Evolve or Die


very interesting backstory about her :astonished:

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So… am I - a non-Halo player - the only one who noticed the Halo reference in her backstory?

…and, therefore, canonizing Arbiter into the KI lore?

Where did you see it?

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I didn’t see it. If only I could see it. Were it so easy…

Hypothesis: it is a Dyson-swarm type construct used to harness the energy from the star and created by sentient beings that are billions of years ahead of Earth.



Bingo! That’s the Halo ring.


I never really cared so much about Aria, but after reading her backstory I got very interested on her psychology (if we can it this way). Time to train with another char :confused:

Good luck. She is very execution heavy. That’s why it has taken this long for Sleep and ZeroMayCry to become proficient with her in tournaments.

Eh, not quite. A Dyson swarm can be deployed in a ring, but doesn’t have to be, and in any case is a far larger megastructure (comprised of a bunch of smaller, discreet constructs) than a Halo ring. A dyson ring actually encompasses a star, literally circling all the way around it. The ring in Halo had a 10,000km diameter - our Sun’s is 1.39 million km.

Not saying the Forerunners couldn’t have made some type of Dyson construct (they engineered whole solar systems after all in the expanded universe), but a Halo ring isn’t really a Dyson contruct.

Yes, I am a nerd :slightly_smiling:

If you’re interested, you can read more about Dyson constructs (sphere, ring, etc) here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyson_sphere#Dyson_swarm


Best written back story yet, great read

Well, like I said before, I’m not a Halo-player nor am I a “nerd” :slight_smile: But that entry in her diary sounded very suspicious to me, like it was referring to something or another character. I looked it up in Wikipedia, via the same page you sent me (though I didn’t read it thoroughly) and went immediately here:

That’s where I found the Halo reference and immediately presumed that sentence was a nod to Halo and the Arbiter. I don’t think much accuracy is needed when it’s a mere nod. In any case, you may very well be right and that Dyson swarm is not the “Halo ring” (again, I’m very unfamiliar with the game series) but it could be a structure developed by those Forerunners, like you said. Whatever the case, I’m pretty sure it’s a Halo reference. But @rukizzel could confirm it :wink:



Wonderful read. Definitely my fav charcter along with Sadira. I just hope she doesn’t lose to the good guys. But if she has to lose make it against gargos (but she kills him in the process). If she must go please do it in a blaze of glory. BUT if she does prosper definitly needs to be the “hero” of the story. She’s just way to awesome and badass to let go.

I for one would totally let ARIA run the world. 100% faith. Need more ARIA and Sadira please.

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Robo booty is best booty.


To see the world in a grain of sand
And heaven in a wild flower
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand
And eternity in an hour

Props for the Blake reference! I’m sure Aria by now has cleansed her doors of perception and everything appears to her as it is: infinite. Now humanity must see!

Great backstory, contender for best backstory. Will read again.

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ARIA for Savior of the world!

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This is actually a question since I’m having a hard time finding all the back stories.

Is there any possible chance to have the character backstories linked on the character bios in the characters part of the website?

In regards to Aria.

She’s a Valkyrie, ready to take on Ragnarok (Gargos). So Hype.

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So I reread her journals. My god, I found out more then I did the first time. She truly is a wonderful piece of work. Let’s outline some stuff here:

-Her bodies right now are her prototype bodies so that means her full power is still “under wraps”.

  • She was created from glacius’ tech. That was stolen from his race to save humanity.
    Glacius is salty that humans got a hold of theri AI stuff and used it to save themselves (screw you glacius, ARIA is awesome, you can’t have her destroyed or back)
    -She made copies of herself and hidden throughout the world. So she will always be around, in one way or another. And this is well in advance. This was what…10 years to the present day? If not longer?
  • She has a place for humanity in her robo heart. She is self aware. I mean she could wake up tomorrow and go “pft…humanity…waste of time.” and completely enslave the earth if she wanted.
  • She’s not happy with ryat from hiding her origins and that ryat was scared of her.
    -she saw threats (the return of gargos) before anyone else.
    -unknown if she understands the concept of love

Again, very well written story. I love it. Cool thing too is…despite being fictional this could happen one day. We could have our very own ARIA. I would love that.