Eyedol MU: Scublord Report

Ok Webnation, here’s a video from my first match against Eyedol and my God, I was not expecting this kind of match.

Right from the get go, I knew something wasn’t right. By the time I had lost the first life bar, I knew there was no hope for a lowly scrub like myself.

I knew the jumping MP was a ground bounce, what didn’t know was that it left Eyedol safe to throw you and start the cycle all over again.
In the second match, I then discovered that it was also a cross up…

My guess -apart from the fact that Sadira has next to no options against this type of attack without meter- is that while Eyedol just keeps throwing this out, he doesn’t need to worry about changing form.

As you can see from the second match, he had to change to his rushdown form before he could start the onslaught all over again, so the player wasn’t comfortable with zoning me to death and must know that there’s pretty much no way to AA Eyedol when he’s performing this overhead, as Sadira.

I really don’t know what it is that was out of place about this: whether it’s the jump arc, the speed of the jump, the size of the hitbox, the fact that Sadira’s AA :arrow_right:HK won’t/can’t hit Eyedol or if I’m just having the worst day of KI ever. What I do know is that I know people didn’t buy this season to spam overhead ground bounce to win a match.

What has been everyone else’s experience with this?

Has anyone else been a victim of this kind of braindead tactic?

Am I really this bad at the game to not see what to do to get out of this BS set up?

Any and all input is welcome, even the “Git gud” ones. :sweat_smile:


That was hilariously stupid, I’ve never seen anyone “play” like that before.


How do you think I feel? I had to watch that happen to me.

Reminds me of trying to play Soul Calibur online and having to deal with Lizardman players rolling around doing nothing else, or Cervantes shooting at you full screen. Sad reality is that there will always be players who have no skill or pride and just do the bare minimum cheapest tactic to win at all costs.


Oh dear. :neutral_face:

You run into that guy again, just do recluse. It’s a special, and will beat mindless neutral jump+HP clean. Fwd+HK doesn’t hit high very high, which makes timing it against something like what this guy was doing relatively difficult. Recluse is a much better option.


I kind of put it down to this being my luck with this game.

Isn’t EX Flipkick upper body invincible? I don’t play Sadira so that’s a real question. I did see a bunch of holes you could’ve risked a flip kick in. Worst case is scenario is nothing different than what happened.

But yeah, wow, that was stupid. And he TBd you cuz you a scrub not beat mighty single button ahahah!!! (satire, I mean you no disrespect).

This just occurred me, but could backdashing and trying to punish tripguard work? Some characters maybe not, but others maybe so?

I was gona say…no recluse of any kind?

I figured the recluse would flip too quickly, or the few frame of vulnerability would have me lose the meter and some more life bar to boot.

Did you test it in training?

I started to think dashing under, but then I saw it crossed up and I just collapsed at the futility of the effort.

Not shadow recluse. Raw recluse. It’s actually a very good anti-air so long as they aren’t crossing you up.

Thats how Tswagg plays Eyedol and how he played on the reveal stream at Evo. Looks like this guy watching close.

There’s always lots of opportunities to anti-air people who are spamming like that. The man deserved the win. Hand him a medal :wink:

That aside, the main spamming I loathe is fireball spamming, especially when it’s coming from Shago.

Nah, I never tried it out. I don’t play for very long streches and wouldn’t know where to start with practice mode to work on fighting off certain tech.

I know, I can already see you guys facepalming right now. :worried:

I’m just a really mid-low player that tries to perform with the basic mechanics of the game.

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Well…that’s kinda your fault then. If you wanna know how to deal with the BS then you’ll have to train. Otherwise you’ll be stuck in that loop forever. Which will make you quit and never return.


I don’t think it’s a true cross up though, is it? If it is, yeah it needs a little fixing and I now understand why there are so many complants about it already. Bit try as I may, I cannot get it to cross up for the life of me. I could just suck, that’s a possibility.

Props on being real with your skill level! I’m kind of there with you, lower-mid skill level, but I’m all about observation and lab work and problem solving.

That said, next time try Recluse (is that the Flipkick?) and/or backdash>punish.

Yeah, I remeber hearing Adam saying something about that during a stream. I think it might have beeb Shago stream? Well anyway, thanks for that one Tswagg. :grimacing:

But is that Sadira’s only option? If so, what’s the follow up after the hard knockdown?

If I were to jump in, Eyedol would just throw out that DP, then it’s back to square one, where I’d need to regain meter to shadow recluse him.

This is where my train of thought goes during this kind of fight and I wonder what the h€ll other option is there?

Ok, don’t get in that situation, fair enough. I’ll check out how successful the recluse option is.

Heavy recluse does 52 damage by itself. Post that, find something to bait the dp. There are ways.