Exhibition is infested with jerks!

Okay, first off I am really sorry for going about this post with my blood boiling. I normally would have never gone onto forums but this was the last straw, I am so fed up with playing against jerks. I know there is no way to prevent these things from happening but maybe venting a little will help me cool off so here I am.

Okay, so here is how it all goes. I was playing exhibition as usual when I came across a person with the player rank of 30. I chose Aganos because he was a little lower than me and I really want to learn Aganos without getting super competitive. Well unfortunately for me, he picked his level 50 Glacius. Sooooooo you can imagine it got super competitive. The match overall was great and exhilerating, I ended up taking the win because of instinct advantage. Thats… thats where it all starts to suck. I’m listening to music and I hear a faint voice on my TV. I turn it up and its the dude, calling me “trash” :neutral_face:. I swear he could fill a book with the work “trash”. Here is the video

After about 5 minutes of non-stop trash comments, I decided it was time to play my best. Now, before I go into detail I really want to apologize for the amount of taunts you will see me doing :disappointed:. Like I said I am still really agitated and was even more during the match. Anyway, I played really angrily that I ended up losing the match, like a jerk he turns up the insult meter (god I wish you guys could hear him). Second match, I come back by seeing his patterns… here are the videos

THIIIIIIIIS is where I almost went super saiyan :scream:, not only does he insult me using every word from his infamous book of ‘D*ckwad Delux’ but he goes on to tell me I am cheating. He claims I “power” broke his moves which was “impossible” and that he wasn’t pressing buttons whenever I countered him. So, he first frame breaks me almost all the time (mind blowing guesses at this point) and when I counter it, he said I was hacking. He is the last video highlighting what he called “cheating”.


We played a couple more times just because I really wanted him to lose over and over again. Throughout each match I was called: cheater, trash, loser, feminine k9, etc. etc. Normally, I would’ve just let him be and been done with it. But, I was so compelled to explain myself and defending my integrity (like I needed too :unamused:). Nope, he sends some more insulting messages, followed by how he will report me and he has video and that I will be banned for being a cheating loser. Just wow you @^!%#@&&$*^!@#$%#$%^%#@ !!!

Sorry, for this self-indulgent rant. I just get so frustrated with exhibition. It’s either teabagging or a slur of insulting words. It helps to vent sometimes, I think i’m good now after writing all this. It’s hard to find people who are fair and great competitors whenever I do happen to get on. Seems like the only times I get on 1/4 of those players is genuinely really awesome.

Has anyone gone through the same thing, met someone so infuriating it made you go bald from ripping your hair out? Or if not, any funny encounters, or pretty much anything worth mentioning?


Seems to me like the other guy won - after all, you let him get to you. If it ever gets to a point where you feel the need to reply in anger, or even to keep playing until you give him what he deserves, then it’s already too late for you - he’s got you in between his grubby, little fingers at that point… :imp:

Instead of letting that happen, here’s my advice. Ask him, politely, to stop. Let him know that his attitude is not necessary. If he refuses to stop, then don’t give him another fight or opportunity to be a jerk - just leave (and, if he’s rude enough, report him if you have to, but don’t mention it to him to rub it in - that’ll only make things even worse for you). It might seem like you’re running away by doing this, but the truth of the matter is that you’re not - what you’re actually doing is you’re saving yourself a whole lot of aggrevation. You must remember, playing video games is all about having fun 1st, and if you’re not having fun because someone’s not letting you have fun, then it’s always best to remove yourself from them. By doing so, you actually win, because you show them that you’re not going to tolerate that kind of attitude or behavior and that by displaying it, he won’t have anyone to play with (or at least fewer people). Also, by not saying anything and by simply not being there, there’s NOTHING that he can say or do to harm you (and if he spams you with trash messages, then that’s definitely a reportable offense - report him to help get him, and others like him, off of Xbox Live as soon as possible, and then without saying a word to him, move on).

