Eyedol Discussion & Poll (unique)

I never played the old KI games, so i have no nostalgia for eyedol what so ever. When i finally figured out who he was, i was terrified. That is the ugliest, dumbest videogame boss ive ever seen. I do NOT want him in the new KI.

I want to get to the bottom of this and find the REAL reason why people like him.

(Just assume the poll says KI1)

  • I played KI2, and i want Eyedol back because of nostalgia.
  • I played KI2, and i want Eyedol back because he is well designed, and is good for the game.
  • I played KI2, and i do not want Eyedol back.
  • I did not play KI2, and i want Eyedol because he is well designed, and is good for the game.
  • I did not play KI2, and i do not want Eyedol back.
  • I dont care. He can come back. Or not. Whatever.
  • Other.

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Please answer the poll, then explain your support or disdain for Eyedol in the comments.


There seem to be a lot of people (or at least a lot of posts) that want him back. So, why not?
It would be odd if he was the only character not included.
I thought he was an interesting character, or at least he could be, were he properly fleshed out.

I want ALL the characters from the old games back. Not only for nostalgia but because I believe that he can be worked with if the effort and patience is there.


And why shouldn’t he be put in just because you don’t like him?


He might not be interested in Eyedol, but he is asking to be enlightened on why people want him in, maybe because he feels it might change his mind…

So why not give him a reason to make him interested in Eyedol, instead of going on the attack…


Way to crap on people’s hopes and desires, good sportsmanship right there.

Kim Wu is one of the most generic characters in gaming history and frankly I hate her design but the devs dusted her off and brought her back because the fans wanted it, Eyedol has fans too. I didn’t walk around saying “I don’t want Kim in KI because I don’t like her!” like a petty little person. It’s pretty selfish to say you don’t want him back because you don’t like him, its a damned fighting game you’re not SUPPOSED to like EVERY character. That’s no excuse to bag on someone elses favorite because you don’t share the attraction.

Also Eyedol is from KI 1, not 2. :unamused:


You can say whatever you want about any character, and so can i. It doesnt mean anything.

The only thing that matters to the actual game is what that character brings to it.

Discussions about what each character brings to the game is what game devs actually find useful. NOT people just saying “Bring him back because i said so.”

I am trying to get those people who keep saying “bring him back because i said so” to STOP saying that and actually say WHY he should be in the game.

Then maybe that can convince others to actually enjoy Eyedol too.

If that is wrong, then sue me.

I never said he shouldnt be put in. I dont see myself as having that much power.

Im just trying to find out why people like him. Is that wrong?

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Please @MrxFlutterShy do not get me mad , eyedol is my favourite character , why would u say they shouldnt put my fav character in the game , its like having cinder as ur favourite character and someone is telling the developers not to put cinder. please i dont wanna get crossed with u please. i want my eyedol back, u have all gotten ur favourites back, i havent gotten mine

So your point still doesn’t make any sense.

If the devs can take all of the old crappy designs and make them play well then there is no reason Eyedol can’t be redesigned to look and function in the new KI. Simply saying “I don’t want this in the game because I don’t like it” is pretty selfish and doesn’t really create any conversation other than why you’re acting in such a way.

A better post would have been “Why do you like Eyedol so much, I don’t really care for his design so tell me what you love about it” instead of “That is the ugliest, dumbest videogame boss ive ever seen. I do NOT want him in the new KI” all that does is insult the very people you’re trying to ask the opinions of.

As to why, why not? He’s a character in a fighting game, you don’t need to justify why your character is your favorite do you? Kim fans didn’t need to explain themselves when petitioning for her admission into the game. Eyedol is cool to some people, its as simple as that.


yes it is wrong, if u werent born in our time it is fine, i was born in eyedol time, thats the character i connected with the most. so u belittling my eyedol, am definitely gonna take it personal wit u

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He’s stupid looking and had 2 moves. I’m sorry but if you can find me an artist that can make a two headed hairy hoofed cyclops from the 90’s look cool i’ll donate all the cash I have to him. On top of that Microsoft and IG seem to agree. He’s just… dumb. And if you take off the nostaligia glasses people will see that. Hell ADAM thinks he’s stupid and doesn’t really want him and he’s the creative director of KI.


What do think an opinion and discussion thread is about?

Dicsuss things. Share your opinion. If you have a good one, then tell me and i might agree.

But dont just refuse to explain yourself.

Just a point of clarity @MrxFlutterShy, Eyedol is in KI 1, not KI 2.


i changed the OP in the only way i could.

you JUST said that me trying to figure out why people like Eyedol is wrong.

Based on that, i dont think there is any point in talking to you.

I didnt play any of the original KIs. The reason I want Eyedol back is because it doesnt feel right leaving out just ONE character! I really want to see what IG can do with him.


You seem to think that the new version of Eyedol would be the exact same as he was back then, he would be redesigned with a fully suite of moves and balanced for the new game. People don’t want a “two move” character to return, they love the idea of Eyedol, they love the character, not his half-assed boss moveset.

EVERY character in the old KI looked like crap, Jago was a plastic “ninja” with random stupid looking slices across all of his clothing that defied gravity, Spinal was LITERALLY a ripoff of the stop motion skeletons from Sinbad, Orchid looked like her breasts were actually bananas under her unitard. How about YOU take off the nostalgia glasses, every KI character looked like ■■■■ back then, don’t single out Eyedol since you don’t like him because I could sit here all day and give you examples of how downright stupid the original designs were.

Give IG and MS some credit they could take Eyedol and make him into something fantastic. The artists for KI managed to take a dozen goofy looking 90s characters and make them into relevant designs, Eyedol would be no different.


Scratch what I said. Even in the 90’s Eyedol was dumb. It was easy to get behind Sterotypical Ninja v.s sterotypical robot, skeleton, dinosaur, Alien. But now you have “Two headed hairy hoofed cyclops” which even on paper sounds bad. It all depends on what Adam thinks is best for KI’s story and brand. And if you remember LCD’s interview with him he almost sighed and explained why he’s just bad lol

And if the community is split 50/50 on the matter I’d bet that IG/Microsoft just skip his inclusion to add things that they know 100% would want. Not just half.

i want Eyedol back but instead of two heads he could have one head like this

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