Evolve or Die

The Stephen Hawking reference was kinda interesting…what with him actually speaking up about AI recently.

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OMG this was the BEST put together backstory yet!!! WOWOWOWOW I really, really loved it!!!

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I could imagine ARIA as something that cannot be beaten at anything, even at fighting.

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Interesting method of writing, a better sight into Aria’s background.
Haven’t finished reading yet, just had to come by and quote something. Also, why Ryat-Father? Was there a need to separate him and identify him among a group of people also referred to in the same way?

EDIT:- Finished reading the story, probably the first time during a backstory I’ve anxiously kept looking at the page’s scroll bar hoping it wouldn’t reach the bottom too fast. And I’m really sad she stopped the journal, this way of gaining insight into Aria was delightful.

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I think it was to show that Aria was like a daughter to Ryat. Ryat was sad for Aria as she lacked feelings.

Oh oh oh, found it! Stephen Hawking quote. :smiley:

You misunderstand my question. I know the “AI is like a child to the creator” theme, my question was why use his first name along with Father, as if there was a need to distinguish between him and another.

it would be cool to see him read this and comment about it. could an AI feel pride?, Anger? betrayal? but not joy empathy. it certaintly sounds like Aria cared a about Ryatt at least before she read his journal and got angry.

i think its actually aria way of looking at Ryatt. think of it like looking at a computer. like a model name and its model number. aria acknowled him as Ryatt but attached to his name is something more personal to ARIA…at least thats how i see it

Man, that was awesome. The sheer level of knowledge on a variety of subjects, the small references, and the overall evolution from both her speech to her understanding of the world… That was really cool read.

Honestly, you can almost see why she arrived at the conclusion she did, and how being an AI with coding and tasks trumps any sense of human morals, and why ryat was so dismayed by his ultimate failure.

I’m really kind of curious about some of the items mentioned, like the marble that ryat found, the thing ARIA’s supposed to find when she reaches her peak, and what ryat’s humanitarian efforts in Africa involved.

It’s sad that these are over, at least for now, but seeing how these backgrounds have evolved from the earlier stories with Jago and Sabrewulf and what not, it really makes me wonder how those would look if written today, and if you guys would ever consider expanding upon them.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the older backgrounds at all, it’s just that they seemed to get bigger and more detailed as they went on. They’re all so great, can you blame me for wanting more? :slightly_smiling:

I know that likely (almost assuredly) won’t happen, and that’s fine. Totally fine. I still hope that these end up in the game somehow in some sort of dossier, as I really think they deserve it. Really… Thanks for doing this. They were awesome, and I really enjoyed them!


Aria sees Ryat as her father. THat is probably why

I actually just saw Ex Machina over the weekend, so the Turing Test and the interaction between man and machine and the moral implications of AI and what to think of a character like this… Perfect timing. This was great!

this backstory reminds me of the fact core from Portal 2.

Anyway ARIA was created by alien tech and recordings from the brain of Ryat’s wife, right?

That was awesome. They’ve all been awesome. I hope they’ll do these for the Season 3 characters. That would be fantastic :heart_eyes:

my point is, wouldn’t just calling him Father be enough then?

Fantastic! That was the best ever KI manifestation. So great.

That was awesome. ARIA was already on her way to being one of my favorites and this furthered that even more, she is an awesome character.

I believe she is going to be the the trump card against Gargos and his forces. Or at least I hope she is, I am not saying I want her to be a hero character, I like her “grey area” thing she has going on, but I want to see her be the one to save the day in a sense lol

Mix of machine and human traits?

Until a better explanation comes up, I guess.

What if Ryat simply programmed her to refer to him as such for his own personal reasons?

Absolutely the best one. You guys really made her a sympathetic villain with this. She has the potential to not even be a bad guy anymore, depending on what actually transpires in S3.

Way back before the game launched, there was an art book that came out. It’d be beyond awesome to see some kind of Showcase book with all the new character art, as well as these backstories. Just having them in print would be especially cool.