EVO 2016 Roll Call!

Thought I’d make a similar one to @Marbledecker 's CEO thread.

I’ll be in Vegas starting July 14th. If anyone wants to hang out and get in a few games, I’ll have my system in my hotel room. I’ll be leaving Vegas Monday morning.

Remember, registration ends June 30, 2016, 11:59PM PST. Link to register.

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I’ll be there. I might hit you up for some games. I’m a local, so I won’t be staying on the strip, but I’ll be around most of the weekend, and I plan on hitting up the saucey suite.

I’m going this year. Mostly going just to hang out with people (not entering games). Good luck to everyone entering!


I always wondered how come I hardly see any activity of you competing or even on leaderboards.

Yet, you know almost everything there is to know about the mechanics of KI.