The important thing to always remember is to keep a cool head, and stay rational, which is something you obviously didn’t do. One thing I think you’ve failed to realize is that a lot of players act like this on purpose in order to get you riled up and emotional, which forces you to act out. In doing so, you’re not thinking clearly and will make mistakes that they can use to their advantage against you - it’s basic psychological warfare. If it were me hearing that, I would’ve muted him just before the 2nd fight (I’d go back to character select and mute him there - that way I wouldn’t have to listen to his verbal garbage).

Another thing I’d like to bring up are your clips (and for the record, I didn’t actually watch them - sorry). By your own admission, though, you act pretty rude in turn within the clips, going so far as to even teabag. First, teabagging will get you bodied in a lot of cases, as it takes away from other things you could be doing such as getting into an advantageous position for a setup, like with getting chunks for Aganos, for example. Furthermore, by sharing these clips, where we see you doing these rude gestures and where we can’t hear the excessive taunts of the other players, you’re basically incriminating yourself and making yourself look like a bad player. It’s like having a roommate who’s doing drugs in your apartment, which you don’t want him to be doing, so while he sleeps you steal his drugs, and take it to the police as evidence of his wrongdoing. In doing so, you get arrested for possession - it’s the same concept. Anyone here, if they truly wanted to be a big enough douchebag, can now take your clips and report YOU - AND WITH EVIDENCE, I might add, of your wrongdoing. I don’t know many people who would actually stoop that low, but it’s probably best NOT to give them the ammunition to fire the gun… :gun:

On a final note, there’s a wonderful community of admitttedly high-level players here that I’m sure will be more than happy to play with you without all of the douchebaggery that you might find with random players online. I’m sure they’ll be happy to teach you a thing or 2 in order to improve your game too. I know I’m 1 of them, especially after hearing that you play Aganos (my main man, man). :wink:

Naturally, you don’t have to, but I hope you take my advice into account. If you haven’t already done so, it’s probably also a good idea to read through the Xbox Live Code of Conduct and Terms of Use, which can be found at the very bottom of every xbox.com webpage - it’ll give you a better idea of what’s expected of you and others while using the XBL service. Well, I certainly hope you learned something from this experience - don’t let it bring you down. Let it help elevate you to a higher place where you don’t have to deal with that kind of nonsense - be your Spock to his McCoy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love trash talkers and tea baggers only because it’s funny as hell when they lose and come up with a thousand theories as to why they lost and not one involves them messing up.

To tell you the truth you shouldn’t get pissed you should take what they say or do and channel it into another ■■■ beating.


Every time someone calls me a cheater or a hacker I laugh. One time I fought this Hisako that kept doing her rekka and I kept grabbing her between hits, and the guy kept flipping out saying grabs were unfair, that I was cheating for grabbing so much, that I was garbage and didn’t know how to combo so I just grabbed. Meanwhile I’m just sitting there thinking to myself “if you’ve seen me grab you out of rekka 20 times why do you keep doing rekka???” You’d think he’d realize to stop doing it or to use the heavy version but nope. And it’s not like he was a new player or anything, he was a level 50 killer with a level 50 sako.


Q: Why does the heavy rekka make a difference when it comes to grabs?

This is why I prefer to play Exhibition with friends.

@GalacticGeek great advice dude!


While all your other points are absolutely… errr, on point. This one is the one to focus on. We have a group of growing Shadow Lab players in a couple of threads, and assuming you don’t have the same garbage connection issues as some of us, you could easily play against solid character players like @GalacticGeek himself, @TheNinjaOstrich, @STORM179, @Infilament and so many more. Matter of fact, there’s talk of a lobby sometime next week if you want to join, will try to edit in the link for the topic when I get home.
Last thought, don’t ever respond in kind. A simple polite response to stop or just no response at all is the most ideal way to avoid these kinds of players.

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It comes out faster than the high/low ones so it’ll hit someone mashing grab like I was doing.

