that grows hair on your chest.

Probably Kim Wu (followed very closely by Tusk). There’s just a lot of energy to the track that I like.

By far my least favorite theme of S3 is Mira. It’s okay, but the opera bits drag on way too long and the other parts are neat but nothing too memorable IMO.

lol, you’ll have to point me to particular bits of the soundtrack. What I looked up just now sounded very industrial, which isn’t always the closest thing to metal. (There are bands who straddle the two, including Strapping Young Lad, The Axis of Perdition, etc. The result tends to be very abrasive.)

What I’ve heard of Mick Gordon’s Doom soundtrack sounded very nu-metal and, yeah, djent. What I hear of Mick’s metal-flavored stuff in general usually seems to lean nu-metal. (On second thoughts, Aganos’s theme is really an exception to that. God, Aganos’s theme is great.)

Djent is something I can really take or leave (mostly leave), but there’s still a part of me that actively despises nu-metal. Not necessarily the music – it’s hasn’t been my thing for many years, and I think most nu-metal leans pretty shallow technically which is where they lose me, but each to their own, taste isn’t solely about technical chops, etc – more-so the marketing behemoth that formed around it. You had these bands spanning things like Linkin Park on the radio-friendly side, through Korn and Disturbed up to Slipknot on the edgier side, and it was always played as though metal as a genre consisted of the old greats like Sabbath and Iron Maiden and Pantera and Metallica and Slayer, and then kinda died after around about, say, the late '80s, and then someone like Korn brought it back in the mid '90s or so – this despite the latter really not really bearing much more than a superficial resemblance to the former. The craft is just really different: the former are really these instrument-driven technicians, they lean on very melodically complex riffs and leadwork and solos and a pretty vast and difficult playbook of distortion guitar and percussion techniques, and bluntly, neglect vocals as a serious instrument; the latter are very vocal-centric, their riffs are very monotone and simple and mostly rhythm-driven, their craft is more of a variety of pop or sometimes rap that exudes a metal aesthetic.

What really happened to the craft of those old bands is, it kinda went underground and forked in several directions: mostly American bands like Morbid Angel and Death and Suffocation took what Slayer was doing and made it into this lower-tuned, heavier and grindier thing that became death metal (this subgenre has mainly gotten more brutal and/or more technical as it’s matured and gotten more commercial, though some of it is tamer); bands like Carcass and Dark Tranquility married that emerging death metal sound with the harmonized, dual aeolian melodic leadwork from the likes of Iron Maiden to birth the Swedish melodic death metal scene (check out Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth for a sense of where this went); and bands like Bathory started playing this high-pitched fast-tempo tremolo-picking stuff that would go on to be codified in Norway as the notorious black metal genre by the likes of Mayhem and Immortal. (More listenable contemporaries include Keep of Kalessin and Watain.) This is the kind of stuff I meant when I said I struggled to think of an extreme metal soundtrack in gaming. You get tens of thousands of dedicated fans flying out to huge festivals around the world like Wacken Open Air each year to see this stuff (and plenty of those people are gamers) but it’s really hard to think of examples in gaming that draw on the craft of it in any meaningful way. I don’t really expect them to either, but it makes Gargos’s theme all that much more special and rewarding.
(EDIT: if you can’t see, most of the above band names are links, as are a few other things.)

Gargos’s theme straddles the blackened thrash area just off of Slayer, to my ear; Tusk’s theme sounds like it wants to be more like that Amon Amarth song linked above, but the techniques are lackluster, it lacks the deep, layered tremolo harmonies that makes Amon Amarth such a superior production. Whilst I don’t expect extreme metal in my video games, when I listen to a theme and think “that’s just a worse Amon Amarth song,” it’s kinda sad.

Anyway, I hope this answers a question that was…sort-of asked? :confused:

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Gargos and Eyedol. Kim Wu’s theme sounded like Tusk’s Theme, which sounded like Rash’s theme in terms of Key (music wise), which is pretty annoying. I miss Mick Gordon.

They are all pretty good, but Arbiters is my fave. So epic!! And I don’t even play Halo…

Another one for me IS RAAMs theme.

So cool!

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too guitar heavy in general this season, not a diverse season but still decent

For the best, I had to go with Arbiter. I think his theme represents his character and his franchise on a whole other level compared to the other characters. I could say the same things about Tusk and Gargos but I still think the Arbiter theme pulls it off better.


It really did help that Tom Salta worked on Halo 2: Anniversary’s soundtrack.

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