Eyedol and MY GROWING DISDAIN for Jumping Heavy Punch


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Now hold on, they did say nerf…did they say how bad of a nerf?


He just said “two waves of nerfs”, which probably means a set of nerfs in the next patch, and then a set of nerfs in the patch after. We don’t know what is being changed with him, but if you use your imagination you can probably dream up a list of plausible nerfs.

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I already got a list. Hopefully (though I kinda doubt it) it all happens.

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With the low damage thing on mage, i sorta think mage was built to be the secondary build to feed the warrior. Warrior is so much nastier with those cancels, and spamming projectiles +teleport in mage sets you up for that amd burns the switch countdown pretty good. Sonmakong mage a more permanent and damaging stance I think would go against the original design, which is for one stance to prep for the other


Judging by this tweet

I have a feeling it’s gonna hurt.


Hmmmmmmmm…I’ll be hopefully checking things off my list come crunch time.


It doesn’t work with his DP.


Well that’'s one thing.


May I ask when this nerf will happen because you know the character is broken for 30 days already and more and more people are abusing of it.


While that certainly seems to be the case as of present, considering Mage is good for very little aside from prepping Warrior’s offense, I can’t buy the idea that it’s an intentional part of his design. That has never been true of stance characters (if I’m wrong, please provide an example, because I cannot think of any) that operate their stance-change free of resource. Once we factor in the random element… I really don’t think this is the case. Instead, I think the stances are merely meant to by dynamic shifts in his gameplan, much like any other stance character. Unfortunately, currently, with Warrior as bogus as it is and Mage as pathetic as it is, we have the scenario where his stances amount to Insane and Make Insane Better… but I really can’t get behind the idea that they meant it that way. The cats at IG are pretty ingenuitive, and love to explore uncharted territory, but making half of a character’s purpose to prep the other half without a manual swap-trigger? Until they say otherwise, I’ll have to politely agree to disagree.


It’s not only j.HP. His medium buttons are also a huge absurd in range and effect, he jumps like a frog even being about the same size of aganos and raam, he can rush, his grab have more range (and yes makes a big diference)… and no matter how many times people complain on how all these tools are unfair or OP, people continue to abuse these options to get free wins.

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Unfortunately, people will continue to abuse them until they are patched and no longer so abusive. It’s cheap, sure, but we can’t expect people to use a character and NOT use the stuff that leads to victory with that character. That’s just fighting games.

I’d like to think that soon enough (well, maybe not soon enough) Eyedol will be a real boy, and we can all move on. Until then, damn am I glad my internet sucks. Even if I COULD play Ranked, I’d avoid it until Eyedol gets patched for that very reason.

EDIT: I am one of those goons that REALLY REALLY wants to play Eyedol. But in the meantime, I feel like any dedication to him is a risk of time, because I don’t know how much will change, and I don’t want to develop any habits or strategies that will vanish in a month. I’m so stoked for this nerf-bat. I’ve never been excited for nerfs to a character I enjoy before, it’s a weird feeling.


Yeah, I never blame the player for using a character in a fighting game. That’s totally their choice, because they have been presented to us with the intention to be used. If the character is too strong, then it’s on the devs to make the necessary changes, not the player to stop using them.


Well, i know it’s personal and i do not wanna be an example for anyone or try to blame people. But i would never use a char like Eyedol as it is now for winning on ranked and this is not the first time i take this position, I did the same with k’999 when he was released in KoF arcades. To play an exibition mach with friends for fun, maybe, to chip points in ranked from others, no. But this is my position about it and i do not expect people to think this is or not the right thing to do. :wink:


I’m sorry but season three is just a huge disappointment all these characters do is jump the entire match they jump and do a cross up this game has gone DOWN hill say what you want season one and two will be the best this game will ever get.


That’s what they do in every fighting game. It’s one thing to dislike S3 but you can’t blame it on jumping. They always jump. And if you are not able to stop them from jumping, than maybe fighting games are not the right games for you.

Eyedol’s jump just got nerfed BTW


Why complain about jumping/airborne play and then talk about how good S1 and S2 were? Sadira, Thunder, Maya, Shadow Jago (tehnically a S2 thing)… all these characters spend tons of risk-free time in the air.

You’re welcome to go play other fighting games, but soon you’ll find out just how much jumping is in all of them. KoF14 is the new hotness for some people, and they have four different kinds of jumps, and some of the most powerful mixups involve “spamming” different jumps from different ranges until you get hit or guess with an anti-air.

Just work on your anti-air game.


Let me restate my statement I don’t like the air game of s3 of course all fighting games are going to have jumping in them but what I should’ve said that the big s3 characters hit boxes are so big that u get theses awkward cross ups that shouldn’t hit u but they do and u get opened up anyway u all can’t say that there isn’t some awkward things going on in s3 and that’s what I mean by the like for s1&2 better but of course I’ll continue to play the game and get better at dealing with this stuff just venting my frustration for now no need to tell me to leave KI because it’s not going to happen I’ve been playing this game since the SNES days


Definitely didn’t say you should leave KI. I hope you stick around and enjoy the game. Just that, if you were to experiment with other games, you would find very similar things happening, so games that involve lots of air stuff and lots of weird cross-up situations are actually quite common in the genre (and were also pretty common in S1 and S2 as well, versions of the game you say you liked).