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To further clarify, SithLord is talking about the rekka followups (2nd and 3rd hit), not the first hit. Light and medium rekka (2nd and 3rd hit) are low and overhead attacks, but they are much slower and can be interrupted. Heavy rekka (2nd and 3rd hit) are mid attacks, but there is not a big enough gap to interrupt with an attack between each string.

So either you get a high-low mixup and you use light or medium, but risk losing to buttons, or you try to stop people from pressing buttons by using heavy, but don’t get a mixup.

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Heavy rekka is life * kreygasm*

My own personal recommendation TC is to simply go to character select when someone is misusing their microphone or otherwise being super annoying. Character select, mute (start button), and then all of a sudden you’re playing a paragon of good sportsmanship and taste :smirk: :+1:


All I can say is just fight some friends online for a while. With friends, saltiness becomes simple comedy on both sides.


On the original post.

I know the feels. But honestly exhibition has been a mixed bag for me. Lately, playing Shadow Jago learning matches, I got matched against a lot of different people, but the majority of them were real laid back and cool. Other times, I have met some pretty big trolls and jerks online. I won’t lie either, they’ve made me mad salty, but @GalacticGeek is right, you can’t let them ruin the good time for you. This game is for you to have fun, and when you let him get to you like that, he wins. Even if you show him up, at the end, there is no sense of victory or accomplishment in beating these kinds of players, just a sense of emptiness and maybe a little shame too, knowing you lost your temper to something so trivial, and you let someone like that ruin your fun.

We’ve all felt this from time to time, and sometimes you have those bad days. You just gotta remember that when you see someone like this, leave as soon as possible. Recognize them for who they are and leave as quick as you can. I admit I’ve let my own hotheaded nature get the better of me from time to time, and it always feels like a loss, even when I win. Now, if I get matched against a troll player who’s out to aggravate, win or lose, I always leave on the first fight. It stings the pride a little bit, but it heals much more quickly than if you message them in anger or anything like that.

That said though, we’re human, and we all make mistakes. We just have to learn from them and move on, and maybe after playing someone like that, you may have a better idea to approach the situation should it happen again.

Also, there are plenty of big players who will play on here with you should you ever want to match up and spar or learn. I will say this, if you want to learn Aganos, look up Leo Ferris. He’s a bit of an Aganos expert.

But no, you’re not alone in what happened. We’ve all probably reacted poorly in some instances too, I know I have on a few occasions. I won’t name names or anything, but I will say it’s happened. Over the years, I’ve just learned though, it’s best to let it go before it’s blown out of proportion.


Honestly wish the devs would just disable the down button after and in between matches.

There is also something to be said about “I’m awesome” (self promoting)- style taunts (aganos, sabre Wolf, shadow jago, glacius)


“Bring it on!” (coaxing, threatening) style taunts (hisako, thunder, riptor)

Versus (the worst kind, morally and sportsmanly)

“f√©k you”- (bring the other person down/insult them) - style taunts (fulgore, jago, the, aria, cinder etc)

Honestly as soon as I see a tea bag of malicious taunt, I stop playing, wait for them to finish their round and go block them. After like 4-5 blocks I rarely play poor sports, and I know I never have to deal with them again.


This happens to me every time I get on exhibition and ranked. It never fails…there is always those 1-2 guys that ruin it for everyone!

GG is right…he won because he got to you…but I’m with you, I cant control how angry I get at these people either.

Ive always said…"If it were in an arcade, face to face, they would never act like this or even speak.
Cowards that hide behind the internet.

I hate to say this, but the best thing to do while playing online against someone you do not know…
And do this before its too late… because once its too late and they have static noise coming through or there volume is so loud it echos…its too late.


“Power Break”? Man alive, that’s hilarious. What’s next, “Omni-Doubles”?

OP: Sounds like you could use some cordial players on your friend’s list. Feel free to add me. :smile:


I’m going to start an ultra thread labelled “the world is full of jerks.” Everyone could then vent their frustrations there and read all the same comments so we don’t have ten of these threads going at once.

