Eyedol community fund

With recent “events” taking place, it would seem Eyedol’s chances are looking more and more slim. Maybe I am wrong but Gargos seems to be all but confirmed for S3 one way or another since the story seems to downright state he is back. If so, that would mean Eyedol is the only classic KI character not in this game.

So here is my question. If we the community, can raise the money for Eyedol to be created and put into KI, are the good people of IG willing to make him for us?


I’m starting to wonder if Gargos is even going to be playable. I have an odd feeling he is not. Im willing to pitch in for pretty much any funding for KI.

How about we see how the season plays out first? We still have at least 2 spots to fill, how about we make sure he isn’t already in the roster before we start throwing extra cash at the screen.

for sure u can have my moneey at one condition …
dont make him the same drastical changes as tusk :rage: i need to see something from eyedol and nope only the name to make beautifull !
. otherwise nothig :triumph:


I honestly don’t give a ■■■■ about gargos or eyedol. I’d rather see new.


Id definitely support them through a community fund but they should be in the game without it coming to that.

Gargos is playable if you go to the killer instinct wiki page they confirm gargos as playable in season 3.

Maybe he will be an unplayable boss character or something. I personally could live with that but I have a feeling that making him a NPC could be controversial among the community lol I do think he will be in though. Idk if playable or not, but the story heavily implies its Gargos time :smiley:

@darkfoxinvid: I was thinking about that too but IF (IF) IG go ahead and tells us he is not a part of Season 3, we could start raising the money now. I wasn’t around the time Shago was a community fund and have no idea how long it took to raise the money and have him made, but I imagine it took a decent amount of time.

If he isn’t part of the roster, then I will support the fund.

It took us three days to raise the money for the Shago fund.

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Oh that’s it? Lol idk why I was thinking it took months. 3 days? That’s awesome lol

Making him an unplayable boss would be terrible. I’m thankful that trend in fighting games is going away. Why waste effort on making a character if he isn’t playable.


I want Eyedol more than anything but I don’t feel we should have to fund him…

This season should have been the return of all the original cast, I don’t want to see Eyedol come out as a half-assed character with no retro costume, no accessories or some other flaw. He deserves to be a fully featured cast member with all the trimmings, one that has as much thought and effort put in as the rest of the cast, a character that they WANT to put in the game, not a half hearted afterthought lacking quality and passion like Omen.


This, I also don’t think having another community fund for a character would look good on ms or ig’s part. Let’s just wait and see if Eyedol is part of s3’s cast. For all we know he could be playing a bigger role for season 4, granted I prefer to have all the originals this season but if Eyedol can become more than just a playable character, like a boss for season 4 I think it’ll be worth the wait.

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thats true but we dont have choice

Well since season 3 isn’t out yet, we don’t know. So I guess we do have a choice.

lol man what u know about S3*********** ( i dont gonna say the name cause u understand ) im pretty sure its true . cause it came from sure source i know that forum too . thats nope the first time they give out something about a game in devellopement. they have 160.000 members believe me thats serious .
from what i saw the slots was complet. now i dont think they have a place for 1 extra slot for eyedol even if i believe and hope it…
and at this moment the only choice for me thats to pay for it . its a pity but its like that @xCrimsonLegendx

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I would very much like this as well but IF a community fund is the only way we can get the last og KI character in this game, than I would be more than happy to donate. Like you said, it would be great if we get a Season 4 and he is the big bad of it, I would take that and be incredibly happy, but I would love to start a fund for him if that is the only way we are going to get him too

Honestly I don’t care too much about either of them. A new original character is something I would value more. I mean, **** looks very sweet.

Eyedol might be the bonus character of season 3. Omen has failed to take over Jago and he has tasted freedom for a short while. It seems that Omen wants to assure his freedom by slaying his master and he knows who are his deadly nemesis. Omen might possess Eyedol’s body and bring it to face Gargos. I just wanna say take my money IGS, take my money and bring Eyedol back at this KI 2013.


It’s not like they have a team on standby just in case they earn enough money to make Eyedol.
It’s not an issue of money.
The problem is time and allocation of resources. Working on Eyedol would, by necessity, force the delay of something else in the works for S3. I think most players just don’t care about Eyedol enough to justify that sacrifice.

I hope we see Ultimates and Stage Ultras for all stages before they spend time on Eyedol.

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