Extinction the game reviews! Are they correct?

With KI3 aka KI 2013 aka KI reboot or whatever out of the way and barely anybody caring about it, it is now time to move on to Extinction the video game…how does it live up? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=extinction+review+ In my opinion, Iron Galaxy Studios should just work on a sequel to Dive Kick and Capsule Force.

I’d like to see them work on a sequel to Killer Instinct.

As for Extinction, I haven’t played it yet. Looked fun, though the reviews seem to be a bit less than enthused from what I’ve seen thus far. Ah well, I still might give it a try and see what I think.

Ign was a bit relentless. 6.6, “sometimes fun, but you’re not missing anything” :confused:

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Hmmh, I own Dragon’s Dogma and Shadow of the Colossus, why would I need this?

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That’s kind of like asking why you’d need Warcraft 3 versus Starcraft Brood War, or Halo versus Call of Duty, or Diablo 3 versus Path of Exile, etc. They’re the same genre so they have the same basic controls or actions you can do, but, in the end, it’s a different product for people who enjoy the genre.

Yes, but when according to reviewers it has the depth of a puddle, as opposed to dropping your hard earned cash on it, why not play something that offers basically the same in gameplay terms, yet with infinite replay value like Dragon’s Dogma? Why wait for the game to have the actual gameplay in it when it’s already been done and done well before?

Companies seriously need to stop releasing a quarter of a game and saying “but wait! It’ll get better!” The games you listed above are at least complete titles, however there is no way people should be dropping £50 for what is essentially an early access game/tech demo.

Sea of Thieves is beautiful and fun, but there’s no way I’d drop £50 on it until it has some sort of meaningful content, because that’s not a disposable amount of money for me.


Reviews are right. It’s interesting, but it’s fundamentally flawed in terms of feeling lackluster. My biggest gripe was that the cities I’m supposed to be defending and saving feel lifeless, thus making the urgency and immersion feel underwhelming.

It’s not a bad game by any means, but it falls short to engage the gamer in the game and has difficulties attempting to do what Attack on Titan has already done.

It’s sad to say because I genuinely admire IG’s commitment towards game development. Nevertheless, I’m not going to allow my liking for them to blind me of seeing this game for more than a $60 game. I would pay no more than $20 for its current design.

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And I think the game gets boring after about 3ish missions. That’s what I think. Uninstalled… :slight_smile: