EVO 2016 Brackets


My first opponent is Bass?? Welp, it was a good run.


I’m assuming the tag was for my first match? Yeah, I’d already seen it. My bracket seems weirdly stacked in general to be honest - Tonosama, Paul B, HKSmash, and TexAce is a pretty real bracket for the very first pool. Heck, even I’m technically a 9th place finisher at CEO and represented in the KI World Cup points race :confused:

Methinks these brackets need some more work. There are one or two in there with no names I even recognize (and I watch a lot of KI), and apparently there are pool team kills going on in the very first round as well. Here’s hoping there’s still some tweaking to be done…


So i saw jwong is in it for KI, didn’t see that coming. Also saw MK Tom brady i had no idea he even played KI lol

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Yeah these pools are bit weird. There’s only one name I recognize in my pool and that’s shin tristan.

Good luck to all of you. I hope you arrive safely and get home safely but above all, have a great time there. I will be cheering for all of you.


Yo. Di3mini0n is in my pool.

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So, what are you saying? He is screwed by being in pools with you? :smile: good luck to you first and then the rest. Forum4Life!

Still nice to see all these Kevin Durants, sorry, I meant to say ring chasers who show up last minute and want a piece of the KI Evo pie.


That’s funny ha

To be fair, Justin was at CEO and didn’t get out of pools for KI. It doesn’t seem like he would think he has a realistic chance of winning at KI. Maybe he’s not seriously contending but just figured “hey I’m at EVO, why not play the game?” It can’t be a bad thing can it? Maybe I’m being too generous - I don’t know Justin at all or follow him on mass media etc.

EDIT: On Topic, I can’t imagine a more thankless task than trying to put together pools, especially for a game that you may not be as familiar with “the scene.” @RoTeNdO (I think) was on here asking for help from the community in seeding and I’m not sure he got much response. So now everyone is complaining about the pools…

I’m not sure how I feel about seeding the pools. I love what Brandon does for KI, but I’m not sure why player’s sponsorship is a legit thing to consider when assigning the pools… This is why the rules should be clear well in advance and then everyone just lives with the result. But it’s got to be really tough to do this.

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Both had signed up for CEO as well, but neither of them actually competed - I think it’s just their way of helping support the FGC as a whole, with the amount of funding that they have. I believe they’re doing the same thing here.

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That’s a nice thought.

Yeah, I think Justin is just signing up to sign up - that’s what he did at CEO. On the sponsorship/team thing, I think it’s just a courtesy to ensure that sponsors who pay money to make these scenes bigger don’t wind up having their whole teams murder one another in the first pool or two. I actually think it’s a good idea - if Yomi or GGA is being a good citizen by bringing lots of players to a tournament, then it doesn’t make much sense to have them team kill to start a tournament off. If they wanted to have a team tournament, they could’ve just had a local. Spreading the teams throughout the brackets means that everyone gets to play people they otherwise would never encounter, and ensures that if Yomi really is this powerhouse of talent, that that talent is given an appropriate opportunity to rise through the ranks, as opposed to just spending their strength eliminating one another.

And yeah, bracket seeding is probably a thankless and altogether crappy task. I tried to help out when Rotendo asked, but there’s just a lot to keep track of all around. I do think though that the KI brackets definitely still need some work - my bracket has 3 KI World Cup Qualifiers, two EVO 2015 Top 32 placers, and myself at rank 40 on the current KI World Cup standings. There are at least 3 brackets I saw with not a single player I recognized, either from tournament standings, Top 32 leaderboards, or even random streams. Not to mention a couple of pool 1 team kills. I think there’s room for people to be shuffled around a bit, and am hoping that some of that occurs.


:frowning: oh well It would have been cool to see but that’s still a nice thing of them to do

Only one day of KI? Lame…

No. Pools are on Saturday and Top 8 is on Sunday.

Oh yeah, just looking at the list makes me sad. KI could use more entrants.

We have 36% more entrants than last year so I consider it a win.


Hope everyone does well. Sucks that im gonna miss competing again this year but family is more important. Next year is set in stone though.