Encouraging more players to train/upload their Shadows

I would guess a lot of people skip uploading their shadow data after matches. Hopefully you have something cooking for later reveal, but if not how about a small XP bonus for uploading after a match to encourage more people to do it? Maybe some kind of unlockable reward if you do it enough?

I try to upload my Aganos shadow data, but 4 out of 5x it automatically fails and crashes the game. :frowning:


Id want more shadow slots to create my faves.

2 is limiting, dont you guys want like 4 or 6 of 20


Yeah if offered something for you to keeping adding the data. Maybe shadow lvls or quotes. Or even a shadow colour for each of the cast.
It’s a great mode that’s criminally underused.

To me there is no point in shadows mode. If shadows can not fight other peoples shadow. Fighting someones shadow gives me no satisfaction.

For me the main things that stop me from updating my Shadows data is the fact hat I can only have 2 Shadows, that it takes such a long time to save based on the connection and that it often fails or crashes.

I try to train my Shadows by playing other Shadows, but that’s a pain too cause it takes a long time loading shadows, fails often and crashes every now and then. If the menu experience was smoother I’m sure more people would partake in it. Hopefully S3 and PC fix that :slight_smile:

I deliberately don’t upload my shadow data. I heard what I consider to be a good piece of advice once, namely that if you uploadyour shadow data constantly, people will understand how you play. Consequently my Fulgore is undertrained by choice.

I guess this might be a concern if you are Rico Suave… But if you are going to bother having a shadow why gimp it? Just don’t participate or run a shadow with an alt character. It’s supposed to be fun.

I’d love to see more shadow slots.

Yeah 2 slots is nowhere near enough.

I had thought about this as well, but came to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter at all lol. Playing an extended set with someone will produce the same result. Just have fun with it.

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That should not be a concern for the vast majority of people who play for fun. Most people are not going to be under the microscope in that way unless they are one of the top handful of top tournament players, and for those, people can always go back and watch replays if they really want to specifically study someone. It seems silly or paranoid for this to be a concern for the vast majority.

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Shadow data should automatically upload just like how Forza does it with drivatar.


The only problem with that is you don’t really want to upload your terrible rounds, or rounds where you beat the snot out of someone using sloppy form because they are so bad. But I think it’s a good point.

I wish it wasn’t quite so time consuming to save the replays etc.

Yeah, that’s ok. Just in general Shadows are heavily underutilized and much appreciated for those who use it as a stepping stone to online, or don’t feel like going online. It would be nice to get more people to contribute. A little more incentive would help.

I love the concept of shadow mode but I find that it’s often more flawed than the games default AI.

I’ve found it’s a great alternative to the lab for practicing shadow counters on blockstring pressure because people are usually pretty good at training their shadows to do common block strings, Jago’s Forward HK for example.

The way I see it, people have an advantage over me already, so I want to minimise the amount they can learn about my full potential (not trying to be arrogant or anything). Therefore I don’t train my shadow with the dedication that others might.

If you’re not a prominent tournament player, I think the odds of someone “downloading” your playstyle by playing your Shadow or watching streamed replays of your matches is pretty much “nil”, as I’ve heard your countrymen say; even for someone with a specifically recognizable name in the community, like yours.

I understand not wanting to give someone an advantage, I just think you’re worrying about that needlessly.

It almost seems like they have forgotten all about this mode. I can’t even play 10 matches without the ultra tech error. I am hoping they fix this a give a third slot for S3

My shadows are largely huge disappointments, and consequently I avoid the mode. Poor things just have no sense of context, and I got tired of having to avenge them.

I have kind of stopped updating mine. When I watch some of the replays it does dumb stuff way too often, and things I don’t even do. Maybe me original using CA and then not could have something to do with it? Idk but when I see my Spinal just slide kick repeatedly for 90% of the match, and then not do anything when it actually connects it makes me not want to waste time even updating it since it does silly stuff I never do. I still play Shadow Survival though.