Exclusive Xbox Guests

now that we have 2 exclusive guests why dont KI go for more blockbuster guests like the scalebound guy or gears of war character(grenadier) or maybe jo dark who knows but hopefully we get a full scale range of guests 4 like MKX.

getting too crazy may be “selling out”.

I understand the pros of doing it, but i would much rather the characters be chosen based on what they ADD to the game with their playstyle.


I don’t think Scalebound is a Microsoft IP. It’s a platinum games thing. Gears of War and Joanna work though. I’m still hoping for Banjo or Conker. Also how can they sell out to themselves??

Sort of off topic, but I thought I recognized your name. I fought you in Killer!

Anywho, my number one pic for any more Microsoft reps is definitely Kameo, one of the characters from Scalebound, and of course…Steve from Minecraft :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I’m kidding. With the Arbiter and Rash already in, I’d like to see the human GOW characters show up. Marcus is the easy choice, but I’d love Baird or Cole.

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But being an exclusive, couldn’t they borrow it for an appearance?

no its a xbox exclusive gears isnt a microsoft ip either at first

i dont see how either character couldnt add anything unique to the game tbh

Didn’t Microsoft buy gears ip from EPIC?

yes, so for me the character related to microsoft, perfect fit for the KI universe is SKORGE from gears.
There’s no better man (beast) :smile:

I’d like to see RAAM to be honest, with knife combos and krill shield and projectile mechanics

It is.

10000000000000x no for the scalebound character. I am hyped for the game but that character is just a compilation of stuff that annoys me. I dont mind him in scalebound but don’t bring him to KI. He is too much of a japanese style protagonist which makes sense but I dont like anything about it. Especially the humor is terrible with such character. One of the reasons I dont watch anime os the aweful childish humor.

Yes it was never a original ms ip

I see what u mean I guess the only alternative is jo dark or maybe bloodrayne however that could happen the next guest should be gears tho

I can’t understand how ppl like that dull boring Marcus like every time I die by a Marcus in gow3 I get infuriated just because how stupid and stocky he looks if there was how character I would love raam or grenadiers

Yes, but now it is

A Killer Instinct character with a pet dragon…that sounds so season 3… :wink:



Still hoping for Skorge. Will play him undoubtedly.


Gears was a MS IP thats why it was only for XBOX

Gears of War and Perfect Dark are still “Xbox” guests. lol

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