Evo 2017

This month is the month ladise and gentelmen EVO 2017 is almost here, however KI is not gonna be at EVO this year which i know it sucks but there are 2 Fighting Games that goona be EVO and thats EX 4 & Omen Of Sorrow.

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It will be just not a main.

I’m not particularly interested in the tournaments, just news. No KI on the mainstage means most of my hype is gone, I might check out T7 and I2 though. Hoping for an MvCI side tournament.

Wait, is ig doing a panel this year? I would assume no but i haven’t heard anything confirming either way.

So Rising Spirit is NOT going to be at EVO 2017 either? :confused: :confounded: :frowning_face:

No becuase the game is still not ready becuase its being made by 4 or 5 people which makes senes why the game is taking a while.

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i feel like this needs to be shouted to the stars!

so alot of people was excited and then dissapointed with the “april fools day” street fighter ex prank and now the powers at be decided to entertain the idea of a new EX series bringing it to evo WITH new mechanics added to what they had previously.

I cant wait to see more Fighting EX layer (Street fighter EX 4) but…
we need to see the return of the
Skullo crushing,
Skullo diving,
Skullo sliding champion!


Mvci will have one. Dont be disappointed cause there will be lots of fighters at evo.

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Skullomania is one of my all time faveourites from the EX serise .

Honest question - what is it about skullomania that people like? I remember when the first EX game out just thinking “what the heck is that?”

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The reason why everyone likes him is becuase he looks awesome and plays awesome.

Lol. I’m really curious about that too. I saw a ton of Skullomania comments so I looked him up and then was just kinda like “huh. So I guess that’s a thing? :neutral_face:


He’s sort of the Betty White of Street Fighter.

i have to admit when i heard of skullomania i expected something like ghost rider without any fire. something pretty badass but when i found out he was a dude in a skeleton costume…with a scarf i was a little disappointed but if people love him so much and want him back then i can be excited with them lol.

I mean, at the time the first game came out there weren’t enough polygons to make a convincing skeleton. But they could paint a skeleton on a simple polygon frame using textures, so I get why he looks that way. But that’s kind of the opposite of awesome to me… Nevertheless there are fans and I was just wondering if there was something I’m missing about the character.

Is there anything to explain? He looks cool as ■■■■.


Lol. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

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For me its 4 things

Design: he is a man is a skeleton costume. That is far more interesting and cooler than the tonnes of Gi karate men

Story: He is a business man who takes up a superhero identity in a Skeleton costume and his story mode ending is just…just check it out! (its so bonkers its great)

Gameplay: He along with most of the EX characters are really fun to play (Skullo Crusher > Psycho Crusher)

Voice: His laugh is amazing

I’ve barely played the EX games and I didn’t really click with them. Besides MAME is there anywhere you can legitimately get these games for PC or modern console?