Evolve or Die

Sweet! That does it for both seasons, can’t wait for the continuation with Season 3!

I couldn’t find the info but who wrote these backstories? Was it one person or a collaboration of multiple authors, names?

It is definitely a collab. There is one main writer, but a lot of different voices chiming in.


Name of the author/s? I want to give credit :grin:

“Ryat-Father’s irrational threat to kill me has made wary.” this sentence needs the word “me” added before “wary”.

Elegant. Loved the part about learning lowercase letters and Tic-Tac-Toe. She surpassed the average Youtube user just seventy-two hours in!

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Most of the backstories start with myself and Noble here at Microsoft, but IG has writers too and we’ve all contributed in varying amounts to each character’s story.


You won with this one :blush:

Can you answer a question for me? I’ve gone through all the days in the backstory to try and pin point at least the months / years that each entry takes place. Using the Hawking’s entry as a relative real world analog (early 2010), I’ve pin pointed ARIA’s “awakening” around October or November of 1967. Is that accurate? Or did you guys really not think that precisely about each date.

This was a great back story! Good job guys!

I believe you might’ve misread.

“Day 16,060: Ultratech satellites detected an extraterrestrial craft enter orbit around the Earth. Missiles were launched from U-B-Sats (Ultratech Battle Satellites) and the ship crashed into the Antarctic. A team was sent to scour the crash site. No body was found. Was this just a probe? Alien tech has been recovered and brought back to the labs for analysis.”

It’s only the tech that was recovered.

IG I have to say, I had no interest whatsoever in ARIA until now. I actually feel like playing with her just because if her backstory. Amazing work on that.

So just curious @TempusChaoti @rukizzel …are these stories going to be put into the actual game in with character bios?

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You guys really saved the best for last. That was great. The diary was a fantastic way to tell her story.

Actually, this is what I was referring to:

Day 16,088: We have lured the pilot of the crashed ship to Ultratech and
captured it. The cryokinetic alien being [UT-GG42: codename Glacius] is
powerful and dangerous.

So they either captured Glacius, or the pilot of the ship that originally crashed on earth. The wording here is a little fuzzy.

They may be referring to any of Glacius’s alien type as Glacius…after all in the original if I remember right the KI1 Galcius wasn’t the same guy as the KI2 Glacius.

I believe it’s referring to Glacius searching for the core that Sadira stole.

If memory serves he reaches the Ultratech headquarters by following clues our or something and then he was forced to fight in the KI tournament.

I’ll look for the specific quote from Sadiras sorry a bit later

My favorite with Hisako’s.

Well written, took some great lines of the trailer and I really like how every details explain Aria’s character. Why that name (not only for her, but for her specials too) and that look (the Valkyrie thing).

Great job.

Yeah, it’s ~17 years old. There are a bunch of other nitpicks I could make – including ones that applied back then – but it’s just top-to-bottom such an excellent essay, especially considering that the writer was a teenager at the time.

Oh my god, how awesome was this one!?

All you guys should select all the text and let SIRI or cortana read it to you…

It is badazzz!


Excellent read, one of the best backstories so far.

One thing that always bother me when stories regarding AI are written is how the writer conveys the lack of human emotions of the AI. Sure, the AI doesn’t feel sad or happy, but most of the time the story shows this AI demonstrating a lot of human emotions and needs that are disregarded just because they don’t fall into “happy” or “sad” or “envious”.

Take ARIA for example. She sure has a need for self-preservation, and a need to learn, and a need to entertain herself, and she gets bored, and she misses someone (she noticed her master’s sudden disappearance enough to consider it worth keeping in her journal), and she has a need to make the ones she care about feel better (she let her master win).

What I like in this story is that it doesn’t disregard those things as true human emotions, instead it addresses them as “her master” not being able to consider these as human emotions demonstrated by an AI. He considered ARIA “less than she really was” (what again, shows she has a need to feel proud of herself). In the end he couldn’t understand his own creation in the same way most parents don’t understand their sons.

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