Exhibition Search Criteria Needs a Change

Hello everyone, I’ve mentioned this subject before in Weekly Textual streams and other threads, but I feel this needs its own thread to hopefully draw attention from the @developers to make this work better for players of Online Exhibition.

Currently when a player selects Exhibition, the Search function has 2 options.

Minimum rank and Maximum rank desired to play against.

Probably 99% of players ignore this option and just hit “Search for Opponent”.
As a player with Killer rank this doesn’t matter becasue you can not change the Maximum rank desired. But for a Bronze or Silver rank, not changing the search criteria now matches themselves up against Gold and Killer ranks when maybe they aren’t looking to challenge themselves with that level of difficulty yet.
As soon as they are matched against a higher rank…they LEAVE THE MATCH. Therefore wasting their opponents time and their own time. They never change the search criteria, they just keep rolling the dice until they get their desired Ranked opponent. ( I had 4 in a row Leave the match up screen yesterday)

There is a simple fix here (theoretically) … The beginning Search criteria should MATCH your current Rank.
If you are a Bronze ranked player it should look as follows…
Minimum rank - Bronze
Maximum rank - Bronze

If the player wants to branch out to higher or lower tiers, they can change the search criteria. But there is no reason why it should start with maximum always set to Killer.
Instead of changing the search criteria, currently all they do is complain that the game matches them against “Pro players and that it isn’t fair”- " The match making in this game is broken", ect, ect…

@BlitzedKraig @TotalJimkata @rukizzel @CStyles45
Dev team, is there any particular reason why this change can not be made?
Do you feel this change is even necessary?
What are your thoughts on this subject?

I myself am tired of players leaving the match up screen because I have a Killer rank title. When I’m testing out a new character or learning some new tech I don’t necessarily want to fight nothing but Killer ranks all the time, I want to match up against all ranks and levels. If I wanted to fight nothing but high level killers I go to Ranked.

Thanks for everyone’s time and thoughts on this subject.