EVO 2016 Brackets

How many have signed up?

543 I believe? There was a tweet about it somewhere.

That many!? :open_mouth:

Why couldn’t we have that many at CEO!? :disappointed:

Because EVO is EVO…it’s the biggest FG tournament in the world, period. Even without being a KI World Cup qualifier, it’s still the largest game in town. Part of going to it isn’t even about the game(s) you play - it’s just about seeing the spectacle of it all. :slight_smile:


Wish I could go… :cry:

How do you and the others afford to go all of the time?

Well, I’m an aerospace engineer with no children or house or anything like that, and tend to save money over going out all the times. Can’t speak for anyone else though.

And EVO will also only be my 3rd tournament ever - so it’s not like I do this all the time either. I’d also been planning for EVO since last year, even if I did wind up booking the actual tickets and stuff kind of late in the end.

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Say wha!? :open_mouth:

You’re a rocket scientist!!!? I had no idea! You certainly didn’t look like 1 when I saw you at CEO. You just looked like 1 cool, chill dude. :wink:

…no wonder you’re so methodical and precise in your gameplay movements.


Lol. I haven’t worked on space applications in almost a decade, so not really. My brother is though :joy:

And you’d be surprised how normal most of us look… :wink:

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In a decade? How old are you?

Turned 29 last week. I’ll well on my way to being middle-aged :smirk::thumbsup:


So, you were doing space applications at the age of 19? Boy, you were already world’s ahead of me back then… I was just struggling through college at that age.

Lol. I said “almost” a decade. I did a few internships at NASA is all, so nothing too crazy in all honesty. I was doing intern stuff on satellite programs, so very little heavy-duty design or engineering work.

Don’t want to derail the thread any further though - I doubt the whole of the KI forums really needs to know about my work history :-p


I thought it was cool to hear.

And uh… Something about Evo to pretend I’m on topic.


You do live on planet earth, right? Or is my statement inaccurate?

Storm confirmed to represent Mars.
EVO won by a Martian.


I hope to see some great Thunder play this weekend. I feel as if everyone ditched Thunder for Tusk or Arbiter… #SoSad

I see Thunders all over the place what are you talking about?

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Lol. That’s how I feel. I haven’t fought an Arbiter in forever :-p

I’m merely stating what I felt, as opposed to actual fact. Fact is there may very well be a plethora of Thunders as you so say, I just don’t see it, hence my stated feelings towards it.

The last few tournaments I’ve checked out, I only remember seeing ShinTristan use Thunder, then he switched to Tusk. Outside of tournaments, I only see randoms in streams, no more GutterMagic streams with Thunder (or maybe I’m missing those, too). IMO I don’t see many Thunders. You might, cool :thumbsup: And if that’s truly the case, point me in the right direction. I’ll request good Thunder play please. Until then, I stand by what I said in the previous post.

On a somewhat of a sidenote, I also would like to be surprised and see at least one good Kan-Ra. It’d be amazing if Fubuki 142 went to EVO. His Kan-Ra is truly amazing!

Still smh on why thunder got a meterless Dp. I really don’t understand.

It’s his signature move from the original KI. To my knowledge, he also doesn’t have a decent AA move aside from that, but I could be wrong…

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