Eyedol and MY GROWING DISDAIN for Jumping Heavy Punch

So I’ve not been one to post a thread yet about anything negative about KI 2013, BUT I’m afraid this week be the first. You see, at launch, I thought eyedol was going to be a difficult characters because of the random changing. However, the changevvariation does not change enough for me to notice.

I really made this post out of frustration because eyedols jumping heavy punch is STUPID GOOD. Regardless of what the IG team said about Nerf’s to this move, I noticed nobody made a post SUFFICIENT ABOUT THIS TOPIC. Here’s why I say this 1) it has a lot of active frames, 2) the hitbox is huge, 3) its plus on block (LIKE REALLY PLUS IN BLOCK) 4) it has an ambiguous cross up, 5) if you air to air it with a light jumping Normal (the quicker normal) you loss unless you read it beforehand, 6) YOU HAVE TO ACCEPT THAT HE CAN MOVE BEFORE YOU AN INFINITE NUMBER OF TIMES.

Now I’m sure there are those ppl who have refutes to my claim. Obviously, some characters have more tools to deal with it on reaction better than others. You have your 3 frame uppercuts and counter (hisako and Kim wu only), but what about anti air normals? Can anti airs beat eyedol jumping heavy punch? NO. eyedols clubs hitbox extends downward which makes it difficult for me to even trade without getting the ground bounce.

There is literally NO REASON for most eyedol players to NOT use this button. Since this character is relatively huge to the cast (not to mention he can cover distance easily by running). the players has NO FEAR of getting anti aired because worse case scenario it’ll end up in a trade that either makes eyedol even with the opponent or slightly less advantageous on wakeup. The ground bounce is another aspect of this move that grinds my gears. Since this button is so plus, WHY CAN HE CONVERT INTO A FULL COMBO!? if I feel like I need to block jumping hard punch. I’m either going to stay blocking and eat the potential mix up or try to escape and get ground bounced into a possible recapture -_-.

I’m really trying to just ignore this button and find ways to defeat it but I can’t consistent make my opponent not use it. I either need to be told I’m wrong and you guys can enlighten me on how to beat it or I’m putting this game on hold until they patch this.


The devs said they will be nerfing it lol.


Is the reason why no one is saying anything. They’re probably waiting to see how it gets nerfed.



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I know, I’m explaining how it makes me feel as a combatant. I trust IG will meditate this error in design.


Trust me, the community understands. There probably hasn’t been a specific topic about it but the complaints are everywhere.


actually, his J.HP counters DPs quite consistently.

It can be timed to hit after the invincibility, but still get the full effects of the ground bounce and counter hit.


EXACTLY. I agree.

I’ve been playing exhibition with some new characters recently, I’ve gotten to the point where I just quit if I have any indication that they’re picking Eyedol, because of this button.

I’ve had multiple instances while playing RAAM where I react to pre-jump frames by popping Instinct, then do my designated upper-body invulnerable special move to anti-air(while he’s still jumping up), and STILL get hit by it.

The button itself isn’t the whole problem. Another big part of the problem is that his jump gets him up and down way too fast. I think his warrior jump should be as floaty as his mage jump is now, while making the mage jump even floatier.


Well, in the meantime, if you want to fight an Eyedol who barely uses it at all, I’m game. :wink:


Watch it get nerfed to the ground. I honestly believe, from the tweets keits has been making, that the move will be trashed soon, not just slightly nerfed.

In any case, I know how you feel. While there are definitely answers to it if it’s spammed brainlessly, if it’s used intelligently (and it doesn’t even require any intelligence, simply don’t get dumb-predictable with it) it’s a damn OP tool.

IMO one of the worst scenarios I’ve seen of an OP tool in KI.

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I acknowledge the move is disproportionately strong and likely deserves the imminent nerfs. That being said…

Hello my name’s Arby and my parry don’t care about your “broke” jumping heavy punch. :sunglasses:


Only in instinct buddy lol


Well eyedol in warrior stance has the fastest jump in the game by a decent margin.

Jump frames it goes

eyedol (warrior)
ARIA and some other characters
floaty characters

Since I’m talking about eyedol might as well mention his overhead once more

Overhead specifics

23f startup
lower body invinvilbiy for a good first part of the move
recaptures ( it’s like +16 or higher)
-1 on block
two hitboxes one appears over his head and the other appears on the ground which covers a large area for both hitboxes
goes roughly 40-45% of the screen

The only drawback to it is…he can’t cancel from it as far as I know. But with everything else going for it…I’d adjust that move. Make it like -10 on block along with removing it’s lower body invincibility.


I’m fairly certain he can cancel this move using his rage charges to make it safe.

It’s super plus on hit, so he can link any strength normal he wants (including a fierce). It doesn’t need to be cancelable, it’s already a combo starter.

I think everyone appreciates your frustration. We are mostly just waiting for the fix to see what happens. Honestly, I don’t like to complain about anything but I am finding Eyedol frustrating beyond just the jumping HP. I find it hard to deal with anything that’s going on when the screen is full of so much junk, which happens a lot with Eyedol. And then along with his constant club pressure in warrior and then his zoning in Mage, it has been hard for me to figure out how to counter things.

We will all sort out Eyedol eventually. But knowing that he has even one broken tool makes it hard to put the rest of them in context and make the effort to sort this out.

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I just want everyone to know that I beat a jump spamming Eyedol last night with Sadira. There was a certain satisfaction about killing him off.

However, I then faced a guy who really knew how to play him and it was… Sad… :sob:

Eyedol makes Sadira cry. Don’t make Sadira cry.

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I know, it’s 16+ at the very least. I’m saying that even if if was cancelable he wouldn’t need to be since it’s safe on block and super advantageous on hit anyway.

Oh and since it’s a medium it’s pretty bad in the priority chain. So there’s that as well.

He can cancel I believe any grounded move with rage cancels.