Eyedol's Default Colors


I was hoping the green 1 would look better. It’s almost yellow-green. Orcs aren’t generally yellow-green, they’re more of a stark or bold green. :frowning:

I do like #1, #2, #9, and the tan and orange colors.


Most of these look pretty alright.
7 and 8 will probably depend on lighting

Color 3, however…


Yeah, I was hoping for more of a Hulk green not a spoiled mayonnaise green.

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I also think that (the aformentioned reddish one) is his color 9. My favorite is the ochre one, though (see what I did there?).

By Jove, I have not been so hyped for an announced character since… I can’t even remember! And not just because he was the most requested “uncertain” character, but his reimagined design and gameplay are nothing short of amazing. IG knocked this one out of the park and Adam pulled the biggest troll (literally) this side of Ed Boon. But it proved to be an ingenious strategy - leading us astray, making us yearn for something that was not guaranteed… that’s pure marketing gold there! I knew they always had to save something special for last, I know how the “selling business” works, but even I was eventually fooled into thinking Eyedol wouldn’t be in this season. Very well played!

Now I think I’m off to watch his trailer again… haven’t seen it today yet, and I usually watch it twice everyday.


Just twice? I’ve been pretty much watching it in a 30 min loop every day, and then again later for my kids.

My 3 year old yesterday watched the trailer and in the middle of it he asked “Daddy, who split Eydol’s head in 2?” I told him Gargos did it. He said "That mean 'ol Gargos! Daddy! Daddy you need to hurt him."
And I well intend to :smiling_imp:


…Kids must be fun. I think.


Kids are people. They come with the same range of good to bad points any other person would, just in a smaller package.


This made me smile.


Cool colors, anyone else bothered by the way that skull clips his thigh? I know it won’t matter in game but i just keep focusing on it in the screen shots lol.


I sorta figured there’d be clipping, just not in a official screen shot.

I hope one of the retro colors has cattle spots on his legs.


Lime Green Eyedol is sick!


Shadow Jago’s colors are pretty awful too.


I think Eyedol’s colors are better than Shadow Jago’s

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Yeah for the most part I like Eyedol’s colors.

Shago’s however… are bad. Mixing copper armor pieces on a purple skin is gross and half the skins have mismatched armor colors. He’s just gross, thankfully I have colors 10 & 11 those make up for all the bad ones.

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The problem with Shadow Jago’s colours is all of them except for 2, 9, 10 and 11 use the same skin tone. Colours 3-8 are just colour 1 with different clothing colours, and some don’t match.

I’ve said before but if we could equip Shago’s skin tone like an accessory you’d probably see some nice combinations.


I assume we’re getting accessories and retro colors tomorrow lol


Might still get retros out in a sec


What’s your definition of a sec? Cuz you’ve have like 3,600 seconds lol


He said on Twitter he was missing a cable, and he was gonna go home to record some gameplay


Also, I wish they would make color 9s (level 50 color) unlockable with ki gold, some of us can’t max out all characters lol