Evo 2017

the only thing i can think of is a PS1 emulator in which you can get Street fighter EX plus A and Street fighter EX 2 plus

EX 2 is often considered the best of the EX games :slight_smile:

I’m in the same boat…I barely even knew there was a 3D SF game prior to SF4, and thought they were intentionally keeping away from 3D graphics because the technology wasn’t quite there to make a “good” SF game.
I did end up somehow with a SF EX+a for PSx in a bundle of PSX games I got somewhere, but never really played it because it felt clunky and looked bad.

Does he now? :smirk:

EVO is happening this friday ! lets bring the hype!

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Rwby fighter to be announced at the event.

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ya know, i tried playin guilty gear xrd rev 2 online few weeks ago and there was literally 1 ■■■■■■■ around. me. yet there it is for evo, carried by its popularity from overseas. KI, no show. i get matches within 1 or 2 minute all day everyday

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I don’t really want to run down other games, but without KI I have zero interest in EVO. SFV bores me right now and most of the other games I don’t care to watch tournament footage for.


Ki will be at evo its just not a main. Cvs2 will be at evo and its not a main. Who cares if its not it will ne there regardless if you cry or not.

Its there. And you guys focus too much on the main.

so youre crying that we’re crying, and im pretty sure youre gonna keep cryin after reading this

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I am not that interested in the tournaments at EVO (Guilty gear and UMVC3 i will unless Chris-G is there) i just want to hear the announcements and footage for EX fighting layer, Dragon Ball Fighters Z, and whatever else is announced

Oh don’t worry their wll be Arika even confirmed it.

Nope. You are.

I more into the announcements than the tournaments but if i watch one its gonna be from animeevo.

I know but i want to see whats new (if there is anything new to the build) even if there aint I am still pumped to see more gameplay

the first stage is denial

Nope. Cause im not complaining.

What are you excited for?

Right and so these games that are not on the main are going to be streamed on the Evo channel? Why should I be any more or less excited for fan organized tournaments taking place in the hallways near EVO than for events held the same day as Evo in a 4H club in Nova Scotia?

Allowing people to play KI on their own does nothing to make me feel like supporting Evo or being interested in what happens there. If you’re a gushy fanboy for Evo and that’s your jam, then party on. But without KI I continue to have zero interest in the event. I don’t give a ■■■■ what you think about that, and I don’t need you to correct my opinion in regard to my own level of enthusiasm for the event.


Evo 2017 is happening today