Fallout 4

So it has been two days now from the day this post is written since Fallout has been released and it has seen some mixed reviews, more so than any Bethesda game before. The critics praise this game thus giving it an overall rating of 9/10, on the other hand we have the gamers who are having a hard time attempting to settle and are scoring it even lower. Personally, I love this game - I love all Fallout games so clearly my opinion may be a tad bias but I do see the errors in some of the game’s mechanics. Nonetheless, it is a fantastic game worthy of the praise it has gotten over the years and my long wait has certainly been matched with the amount of content and adventure in this marvelous game.

To the point! This thread is about all that is Fallout 4. Whether you are giving it a review, sharing some tips, bragging about your Pip-boy edition, or even sharing an interesting story throughout your adventures! I will advise that anything in terms of spoilers have a warning before posted, that way newcomers know not to read on and if they do, they do so at the risk of having the story, quests, etc. spoiled. So! What’s your story, how are your endeavors in the wasteland going? Tip/tricks, review of Fallout, odd/funny/scary stories? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

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I haven’t played KI at all since this game released. It’s THAT good.

There’s technically already a thread for this, but I’m not above talking about Fallout 4 everywhere I go. :wink:
Anyway, I’m digging the game. If nothing else, I’ve sunk at least a few hours into the crafting by itself. I like the gunplay, the characters so far seem pretty likeable (especially Piper and Nick…and of course Dogmeat) so I’ve been having fun. Still haven’t even made a dent in my map, though. Maybe I should go exploring in the morning…

Yeah, the only chance I had was after I took a little break from it. Played a little Shadow Surival and matches with @TheNinjaOstrich. I don’t think I was ever bodied that bad, I was pretty much as rusty as can be, I think i’ll play a little more before I drop the game until Shago.

Is there? The only thread I saw was So, Fallout 4 but it didn’t really capitalize on the point of exploring the universe of Fallout, it sort of gave off a negative impression rather than welcoming an interesting discussion on the content.

Yeah, no kidding. It took me the longest time to figure out, I understand the basics now but trying to figure out the power and how to connect the generator and switches so I have lamp posts outside is a pain.

True, but reading through the thread it kinda turned into a more positive one (even Isgreen joined in the story swapping, and we convinced @TheNinjaOstrich to potentially go buy it :stuck_out_tongue:

I swear to go though I just keep getting deeper into this game. Since I had today off I had an opportunity to be really productive in game… And kinda squandered it. I only gained a few levels and partially completed a quest or 2. However, I built a nice house for Piper (my romantic companion) and I, and after losing him for a few days I finally found DogMeat. He was in a random dog house I forgot to delete. I made him a proper one by the homestead, as well as a doggy bowl and a fancy collar. Also, found a national guard depot and got a partial set of T-51b Power Armor, the pinnacle of power armor evolution <3

When I get it, I bet my story is going to be crazy. I’m that guy that’s like, "Ok. 1,000 people out there trying to kill me, and all I have is 3 bullets in my pistol, and a sword. Chances of surviving: Less than 1%…


There’s just so many games I want to get…

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Friend of mine let me play it on his xbox (used my account tho, so i have a save waiting for me when i get it myself ;)) and i LOVE it, ive never been a fan of Fallout, but this specific game is fantastic, this is my character and wife I made on my file, i named my character after an OC of mine, Jason.

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Here’s the couple the girlfriend and I came up with today. Will likely change my main to fit the “Atomic Viking” vibe here since having a character that looks like me is… Well, let’s just say it wont matter how high I get their charisma it won’t end well.

