Elder Fighter - Hermit

Fighting games wouldn’t be the same without an elder fighter.

SF: Gen & Gouken
TK: Heihachi Mishima & Wang Jinrei
MK: Shujinko
DOA: Gen Fu
SC: Edge Master
VF: Shun Di
Tao Feng: Master Sage

Does anyone have thoughts for that?


Well, I do agree - this is 1 concept I believe that KI has truly yet to visit. The only question I have is how exactly KI could approach such a character and make it truly work. Right now, the closest thing we have to an old man is Kan-Ra, and he’s just a douchebag in every sense of the word.

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Kan-Ra is undead.

We can have an elder fighter act as a mentor to the heroes (Jago, Orchid, Combo & Maya). He/she can be someone who once competed in the KI tournament during Eagle’s time or something.

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WRONG! :x:

He is a man with many spells and curses that he has placed on himself to keep himself alive. He is not dead and he is not undead - he is very much alive. This was factually stated by the developers as canon. :wink:


LOL that got me good XD

Don’t have one of those yet. so yeah.

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KI could use a mentor figure to the heroes.

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Yeah like raiden in mortal kombat.

The Old Man Fighter Needs a Bo-staff, and be so precise in it, he can use his chi to enhance some attacks or something.


How about this? A hermit who act as a mentor to the heroes… and can help restore the Night Guard.

Yeah, this is one of my most wanted character types in KI, no doubt. Shun Di is probably the best example of this character in fighting games IMO. The slow, ambling movements that turn in to quick pokes, spinning moves, using an opponent’s weight against them, etc. His drunken style is incredibly fun to use, even if I’m not a huge fan of resource dependent characters.

I’d love to see a old sage type of character in the game, though I’d hope that IG would put their own spin on the character and make them cool and unique looking with an interesting move set. I know that’s easier said than done (and also incredibly vague lol), but I think that a character like this could play a big role in the story, so hopefully if they bring in a character like this, they work well.

Wow, that’s some word soup right there. Talked a lot, but didn’t say much. Apparently didn’t get enough sleep last night. Long story short: I’d want this character type in KI more than any other type, so I really hope we see it!

If there would be an old mentor figure in the new Night Guard with Jago, Maya & the others, would your “sage” be a master of various kung fu too? Like say…

Really like this concept of old man / martial arts master.

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Perhaps the old man fighter can be both a hermit & a sage who was part of the group who dealt with Gargos.