Eyedol's Default Colors


Check out Color’s 1-9 here.

Full transparency - I am home after EVO. Not in office to verify which colors are what. Still want you to see the shots I have already taken rather than wait an extra day. Ok?

Colors 1, 2, and 9 should be in the appropriate spots, though!



I can’t wait to see Eyedol’s 9 color!


Cheers, Rukari! Now get back to enjoying your day off.

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What about retro colors? :stuck_out_tongue:
When are accessories?

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I will give you a hint: not today!


The last one is most likely color 9 considering how different it is from all the others.


exactly what i needs to ask. :grinning:


If only this was a troll like isgreen not wanting eyedol :sweat_smile:


Thanks Rukari for uploading these. It’s cool we get it and appreciate the transparency :slight_smile:


What do we say to the god of death?

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really excited to see his accessories and retro colors!
As for these default colors, Shrek color is best color :yum:


I like a lot color 9(the red one) and the dark blue one in the astral plane. Really nice work here devs! I was secretly hoping for color 9 each side of the head with different colors, but this one it’s really good!


I like the pink piggy :pig: color :sunglasses:


Eh, I like them but I don’t think the mage side’s tattoo should be any color other than purple. Its kind of part of the character design isn’t it?

Other than that they look pretty damn sweet, though the heads seem to be mismatched in some of those poses. For example the yellow skin looks to be in mage stance with the purple staff but the warrior head is awake.


This one is color 9 for sure.


Yup. He look like Satan! Lol


Can’t wait to see that skin with the bone armor.


3 and 1 look the same to me. anyone else?

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3 is a lighter tone, the loin cloth is green instead of burgundy that I can see.


Worst colors of any character so far. I wish they would have done re-skins for every color.

To be fair, NO colors would look good on eyedol. his default is perfect.

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