As far as I’m concerned, the only mistake the OP made was not just turning his volume back down. Don’t feed the troll - it’s not worth it. No question, the guy is a jerk. It’s really sad that he would be that upset over losing.

As others have said, play in exhibition and then if you encounter a jerk, leave as soon as possible. Not because you can’t deal with the jerk, but so you can find someone cool to play with. When you find someone cool, immediately add them to your friends list. In no time at all you should have a pool of cool people to play with and not need to deal with anonymous jerks.


The reason I liked your post is not because I liked what your opponent did, but because I can understand to an extent the frustration you’re going through. As a player with no vision, I face people who I consider cheap or just down right annoying. In fact, for those who know me from the Season 2 forums, my first post (or thereabouts) was a rant on a similar level to yours. I’d picked up the game just before Mortal Kombat X came out and started playing online after spending time with the game in CPU battles etc. However, I got to a point where I just didn’t know what to do (do I carry on fighting or do I just give up.) This was a time before the HUD sounds for KV and Shadow meter etc, which I actually suggested in the first place as solutions to the problems I was having, but I resolved to carry on facing players I didn’t think I could win against (and still do to this day). I try and fight fairly and keep getting opened by the same jumping kick with Fulgore that if I could do it I’d use it myself, for example and yet, I still keep fighting on even if it’s just to get the Killer achievement and not touch rank until a reset option is available.

If you want a fight, please feel free to let me know and we can arrange it. It’d be good to fight with an opponent who understands frustration (and tries not to cause it, from what I can gather from reading your post).

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Oh god :cry:

I did try to tell him that he needed to learn the mechanics but now that I read it back, it sounds really aggressive and taunt worthy…

I should have submitted a report in that case. I was really aggravated so I wasn’t thinking clearly. But you are right either way I did lose this scenario because I let him get the better of me and I shouldnt have considering the type of player he was.

I know! but I get really into it during the game and well fight fire with fire. Now that I look back, I should have just muted him, played him a couple times to enjoy the fight rather than become consumed by my own rage to a point where I ended up here venting it all in a hate-filled rant. :pensive:

Hold on now I never teabagged him. I dont like teabagging unless I am really provoked and I do it off to the side but rarely. I just taunted a bunch which is still bad mind you but not as extreme. Also, if you didnt watch the clips you should digress from making bold statements. But I value your point and agree it was pretty rude of me, I guess I just wanted to prove my innocence and maybe even see if it was him cheating in the end which make him so quick to turn the gun on me.

Agreed after watching the videos over again I really look like the jerk. Had the audio been there then it would have been justified to an extent of my excessive taunting. But without the audio it just looks like I asked for it. Saying something rather than providing substantial evidence doesnt go that far nowadays so I will take it as is. I did overract because I was extremely aggravated but I was pushed far in my defense. There is literally nothing in the clips that can ration a ban though, nothing in the terms and agreements states otherwise. I actually read the entire thing! :relaxed: Even in the messages I strayed from insulting him even though my messages look agressive to me now than they did yesterday but overall I kept a cool head in that department.

True enough, my bad encounters stem from random encounters. Like others have stated playing with friends is the way to go. Also, I find aganos cute but I don’t think he is that good, he is really slow for his doubles and his damage payoff doesnt come from combos as much as it comes from his one-hitters. Still I do like him.

Like any incidence I will learn and value whatever I failed to grasp with a clouded vision. Thanks for taking the time to respond. I will certainly value your opinions and take them into heavy consideration when a match crosses a similar road.
I dont get that reference :laughing: lol

Say what!? …it’s Star Trek… :pensive:

How about… be your Luke to his Han. :wink:
…or if you’re truly young, how about… be your Obi-Wan to his Anakin. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
… or your Doctor to his Daelek. :stuck_out_tongue:

…please tell me you get at least 1 of these references…

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