Eyedol and MY GROWING DISDAIN for Jumping Heavy Punch


What I run into is players that dont spam it and play normal like you would like them too and then when they start to loose control of the match they resort to nothing but Warrior J HP and recaps.

It seems like there is noting you can do once they go ham on the J HP and recap… then pop insticnt and fill the screen with ShDP. It can all happen so fast and game over.


So Shago’s Jumping HP is not a problem anymore? lol. Anyways, I agree. That Jumping HP alone is nothing but trouble.


What were the changes on it again? I forget.


Smaller hitbox, hits three times.


Smaller hitbox? How big was it before? It’s still pretty large now.


I don’t even know. I just know it’s not recapturing nobody on hit cough Eyedol cough


Is that the only recaptuing jumping normal in the game? I know some cause ground bounces, knockdowns, hard knockdowns.


It looks like it.


I see it how Maya’s mantis used to be eligible during back jump

I’m sure it will change sometime in the future.

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Wait… what jumping button recaps?


Oh yeah, for some reason I got it mixed with his overhead recapture. Eyedol’s got like 10000 recaptures and ground bounces.

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Ummm… if by a bajillion you mean two, then why yes, yes he does.

I get that Eyedol’s kinda busted right now, but I really do think people are blowing HOW busted seriously out of proportion, and often out of context as well.

Example being a large majority of complaints about Mage zoning. While being hit with all that lightning and bullshxx, how many of us notice that a stupidly small amount of damage is actually occurring?

He’s made me realize that a lot of people just don’t like when things hit them in fighting games, regardless of what that hit means in the context of a match or scenario.

I am hoping that Warrior gets toned down without being nerfed to uselessness to appease the masses, but that Mage gets brought up to similar level, because I stand by Mage just being hella underwhelming in comparison.

Before anyone does, please tell me again about Mage’s serviceable light buttons that are the same as Warrior and not what anyone is talking about when referring to the individual stances kits. /sarcasm

EDIT: To be fair, though, I’m not on that online grind. Once we factor in lag and rollback or whathaveyou, maybe it is hella worse. Offline though, really not as bad as y’all crack it up to be.

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Well he’s got 3 recaptures and…3 ground bounces.


…HP Uppercut, f.MP, and…??? Am I forgetting one?

Pretty sure there’s more bounces though.
all Clobber (4)
INSX DPs (4)
Mage Meteors (but those are significantly less reliable)


Oh I thought shadow dp recaptured.


Nah, just get the cashout and a bounce. You can recap with one of the others off of the bounce, though. OH recap there is really tight though.


I never did like recapture…


Yep, Eyedol is annoying. Didn’t like him in the original KI, and don’t like him now.

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Thing is, I don’t care for his other shenanigans. It’s just this specific brainless FREE OPTION I stated above lol


Keits confirms on twitter today that there are “two waves of nerfs” coming for Eyedol.

Hope you’re ready, KevBones. Winter is coming.