That, or just make a new play-through later, though. Melee this time. I’ve discovered thanks to the save on my girlyfriend’s account today, MELEE WEAPONS ARE PRETTY DARN OP. You can pick up a good weapon early on, from raider corpses or whatever, (like a bladed tire iron, or “tire ax” as I call mine) and you can do serious work. It’s like having a shotgun, but it costs next to nothing in VATS (which, by the way, will teleport you if you’re within a few meters, even further with the Blitz perk) so you can clear entire rooms full of people and barely take a scratch. Plus, since you won’t be using guns, bullets basically become free money.
If ever you run into enemies that force ranged engagements (rooftop turrets, snipers, hordes, etc) just use explosives like grenades or landmines.
Molitovs are a favorite. Here’s a little sample of the glory of explosives.

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I’m a full time college student with a part-time job and oddly enough I am currently level 33. I have gotten about 3-5 hours of sleep though so yeah… still man, Fallout 4. I have neglected KI completely though.[quote=“Fwufikins, post:5, topic:2464”]
Also, found a national guard depot and got a partial set of T-51b Power Armor, the pinnacle of power armor evolution
I went there too hoping to finish collecting all models. Unfortunately, it was only the T-60 which I already had. If you find any other locations for Power Armors, please do let me know, they are generally spawned randomly but eventually I’ll stumble across it.

:joy: Yeah no kidding, this game is certainly harder than any of the originals. Maybe not so much Interplay’s Fallout but that’s different. Regarding NV and 3, it will be a grind to scavenge for essentials and good equipment.

That is creepy. But I like how you both worked on the characters together. I should’ve done that but all I did was change Nora’s hair and move on, I guess the E3 briefing with the slight story spoiler and previous Fallout provoked me from creating another character. Still the introduction would’ve been nice to see my wife. Alas, my impatience got the best of me. Anyway, Atomic Viking sounds awesome lol and your character reminds me of a Witcher.

That is nice, I hope you are able to transfer the save, I think thats possible right? Anyway I am glad you are enjoying it, I have followed Fallout for several years and can say without a doubt it is the greatest game I have ever played. I love the story, the world and the characters.

Although I didn’t create my waifu in-game, I figured I’d throw in a photo of my character.


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That’s actually better though… I found out that brotherhood t60 armor is actually better, which really was really disheartening.
"Congratulations, you found a super rare item behind a master lock and a sentry bot. Now progress in the story to get something better."
Also, apparently after Level 40 you can find X-01 Enclave Advanced Power Armor, which is so powerful that the helmet provides as much protection as t60 torso.
Also. Decided to progress and got myself a plasma rifle. It’s beautiful.

Yeah, I suppose it would be. Problem is I already have it and didn’t really want another of the same set. I’m short one power armor to owning all, T-51. Also I know it may not be stronger than the T-60 but if you upgrade your model to the max, it is rather powerful. Also some modifications can make it just short of being as good as T-60, which isn’t bad. I will personally be using the T-51 armor because it is a throwback to the originals, oh and winterize that bad boy, and boom! Operation Anchorage, love it.

Hmm… after think about it for a bit, I think I will take that armor. Not for me, but for Piper. That way she can have her personal set of armor and not use mine which will constantly need repairs. I’ll still repair hers just not have to freak out when I see a missing arm or leg.

[quote=“Fwufikins, post:11, topic:2464”]
Also. Decided to progress and got myself a plasma rifle. It’s beautiful.
[/quote]I haven’t actually tried the Plasma Rifle, the ammo is expensive so I’ve been hording ammo until I have a sufficient amount. Same with .38 and Fusion Cells. I currently use a .45 Marksman Rifle and a 5.56 Assault Rifle. Oh and the Minigun, baby! That gun shreds them apart.

Level 40 you say? Level 32 :smirk:

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Oh goody, gives me hope :smiley: Where’d you find that set? I’ll need to make notes

Also, about plasma weapons; they have a number of advantages and downfalls.
-Both energy AND physical damage
-About double the damage of a laser rifle if you’re smart with your upgrades
-Weapon components cost less material to upgrade than lasers (enhanced laser sniper barrel=16 fiber optics, enhanced plasma sniper barrel=6)
-Melty gooey death!

