Exclusive Xbox Guests

If u read instead of assume I said it was not a ORIGINAL ip which it wasn’t it was epic games creation and they bought the franchise

Who said they weren’t?

So what, Cinder is a compilation of an annoying cocky American antagonist. Don’t see how the opposite can’t be added.

i dont like cinder (perosonality), i dont like deadpool, the latter i feel is when manga humor meets comics. But hey, theres 19 characters and one will have a personality that annoys you and thats fine, not everyone should be the cool dude that never smiles. But unlike the Scalebound guy cinder doesnt look boring.

Just FYI, Microsoft does own the Scalebound IP (Platinum is just making it as it was a game Kamiya wanted to make) and Gears IP (originally it was Epic’s IP and MS bought it).

You have just been informed.

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Speak for yourself, a lot of people hated Cinders design and still do to this day. The only reason they aren’t as vocal anymore is because his retro costume is pretty faithful to his old design.

i only speak for myself. i dont think cinders design is great either, but compared to a teenie with headphones?

PS: i’m not a fan of regular human designs. Jago… meh TJ… boring Orchid… boring Thunder… boring. I like that there is a balance between humans and non humans, im not asking to not do humans anymore, but they will always be my least favorites. But even then, the mos boring character right now TJ combo is 10x better than the scalebound guy IMO.

Heck no. NO MORE GUESTS. I want the next characters from here on out to be new and native KI characters,

Let’s pull the MKX which has almost nothing but guests in it’s upcoming pack.

Personal opinion, but I don’t see anything wrong with guest characters provided that they fit the game & they don’t overshadow the main cast. At this point I don’t think that’s going to happen…KI’s been going strong for over 2 years so people know where the main focus is…It’s with Jago & Fulgore & Maya, Orchid, etc. Same goes for MKX…Mortal Kombat has been going so strongly their number of guests, even with the amount they have in the new one, is just a drop in the bucket compared to the entire MK character roster. Not only that, but there are full games where guest characters are the main feature that nobody complains about, like the MVC games, Street Fighter X Tekken, etc. & who knows where this might lead…maybe, though unlikely, Like with MK vs DC gave us Injustice, KI may be a jumping-off point to a Halo fighting game…I mean it’s doubtful, but if nothing else it’ll draw in new blood that will fall in love with KI for what it is & will continue to support sequels after the guests are just a pleasant memory.

And then they put scorpion in injustice. * facepalm *

characters that will come:

Master Chief. They teased him as they said there is a reason they picked CHIEF Thunder in Arbi’s trailer.

Skorge. Because he just fits. He is going to get shown at the gears finals in April together with…

…a Carmine sibling. Maximilian tweeted he had to laugh very hard when seeing what we will see in the future. The Carmines were always some slapstick characters. There are 4 brothers: Clayton, Athony, Benjamin and an unknown one who was pulled into the KI dimension somehow. His Trailer and moveset will include some silly humor. 3rd stage will be gears related.

Mark my words

The reason was either simply because of the wordplay (chief) or to show how big the arbiter is.

EDIT: Adam likes this comment so I assume im right.

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My problem is more guests will come and I’d much rather just have them develop more new KI characters over guests in edition. I think we have enough star power already with KI’s guests.

I am glad MC got de-confirmed. Although my theory about him is wrong I think he wouldn’t fit anyway. But Skorge and Carmine are coming 100% :wink:

The focus of characters are the story mode and we’ll leave the masses enjoying guest characters to online play because that’s what everyone worries about is how many ppl play online

Words not marked

Oh no… are people actually asking for more guests now…?
This bums me out :frowning:

Not trying to pick fights or anything, just stating my thoughts on this…
But of course I was against guests to begin with.

Think Rash kinda fits in, but not completely.

Arbiter… not so much… I mean, it’s a cool character and they did a great job from what we’ve seen, but he feels misplaced

But most important of all… why do people keep asking for the most bland guests?
Johnna Dark has nothing that ANY other female protagonist doesn’t have… and frankly she’s just a less edgy Orchid :frowning:

And Banjo, Kazooie, Conker and Kameo are all great characters, but they’re pretty much cartoons (style and feel)… they would fit even less in than normal out of place guests.

When people were asking a lot about Arbiter I at least got it… it’s a different and nontypical character
A Battletoad… same story
Spawn… again…

Marcus for example is different looking sure, but he’s just a caricature, steroid, army dude, and even his design shows that and nothing more…

Every single normal human character in KI has more personality than most of these suggestions.

Sorry if I sound rude or negative, I’m just trying to get what/why people want all this, and I’m looking for feedback to better understand.
Maybe I’ll even be converted after a good discussion, although I highly doubt it

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not really selling out…but I feel like more people woyld appreciate it if they made new characters or bring back the rest…keeping it Ki if u will

Still want someone from Clay Fighter (Frosty or Hoppy). Heck if we could even get someone from KOF that would be sick. But that won’t happen. All the Microsoft IPs aren’t appealing, especially since they are mainly shooters.

I’d rather just have new characters made by the team, they already made some really great characters like Aganos, Hisako, Shago, etc. Just make another character over guests.

I want to see Skorge, Joanna Dark, and Freia and/or Edgar (Phantom Dust) added eventually. I feel like all of them could fit in perfectly.

As for what Joanna could bring to the table, perhaps she’s field testing new gadgets and advanced armor to fight UltraTech’s creations. It’s similar to what C Viper was doing with her Battle Suit in Street Fighter. Of course, Joanna would also need a gun or two with multiple functions as an homage to her roots.