Favorite AND Best KI Character Taunts Part 1

  • Jago
  • Glacius
  • Sabrewulf
  • Thunder
  • Sadira
  • Orchid
  • Spinal
  • Fulgore
  • TJ Combo
  • Maya
  • Kan-Ra
  • Omen
  • Aganos
  • Hisako
  • Cinder
  • ARIA
  • Shadow Jago

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Which KI character’s taunt is your favorite AND do you find to be the best?

Personally I like ALL of the taunts/taunt moves the KI characters displayed in the game :grin:

ARIA’s, why?

Get scanned me boy.

  1. Spinal
  2. Fulgore
  3. Jago

About the ones listed:
Thunder, Wulf and Spinal are even

1: Rash fast taunt
2: Rash slow taunt
3: Gargos
4: Thunder, Wulf and Spinal

Nothing can compete with Spinal’s cackle. He’s adorable.


I was on edge about either Spinal or Omen.

1°) Sabrewulf. Dat howl is just immortal. From the first KI to this one.

2°) Spinal. I guess Dash forward with him is the secret taunt.

3°) Rash. This is the best troll taunt ever (without spam).

4°) Fulgore… because meme material.

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I forgot about Rash! :scream:

All, but some aren’t really agressive like Wulf’s and Orchid. Fulgore is like “come and get this blades” heh. Glacius and Thunder aren’t that agressive either and Riptor is warning up. Spinal is funny. Omen is stretching… Sadira mocks you and it’s kind of annoying, Jago pose is cool but the disproving is harsh XD. Kan Ra is funny, he’s just showing his skills ?.Aria, Gargos, Maya and TJ are pretty salt provoking. Cinder goes well with his attitude. Aganos wants to show you how strong he is Gorilla style. Raam is Raam, the Toad I don’t know if I should laugh or get salty. Kim Wu is kind of cute but it’s similar to Cinder. Mira is ok, not that Special. Eyedol is basic caveman stuff, Hisako I don’t get what she says (she uses a word similar to Bishamon’s in Darkstalkers) but I hate her and want to bury her again. Am I forgetting anyone? Oh yeah! Shago is cool.

Fulgore and Jago are tied for first for me.

Jago because for such a noble warrior shaking his head as in “you’re not worth my time” comes as very cool but pierces your pride.

Fulgore because what’s cooler than a killer robot giving you the robo-finger.

Everyone knows orchids is top dollar.

The firecat even has three different taunt growls. Lol

Rash’s WHERE IS IT? I also like Tusks 2nd best and ARIAs 3rd and Aganos’ 4th.

Shago. The pose he pulls off is just way too cool.

A taunt poll without Rash? I call shenanigans!

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Not an omen player but I rate his taunt. Spinal and fulgore have great taunts too.

Wow, that’s the exact four characters I’d pick, and in that exact same order I’d put them in.

You described exactly what I think. Thanks!