-Slow projectiles means you’ll need to lead moving targets
-Projectile path also makes landing shots in rapid succession less consistent. Requires patience to make the most of the massive potential damage.
-Requires higher level Science skill to upgrade
-Ammo is rare early on, and kinda expensive since it no longer uses the same microfusion cells as laser weapons.
-No glow sights :frowning:

All in all though, I’m really satisfied. I had the extra caps and decided to stock up on plasma.

Location is the Custom House Tower SE of Sanctuary.

Look directly at the house as if you were going to enter, turn left and go through the alleyway while looking at the wall to your right. You will see a “Court 35” in bold letters. Enter the building, take the elevator up to the roof (takes a while). Walk up to the roof and approach the metal door at the end on either the left or right had side until you hear an alarm.

I will advise that you brace yourself, as there will be heavy resistance once the alarm sounds. After you have dealt with the situation, click the button on both sides and await for the door in the middle to open where you will find the X-01.

NOTE: There is a bug right now that makes the armor look like a T-51, but once you approach it you should see X-01, when you enter the armor it should automatically adjust its visuals to the X0-1 design.

Also really important save your game before you inside the building in case you have to revert back to it. Here’s why, because the armor looks like a T-51 those who have found it early on simply got inside the armor hoping it would fix itself, they came to the realization that the armor wasn’t a bug and it was in fact a T-51 armor because of level. If this happens, revert your save and try again or just wait until you level up a bit more. I doubt you are at a low level if you have the Plasma, so you should be able to get it without problem, still just a forewarning.

Regarding the Plasma Rifles, I think when I get home later today, I will work on my Laser/Plasma Rifle, my science is at 2 soon to be 3 so I should be able to fix it up nicely.

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Alrighty. I looked it up and you need to be at least 26 to get the X-01. I’m almost to 28 so I should be fine. Though by the time I discover it I may be even higher.
Wondering if I should make a character built around automatic weapons. I imagine the DPS would be pretty great, though my character is doing pretty well with Semi-Auto and Bolt action rifles.

Okay guys, I’ve gone into crunch time the last few days, and I made some MAJOR progress (none of it story related though, and I still haven’t found Custom House Tower XD)
-Went from level 27 to 41
-After holding off on it for forever, I decided to get into some heavy weapons, and I have no regrets. I’ve fallen in love with my Quadruple Barrel Heat Seeking Missile Launcher, and I’ve gotten ahold of a radioactive flame thrower, a Gatling laser, and the Ashmaker (incendiary minigun)… Oh, and of course a fat man
-Found an incomplete set of X-01, mixed it with my t60 gave it hot rod flames and glowing red eyes. It’s absolutely beautiful :heart_eyes: Can’t wait to finish out.
-Found a way to make settlements infinitely huge.

Used it to beef up The Castle. Looking to polish Sanctuary and then move on to the Island.
-Discovered The Railroad, making me a member of 3/4 of the factions. Problem is they and the Brotherhood disagree on the whole Synth issue, and I suspect I’ll be forced to choose.
Anyone else have any major adventures?

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So… I purchased fallout 4…what am in for ?

Lots of shooting/whacking n’ looting, a pretty in depth crafting system, a lot of settlements “needing your help”, a sprinkle of heartbreak, and a dash of semi-believable romance.

Oh and walking. Lots of walking. :stuck_out_tongue:
Also, early game starts out hard but as the game goes on it gets much easier. Gets to the point where you need to turn it up to maximum difficulty just to avoid 1 hit killing the entire universe.

Well this won’t last long then…sigh

I’ll give it a whirl when it’s done downloading (forgot to hit the install button) But Idk how it’s gonna go down :open_mouth:

More than you can imagine. Assuming you enjoyed Fallout 3, you will have the most fun with this installment. It is beautiful and there is a ton to do and explore. Like @Fwufikins said, expect it to be really hard at first, more than any previous Fallout, but as you progress it becomes easier. Also, while there is a lot of walking, there is always something to explore so it never feels dull - especially if you have cool random encounters.