Eyedol history and introduction?

hello i believe they were saying that Eyedol was killed by Gargos and got his head sliced in 2 peaces? did the new KI cast designers and coders actually follow up to the KI history??? as much as i remember Eyedol had 2 heads not 2… and also was never defeated by Gargos story says that Orchid killed Eyedol

i think that Eyedol new look should get redesigned char play etc is fine the sleeping head etc also fine just the new look should be better… he looks like shrek when did eyedol had a gut??? when was gargos any good to take out eyedol…

This is a reboot. They took things they liked from the old games and discarded what they didn’t. What happened in other games doesn’t matter.

well i think it matters since they used all the chars from original KI and created a new redesigned one… dont think KI with out any of the old cast would have been sucesful to start of with so yea it matters

This KI doesn’t follow the old KI games story, it is its own, unique continuity. I personally think the new Eyedol design is much better than the old one. The only thing about new Eyedol that I am not a huge fan of his him losing to Gargos in a fight, I much prefer the idea of them being equals.

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I believe they were equals… But even in a fight with two of equal strength, one has to fall. I have a funny feeling Gargos may have had some trick up his nonexistent sleeve to be able to one-up Eyedol, especially in such a brutal fashion.


well eyedol was a way harder boss then gargos… and even on new KI eyedol is much more bad ■■■ than gargos even so using one head at a time but when you activate his instinct were his normal self should be gargos dont stand a chance so i dont belive they should be equal one bit id be happy if they at least remove his huge shrek gut…

What is it with you people? We have a classic costume that’s basically as faithful as it could ever be while being something badass and cool instead of horrible-looking, yet you have to complain about the other look the character has?

It’s exactly for those players who wish to have the old look that the classic costume was made… Why still complain about his new look?


It’s hard to say which boss was harder. Honestly I’d probably go with Gargos if for no other reason because in order to beat him you had to land a combo ender for the finish.

As far as Eyedol’s gut goes, give the guy a break. He’s been out of work for nearly 20 years.

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wtf? all the people i know in person who played KI with me 1 and 2 joke of how bad he looks… i know clasic look is there you dont have to point it out… but thats beyond the point i gues you would be happy if jago also had a gut looked like crap and not much like the original? or any other char that you like got all messed up? eyedol has 2 fingers in his feet? the new eyedol is a joke…

gargos was also killed ma friend… possesing other chars after death… you dont se him with a huge gut or anything like that…

If nothing else I can think of one major complaint, though it’s really my only one: The new design changes him from the 2-headed cyclops he once was to an ogre-ish demon that had a really bad day.
Technically he’s not the same kind of creature he was before. It’d be similar to making Riptor a prehistoric bird with the same features & moveset she has now.
On the plus side considering they use the retro outfits as filler characters, it means 2 headed cyclopses still exist in the modern KI cannon.
…maybe Kan-ra can do a body transfer someday…

Gargos was never dead only until jago actually beat him in KI2. Before that the disguised himself as the tiger spirit in KI (where he was mentioned only as the tiger spirit).

In the old KI they seemed to be almost equal. But here gargos clearly (and seems to be confidently) above eyedol.


yeah i gues after you die you just grow limbs like you didnt have before gut its from maggits 20 years stomach was so strong magets still didnt bust open the gut and i gues gargos became a stone after he was killed since he came back fine.

I forgot that reanimated corpses were supposed to be ripped and roided out even after they’ve been dead for a while without any exercise.

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that is just what the coders created. he has 2 heads… 2 heads work better than one… in KI 1 eyedol was never seen like an idiot beat KI 1 with eyedol and they dont make him sound or look stupid when he talking to the lady… and the stages of gargos he looks like a demon with his own castle etc. so if gargos seems smarter its just because they desided to make him look smarter in this game and made eyedol look like an ogre…

Well he is a shadow lord (or was), so their bodies are different from humans. Either that or in this timeline he was always fat.

If two heads were better then one he wouldn’t have got bodied by orchid easily.


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Alright whatever you say amigo