Eyedol's arrival just made the characters' size issue even worse

I’m my sure why people think there are a lot of big characters? There’s like what 5 or 6? There just happened to appear in the “last season.”

I guess you could call S3 the “biggest” season yet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

In all seriousness though, the point the OP is making is 1 that I’ve noticed for myself for quite a while now, especially as an Aganos main, whose speed has become less about his size and more about the fact that he’s basically a heavy clump of rocks…


This game has a total of 5 “Big characters”. six or seven if you want to include Glacius and/or Thunder. Tusk is certainly not a big character, he is a beefcake, but not physically larger like Aganos and Co.

Aganos, Arbiter, Gargos, RAAM, and now Eyedol. 5 out of the 26 characters are “big”. That seems like a good amount to me.

And your thoughts about Aganos losing his “specialness” now that there are other big dudes, he is still one of the taller among them. Not only that, but Aganos is still the widest.

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He more than compensates for that with his big-■■■ sword.

Well, yes. But the screen doesn’t stretch to fit him like the other large characters.

While it’s fitting that Eyedol is beefier than Gargos, the fact that he’s also taller makes Gargos look puny and insubstantial.

In fact, Eyedol looks and feels more like a tough-arse boss than Gargos, who has cheap and downright frustrating gameplay to go up against.

And to think it was Gargos that defeated Eyedol…


The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Never discount the scrappy nature of the smaller demon, especially since he seems to be more intelligent overall - not to mention the fact that he can use portals that breach entire dimensions or that he commands a horde of minions.


Yes, I thought about all of that; however, from a visual and even visceral standpoint, there seems to be a disconnect.

What if Gargos knew he couldn’t beat him so he stuck his hand through a portal but instead of punching him grabbed half his head stuck it in the portal then closed t slicing his head in half.

While a fine idea, I’d like to reiterate that it wasn’t just his head that was cut in 2. The rip goes clear down through his chest too. :wink:

Makes me wonder if you’re not giving Gargos enough credit. Size isn’t everything :wink:


could not hold myself.

But really, Eyedol complexity make look Gargos minions and telepunches look simplistic.


5 out of 26 being big doesn’t seem like a big deal to me

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Question: did this bother you in Season 1?

I’m not asking this in an accusatory way, rather just as a point of reference. I remember back BEFORE that game dropped that many/the majority of people voted/asked for the camera to zoom like the OG games. In the initial showings of the game, the camera (the game itself rather) was JUST like SF4 in many ways, but people pushed and advocated for the game to be as much like the OG titles as they could.

The issue people are having now with all the big characters, rather the camera zoom, is a consequence of a dev and fan decision that was made back in the beginning.

That being said, the OG games also had diversity in their stages where some stages didn’t zoom out at all, and some allowed for each player to back all the way to the opposite corners for maximum zoom. In this regard the current KI is in a catch 22. People want it to be as authentic to the old games as possible, but also not be at the same time.

I like how I can see the top floor of Orchids stage now when Eyedol is in match especially in win animation

Yeah, but that’s every season. Season 1 had pretty beefy normal sized characters, season 2 was mainly tiny characters (kan-ra, hisako, Cinder), with some exceptions, and season 3 was mostly Gian characters with some small.

I personally wanted beefier bigger characters in season 2, but was just a little more than “just dissapointed.”

I like the idea of having multiple characters across each of the size spectrums. It means that the characters will differentiate themselves based on their personality and visual design rather than a single physical trait. It’s cool that Aganos’s archetype isn’t just “the big one” now, just like Orchid’s character archetype is no longer just "the woman."
We’ve got characters of multiple shapes and sizes of varying heights, weights, speeds, and postures. Some characters could go up an down with size just based on how often they schedule chiropractor appointments. While me and the Girlyfriend still use “Hisakos” as a unit of measurement, Kim Wu could just as easily be used as a metric stand in. We’ve got big and buff characters like Tusk, beanpoles like Glacius, absolutely massive brick-shithouses like Aganos, and even one that looks like a 2 headed Andre the Giant. We’ve got monsters of all different forms from across literature and cinema, girls ranging from college students to monster hunters and even assassins, dudes with a massive array of weaponry and fighting styles, cyberneticslly enhanced warriors across th technological spectrum, and all of them vary in size as much as if not more so than all the world over.

I’m certainly glad the game isn’t populated almost exclusively by “average size” characters. The sheer amount of variety we have in characters large and small is a hell of a lot more interesting than having a few token size focused characters.


No I am not, as I expressed earlier.

It’s just that Eyedol makes Gargos look like a twerp, which is unfortunate. From a visual standpoint, he looks like the true boss of Killer Instinct, not Gargos and definitely not Aria.

Exactly, VerminatorX. Gargos looks insubstantial.

I’m probably getting carried away – let’s see how they look facing each other in the game.

But the thing is, Gargos was labeled as “complex” when he came out. Personally, I dont find him difficult. Core of his game plan is summonning both minions and wreak havoc. IMO the trickiest thing about him is learning to time your moves with minions attacks, but that`s like all.

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