EVO 2016 Brackets

ITA Master is another Thunder main. He’s shown up to the last couple 8BBDs. I rarely see a lot of the characters in the roster, I don’t however think its because they’re bad or people switched. Just that my region may not have that many of them, so yea that assumption is the only problem really. Not bettered in any way by the “but i see them everywhere” response @SonicDolphin117 by the way.
Also I thought cr.HP was a good anti-air?

His c.HP is really good for anti-air.


His c.HP is a very decent AA. But lots of characters have AA normals and a meter less DP. So I’m not sure why It would be a problem for Thunder. And it was very much a part of his KI move set.


I think the question is just more if an honest evaluation of Thunder’s tools says he “needs” a meterless reversal. His S1-S2 sammamish functioned just fine as anti-airs (along with his cr.HP) without having to have full body invincibility, and we’d seen Thunder do well in tournament in both of those ecosystems as well.

Thunder was already kind of a beast. While I’m not strongly inclined to hate the idea of him having a meterless invincible reversal just yet, I definitely don’t think he “needed” it. He’s a character with still really good damage, surprising mobility in areas, and a solid vortex that involves both high/lows and command grabs. I think a good case can be made that a meterless DP might take it just a bit too far.


We def had the hardest pool from everyone. Now they moved everyone around and it’s me and Tonosama only in that pool from recognizable players.
I honestly can’t wait to play him. Hope he knows how to deal with Tusk and Fulgore.

Haha - I didn’t want to say it, so I’m glad you did! Our original pool was ridiculous :joy:

Best of luck dealing with Tonosama’s Riptor :thumbsup: Which character do you prefer in that MU? (But feel free not to answer, if you’d prefer to keep your cards close to the chest)

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From my honest perspective, he’ll need all he can get to be considered “viable”…

I will admit, it would be kind of awesome if his DP only functioned as a jump with follow ups, rather than a DP with follow ups. I could also see that re-imagined move with an air grab option, but that could be too much.

Actually, if he were a true grappler by today’s standards, shouldn’t he have an AA grab? That would’ve worked out great imo. Give him an AA grab and tack on the DP+K for his modified jump… I’m only imagining it though lol…

Anyway, here’s hoping to seeing some great Thunder players!!!

I do not consider thunder a grappler. Not even a strike grappler either. Just a rushdown character.

I don’t think my pool changed at all. I’m in K521.