Error trying to buy from the KI Store PC

Hi, i’m Brazilian, W10 PC player, i’m really hyped to play the game but the store atm is giving me errors when i try to buy the ultimate pack or anything really. I’m psure my creditcards are fine, is this a day one bug or should i be trying to look into something else?


Edit: This is the message i get -

translate what it is saying… I hear that the windows 10 version must be the latest so if there is a pending update, you need to download that update for windows 10 first then all should be well, there is a post with instructions.

but translate what the error message is saying so someone can help

I specify…the latest official, not the beta one. Hence, the November 2015 build.

It’s saying Try again, something didn’t work.

Error etc etc etc

Edit: My W10 is up to date

Hello. I have a similar problem with the shop. When I try to purchase anything, I have to input my password - which I do -, then I get a “blank” shop screen for a few seconds and then: nothing. Tried setting up various payment methods on my MS account, but it’s the same with all of them. I can get multiplayer games just fine, though, so it can’t be my firewall. Also, I can buy stuff from the MS app store just fine. Hope you guys can help us; really want to throw some money at the screen. :wink:

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i put my card ifon in and get nothing

Well one way(if you whant to buy any bundle) is to make purchases from xbox store(web version).

I have the same problem, is this a problem of Windows or a problem of my card? Can i bought the windows version from the xbox store?

Its a Windows problem, not ur card, and you can buy any content for KI in Xbox Store and it will be availible on both platforms(just relogin in Xbox App)


Great, I have the same issue and this can be a possible solution. But for this process, is necessary have both KI (PC and console) versions, or do you have only the pc version?? do you know if I have the possibility to buy throught a xbox one gift card??

I have only PC version only and bought all bundles in xbox store, didnt try gift cards but if u can use it for purchases in xbox store i think you can use it in this case too.

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Hey i have the same problem, anyone fixed this?

I bought a windows store card (gift card)and i pass all the virtual money to my account then i use it to bought the game.