Every cent from now on should be spent on STAGES and POLISH

Considering how there are still stages missing for multiple characters and the last cast member is now done, every cent spent on the game from now on should be fully focused on STAGES AND POLISH ONLY.

Don’t waste a dime on Shadow Orchid, Shark TJ, don’t waste a dime on anything but polish (balance, bugs, low-res textures, etc) and STAGES. The game will never feel complete until Mira, Raam, Rash, Eyedol all have stages.

We spent two years with a game that actually had individual stages with their own song, then season 3 became like every other fighting game nowadays and gave that up for… What? A card game with “mimic” rehash and different lighting. Not a good trade at all.

Community funds should be FOR STAGES ONLY. Save every dime from everything else. Fire the character designers, the voice actors, the music team, etc… Keep only the staff needed to handle the NECESSARY. Save that money and focus on stages and polish.



Polish can come as patches roll out.

Stages is a content I’m sure as money case. Personaly I can live without more stages but I’d love Ultimates for sure.

Personally I’m happy with the current number of stages.

Eyedol was announced? Better whine about “missing” stages instead of celebrating.

I swear there are parts of this community so entitled that if they were stuck on a desert island and a freighter came by and saved them, they’d complain and moan that it wasn’t a yacht and that it took too long.


I feel there are enough stages. I’d rather see more investment in characters, ultimates, and modes. More stage ultras would be good, too.


Advocating for firing people who don’t work on the exact parts of the game that you want to see worked on. So to be clear… You want real, actual people with husbands, wives, kids, rent or mortgage, to lose their livelihoods so you can get a game to be exactly what you want it to be.

Man… I’ve seen entitlement on this board before, but that is some next level stuff right there. Just an all around horrendous sentiment to come from someone in the community, a day after we get Eyedol, no less. Quite the accomplishment, really. I hope you’re proud of yourself, Beto.

Personally, I want more polish and I’d love to see Mira and others get their own stages. But I’d also love more characters, more modes, and Shadow Lords sounds freaking awesome to me and even if it didn’t, I wouldn’t advocate for people losing their jobs just so they can touch up Orchid’s face and Eyedol can get his own level.

Sorry to sound harsh, but please, in all seriousness, get some perspective.


It’s funny how many people don’t recognize the difference between asking for something you want and demanding something like a bratty child.


I don’t think more stages are needed, we have plenty of those to be honest. Ultimates would be better, or more characters from the novella, they mentioned wendigos and eagle, so they could do something with them. Maybe more modes, tag team for example. Traditional ladder for all characters. There’s a lot of stuff way more important than stages.

At the least Mira and Eyedol need stages.

While I agree with mira and eyedol getting their own stages there’s no need to be an arse about it and demand firings cause the game isn’t what you want.

There is no need for new stages. While I would of course like more stages, they are by no means necessary, especially considering we already have 21 stages, which is plenty. In addition, stages take a lot of resources to make, and those resources could be spent on much better things.

Tell me, would you rather have a stage that you may see 3 times a month, or a whole bunch of new colors, costumes, and accessories?

Use your head.

Take a step back and realize just how incredibly rude this comment is.


Even if they re use the stages for the new characters like they’re doing but change their hero art to the stage they’re on it would help alot.
Seeing mira, Raam and eyedol on a background of purple mist doesn’t help.
Maybe even the same stage at a different time of day.

As you can do doubt tell with Eyedol’s reveal, what the community wants becomes necessary.

If we want the remaining 4 stages, they’ll become a priority.

I agree though that we need to conduct ourselves with a little tact.