Failed to connect to matchmaking servers [PC]

Searches for ranked matches forever and either never finds one or ends with that message, I’m US EAST and I had a friend in sweden test it and got the same results, are the servers messed up or is it a personal thing? I’ve had no trouble getting matches for MKX, SFIV, or SFV before this.Pls help I really want to play online.

Probably has something to do with it still being rolled out.

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:frowning: It would be nice to get some kind of offical statement though.

True. @rukizzel?

I wouldn’t expect an answer right away. I would seem like they are all being pulled in different directions right now.

dude it’s quite possible you’re the only person in the world looking to fight online, lol. A lot of people I assume would be in training mode messing with the new timings, or still downloading the game.

Except I’m not because people are streaming it and other people have mentioned playing matches so I really wanna know if its something on my end or not and its very hard to tell.

oh my bad. did they change the matchmaking logic, with similar rankings and all that stuff?

I wish I knew

Nothing should have changed, but thanks for the heads up. Will investigate.

Yeah, I also can’t connect. I’ve gotten that message when trying to play exhibition. Ranked just sits waiting for a match, and I can’t find any lobbies. I’ve been hosting one for a while now and nobody has joined.

I’m having the same issue unable to find matches and get the message can’t connect to matchmaking server On PC. On the X1 everything has been running fine.

Yeah I’m not able to find anybody in ranked match, stuck on “searching”

Same thing here. No exhibition, no searching for lobbies, no ranked, nothing. Always times out or fails to join match.

Just to give you some more information regarding this subject:

I downloaded and played for about 3 hours on my Xbox while I downloaded the game on my pc. Played 5 ranked matches on the console, then switched to pc. Can’t connect to matchmaking servers.

Actually, i encounter many players online (not lobbies yet), but only at exhibition matches.
But it takes 30 seconds at each match to find me an opponent.

I didn’t try Ranked yet. Maybe at week-end.

(pc player)

“Failed to reach matchmaking servers” FeelsBadMan

Hmm if many players encounters this bug, it’s kinda annoying.
I can empathize with that.

Yeah it’s pretty garbage but I guess understandable that some people would have issues. I just don’t know what to do. No lobbies or anything work yet I can play any other game perfectly fine.

Same issue here. I saw somebody suggest enabling the windows firewall if you have that disabled, but it didn’t work for me.

Same issue, tried disabling windows firewall and windows defender. No games to be found.