Eyedol's Default Colors


So no update? Lol


Probably not.


If you want a preview, they uploaded eyedols achievements and they have some of the accessories for him in the stills for the achievos. The necromancer looking accessory set is pretty legit looking.


pinkeye-dol hahaha, IG you guys are so cheeky


Me too man, me too…

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I like that Color 9s cannot be unlocked with KI Gold. It shows that you’ve spent time with that character. Other than the level, that’s the only thing to show time investment.


I agree, its a bonus for those that level the character to the max. Kind of a badge of honor. If you want it enough, you gotta earn it.

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Exept for 9/10/11 there godlike and 8 reminds me off dragon Ball z tbh how do you feel about 8 /9/10/11


I’m not a huge fan of 9, I really like the theme but the weird brown armor pieces throws it off for me. 4 & 5 are the worst though.


Yeah the brown was better off beeing black tbh I really like 11 the best in all honesty even wen I also have got 10 aswell


for retro i need:

  • brown, as seen in ingame videos/animations of the original ki
  • green, as seen in ingame model of the original ki
  • red, as seen in the original comic

We need retro colors!!!