Eyedol breakdown stream?

Will there be an Eyedol breakdown stream? I do miss me some tender moments…

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There will be a walkthrough during the Saucey Suite in a while. KI’s official twitter will post the link soon.

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It’s 2am here I’ll give them 15 min if they don’t start I’m going to bed

Yeah I just tweeted and asked for a proper time. 8.20 am, getting sunny outside and I need me some rest.

Thank you! I don’t really want to sign up for Twitter…

When is the saucy suite? It’s already 11:22 vegas time.

I’d say maybe in the next half an hour, giving extra time for set ups and everything?

Is that pacific time? If so, it’ll probably start in a few minutes…

probably is, but I wouldn’t take the 11:30 time as a sure thing. Delays are very much possible.

As soon as I get the link I’ll give it to you. Expect in 45 minutes or so.


Very much appreciated!


thanks, looking forward

Well if it’s in 45min in going to bed so hopefully you guys make it viewable later today. Night everyone

I’ve literally been up all night in the UK (luckily I work nights :P)

Get hype!

It’s 2 am here and I’m trying to get my 100 shadow battles achievement while waiting on another stream to start in like another half hour… YOU get hype. :slight_smile:

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So, when is it?

It’s live folks!

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