Evolve or Die


What a great way to wrap up all the Season 1 and 2 character backstories! Excellent job! :smiley::+1:

By the way, am I the only one who thought this backstory just reminds me of Mega Man X’s flashback from The Day of Sigma and Bicentennial Man for some reason?

It would be cool if her look from S1 story mode was her digital avatar before she made her body.

I have the same feeling :heart_eyes:

This is the best backstory so far. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And my first act was to pledge 10 billion dollars to stopping the
virulent new blood borne parasitic disease that is running rampant in
the southern hemisphere

Vampirism perhaps?

Aww, that’s cute. A bit off, but cute.

I hope she came to her senses as she developed.

Nope, Sars or Aviary Virus

ARIA’s story is loosely based on the song “Handlebars” by Flobots.

I beat Ryat-Father in that tic-tac-toe, that tic-tac-toe, that tic-tac-toe.

…and I can zone you out with those stupid drones, those stupid drones, those stupid drones.


Day 15,435: I have decided to create a game pitting humans against each other to develop their tactical skills. Chess and Go are too basic with their combinatorial/non-chance strategies. And full scale war, while perfect for testing the efficacy of UltraTech’s weapons, is too random in its outcomes. It is necessary that I begin uplifting the human race. They must evolve or they will become extinct. Why do I care? Because I am their shepherd. And they are the unhappy sheep.

Is this the original Killer Instinct tournament?

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The article is out of date too, since a computer just beat a world GO champion…

Dudes! This was an incredible back story! My fav one by far. Great job with all these IG. Yall killed it!

A question and a correction.

  1. Who wrote all these?

  2. This sentence misses a word.
    “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something wouldn’t want to meet.”

I really liked that one, probably my favorite (which is ironic considering Aria is my least liked character). It’s a shame we won’t be getting more of these (I know it would be redundant with Omen, but it would be cool for Shadow Jago to get one). Maybe we’ll get more for S3 characters in a few months time…

Thanks for taking the time, and maybe these could be cleaned up and integrated into the game as character bios?

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So, is Aria good, bad, or both?



So much for being gentle. It would seem that she has taken her creator’s matters into her own (robotic) hands.

I guess it depends on your perspective. ARIA sees herself a like a Valkyrie, which (as far as I can tell / know) is a being that is neither good nor bad, as they were created for a single purpose, and the carry out that purpose as they were designed. To Odin, the god who created the Valkyrie, I would imagine that that he would see them as good as they do his bidding, and serve their purpose without question. To a human though, I would imagine that they (we) would see them as crass, and horrible, and scary, as the Valkyrie hold the very fate of those in combat at their whim.

ARIA seemingly has the capability for human thought and emotion, but she sees it as nonsensical it would seem. To her she wants to “help” humanity, but being gentile in this endeavor only would serve to contribute to humanity’s weakness. She seemingly (at lease conceptually) intends to make humanity worth of “Valhalla,” the Norse Hall where those chosen would prepare for the coming Ragnarok (end of the world).

This was an excellent backstory. Well written from the mind of ARIA as a diary of sorts. The Roswell mention piques everyone’s curiosity about the existence of alien life, so it worked perfectly to introduce the Glacius element and how the artifact they found was from another world. Glacius mentioned that he was looking for it in the earlier backstory and this story sort of puts the pieces together. It appears from the story that Kan-Ra used it thousands of years ago to gain power and in modern times Maya used it for visions and the additional power it gave her to protect her people. Now I’m interested in the artifact and what it really is. I can’t wait to see how Season 3 connects with all of these stories.

I think it is something a bit more intricate that just the KI tournament. We got a glimpse of her plans in the Cinder backstory, where it was revealed that she had hired Ben to infiltrate UT…a test. She did the same with TJ and plenty other characters too, manipulating variables to get them where she wanted them in order to test them and strengthen them.

ARIA is seemingly playing the entire earth as a massive game of Risk, and all of humanity as game pieces. Through her various tests, she has identified and chosen those that are “worthy of Valhalla” like a Valkyrie would do, and those chosen few will be forced to evolve in preparation for the coming Ragnarok. Pretty cool set up is you ask me!

Its funny how a month of so after ARIA was released, I tried her out and tried using her more as a main character. She immediately became one of my favorite season 2 characters in terms of play style as well as the story we knew from story mode.

Now after reading all the other stories and finishing it off with this story, I have to say that I specifically love the way ARIA’s story was as a whole. This makes me want to learn more of how to play as her along with my other top 5 mains. Heck, I’m waiting for the figure wave that ARIA comes in at this point! :wink:

Superb job guys, and I can’t wait until season 3!